Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 27th June 2013 Written Update

Munna’s Dadi takes leave and Megha thanks her for coming. Megha thanks Munna for being a part of the family for the entire evening. Mohan says not just a member but also Navi’s brother and our son. Megha gives a ring to Munna and says it is for him. Megha takes Munna’s hand and says this is all she has to give to Nanhi’s brother. Megha asks to keep it as her blessing and tells him to make the right girl wear it when the time comes. Megha tells Munna that she feels very close to him and not as if they are meeting for the first time. Munna says it happens as sometimes strangers becomes our own. Mohan tells Megha that he has something to tell her.

Jigri wakes up in his bed calling out for his Amma.

Munna tells Mohan

that he is leaving. Mohan says you just returned home and you are talking about leaving. Munna says the wedding is over and I am only a guest. Munna hugs Mohan and tells him that he didn’t listen to him 12 years back and asks him to listen at least once. Mohan tells Munna that if he wants to leave then he can but to always remember that he is not a guest in this house.

Jigri walks out of the room.

Munna’s Dadi tells Munna that they ought to leave. Just then Jigri walks out and spots Munna’s Dadi. Munna tries to take her away but Jigri shouts out Amma to her. Munna’s Dadi stops and she tries to go but Munna takes her away. Munna rushes her into an auto and leaves. Addu rushes after them and faints.

MM and Jiji are in a room. Both try to say something to each other. Addu is sleeping on Jiji’s lap. Megha tells Mohan that Addu…and Mohan shakes his head. Megha says Addu is not our Addu. Megha says she knew. Mohan is taken aback.

Munna’s Dadi says what mistake did she make all she did is go to Mohan’s daughters wedding. Munna shouts at her.

Mohan tells Megha that it was after he got the report that he came to know Addu is not Addu. Mohan says he didn’t want to tell her and snatch Addu away from her once more. Megha apologizes to Mohan and Megha says Jigri’s habits and choices are different from that of Addu’s. Megha says as a mother I realized he is not Addu. Megha says she didn’t have the courage to tell him the truth as she didn’t want him to live under guilt for 12 years. Jiji tells MM that they lied for each other and asks them what they would do now. Mohan says Malti ji(Munna’s Dadi) is actually Jigri’s grandmother.

Munna tells Dadi that she has to listen to what he says else he would leave the house never to return. Dadi asks him not to do that. Munna says I want good for us. Munna says I know what MB is all about and I want to save you from his trap. Munna asks her to listen to him. Munna tells Dadi something and it is all muted.

Megha asks Mohan if Jigri is Munna then who was the person who came as Munna.Mohan doesn’t know what to tell Megha. Mohan thinks how to tell Megha that Munna is their Addu. Mohan says once we take Jigri back to his Dadi we’ll come to know everything. Jiji in tears says no matter how attached we get to him we have to return him to his family.

Dadi tells Munna that she would do what he wants her to do. Munna thinks Mohan should now start counting backwards.

Guru chasing RJ to drink milk. Megha says people who want to become stronger should drink milk. RJ is excited to see Megha with her luggage and assumes they are moving in. She is making plans when Mohan tells her that Addu is not going to stay with them. Megha tells RJ that Addu is going to be with his grandmother. Mohan tells RJ that his grandmother cannot live without him. RJ is adamant and tells Mohan that he had promised that Addu would stay with them. RJ is super upset.

Guru tries to make RJ understand that Addu is not going far away. Guru tries to explain to RJ that Addu’s grandmother would cry without Addu. RJ says that would not be fair. Megha tells RJ that she wouldn’t miss Addu as they would go to meet him everyday. Addu calls out “Jhimjhim” and gives her the mouth organ. RJ plays it. Addu says “Amma” and RJ tells Mohan to take Addu to his Dadi’s place. RJ tells Addu not to trouble his Dadi and that she will come to meet him everyday. Addu and RJ play the mouth organ and hug. Mohan tells Megha that who would think that there is no relation between them. Megha says true relations are made from the heart and not from blood.

Precap: MM along with Addu in front of Dadi’s house. MM think how happy Dadi would be to see Jigri. Jigri goes to the door and knocks on it crying Amma, Amma. But the door is locked. Jigri opens the door and keeps shouting. Suddenly Mohan gets a call from Munna who tells him that he is at the same place where he lost him 12 years back.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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