Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th June 2013 Written Update

Munna’s Dadi arrives at the wedding venue asking for Mohan. Munna spots her.
Renu tells Megha to thank god for making sure Navi got married or else Mohan would have screwed her life up. Megha answers Renu saying Mohan is Navi’s father and he doesn’t need to give anyone any reason. Renu leaves. Megha says she is glad that Beera didn’t break Navi
s trust. Mohan says it is someone who loves Navi as much as we do. Megha asks who it is. Mohan spots Munna’s grandmother and introduces her to Megha. Mohan takes her to meet NB. Munna watches all this.

RJ tells Addu that it is NAvi’s bidaai and asks him to come say bye to Navi. Addu refuses and sleeps off RJ tries to lure him using the mouth organ.

Megha introduces Dadi to everyone and Navi says Munna is like my brother.

Munna comes to Jigri and asks RJ to get him a glass of water. RJ leaves.

Munna puts an unconscious Jigri on to the bed. Munna steps out of the room and runs into Mohan. Mohan asks him what he was doing. Munna says he was just checking. Mohan says Navi is leaving.

Navi’s bidaai. Everyone is emotional. Navi’ says goodbye to Jiji, Renu, Tanu, Aarti and then goes to Munna. Navi says you fulfilled all the duties of a brother and thanks him. She puts her hand on Munna;s cheek and walks away. Navi then hugs Guru. Megha tells Navi that she feels as if she herself is going away. Navi says that because I am a part of you. Megha-Navi hug. Navi then looks at Mohan.

Beera walks up to Mohan and folds his hand. Mohan says whatever he said was for Nanhi. Mohan says now that the wedding has happened I have nothing much to say. Mohan says Navi trusts you completely and I am glad you didn’t break her trust. Mohan asks Beera to remember that if he ever breaks her heart then he would do anything for his Chavvani. Mohan says he will forget the relation they share.

Navi walks to Mohan and asks him if he is mad. Navi apologizes to him. Mohan says one should only apologize when one makes a mistake. Mohan tells her that she didn’t make any mistake as she got married to the person she loves and trusts. Navi says I didn’t listen to you and in front of everyone. Mohan says not listening to me is not as important as what you want. Navi asks him if his anger is gone. Mohan says it is gone and asks her to go. Mohan tells her if she ever has a problem them..Navi and Mohan hug. Munna(metal man/statue) is watching all this. Navi hugs MM. Navi tells Megha that she would come to eat breakfast the next day. Tanu says that is not possible as they are going to have breakfast in Goa. Tanu hands them the ticket and resort booking.

Navi’s bidaai rituals start. Everyone is weeping and wailing. Kehta hain babool playing in BG Beera sits in the car. Navi continues crying and hugging everyone. Navi touches Mohan’s chin who is crying. They do they chin touching routine and then they hug. Finally Megha makes Navi sit in the car. Mohan grabs Munna and takes him to the car. Munna, Tanu and Mohan push the car away. Megha hugs Mohan.

Precap: Megha tells Munna that meeting him felt like meeting someone very close to her. Munna says he is leaving. Mohan tells Munna that he just came into his house. Mohan tells Megha that he has something to tell her.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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