Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 26th February 2013 Written Update

It is night and Beera is waiting at the Rabri center for Navi. He has FB of his moments with Navi, sting telecast and Dada’s slap. Navi comes there in her scooty and takes her helmet off, Beera realizes that she is the “kaali bili”. Beera has FB of Navi introducing herself as Rabri. Beera says I flinch at myself for loving…He asks Navi why she did this to him? Navi says I was doing my job? Beera says I trusted you so much. Navi says what trust are you talking about? Navi says ask you Dada about what he does. Beera asks Navi not to speak ill of Dada. Navi says all I know is that your Dada is corrupt and you are with him. Navi says your Dada is so corrupt that he doesn’t deserve to be an MLA. Beera loses his cool and grabs

her. Navi says I won’t get scared as losing blood for honesty is in my blood. Beera lets go of her. Navi says you are not flinching at my betrayal but at your own reflection as I held a mirror to your face and showed you the truth. Beera says you will teach me what is right or wrong? Navi says no I want you to ask yourself what is right or wrong. Navi says you will get an answer from within yourself. Navi says wrong cannot be right and right cannot be wrong. Navi leaves.

Navi arrives at Vyas house when she hears Tanu singing “Tadap Tadap Ke”. Renu asks Tanu to stop singing. Megha, Jiji & Navi come and ask Renu what is happening? Renu asks them not interfere. Jiji says you cannot jail Tanu like this and stop him from loving someone. Renu says singing sad songs is not love She asks them to leave.

Beera introspecting remembering Navi’s words. He opens his cupboard and fishes out a knife. He writes “Right” & “Wrong” on the table with the knife. He throws the knife up and places each of his palm on the words. The knife lands on “Right”. Beera has FB of Navi’s words.

Beera is packing him stuff. Ragini asks him where he is going? Beera says he doesn’t know. Dada comes there with his cronies. Dada asks him to forget about leaving as he cannot face the world alone. Dada says you are living in my shadow or else you’ll know your worth in two days. Beera says that’s exactly what he wants to know. He says he wants to know what he is without Dada and know the difference between right and wrong. Dada asks him to put his stuff back and not to be mad. Beera touches his feet and leaves. Ragini tries to stop him. Beera says he kept listening and doing what others asked him to but today he wants to listen to his heart as it is very important.

Anu and Mohan talking. Anu says that is not the only school in Indore. Guru says RJ doesn’t have a problem with the school but with Indore. Anu asks Mohan to think again as the staff at Awaz India would be disappointed and their morale would go down. RJ comes with her luggage and says she is packed to leave. Mohan tells her that they are leaving the day after tomorrow. RJ says she kept a pair of clothes for the next day.

Megha’s students showing her the clothes they got for the annual day function. Students Megha ask who will become “kanha”. Megha says RJ. One kid says she dances better than RJ then why not her? Megha says to become kanha you need good expressions and RJ has excellent expressions. Kids tell Megha that RJ has left the school and is going back to Bhopal. Kids say maybe RJ’s mother didn’t stitch clothes for her nor buy them.

Megha messages Mohan asking why RJ is leaving school. Mohan says they are returning to Bhopal as RJ is unhappy and he wants her to be happy. Mohan thanks Megha for whatever she did for RJ. Mohan asks if there is a way to change RJ’s decision? Megha says RJ’s decision can be changed by her(RJ) alone.

Beera walking on the road when Dada’s men follow him and ask him to return. Beera says he doesn’t want to return. Beera asks them not to force him. The men insist that he come home. Beera slaps a man and the man says you are forcing me. They take out hockey sticks and force Beera to get in. Suddenly someone honks and it is Mohan standing in front of his car.

Precap: Beera talking to Mohan saying I want to walk on the right path but who will give me the chance? Navi and Mohan talking. Mohan says looks like you’ve come to know I am leaving that is why you are looking so happy. Navi says yes. Mohan says he has a gift for her and points towards Beera. Navi is shocked.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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    Nice Story we love Mohan acting and Megha.
    navi ur cut.

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