Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 24th June 2013 Written Update

The priest asks NB to stand up for the pheras. Navi gets up but Beera doesn’t budge. MM are confused. Beera and Dada exchange random looks. Ragini asks Beera to get up and Dada motions for him to get up. Beera gets up and looks at Navi & MM. The pheras start, everyone is happy and Addu adds beaten rice to the fire. Beera keeps giving smug looks to Dada. Sharma asks Dada why Beera is continuing with the rituals and if this goes on the wedding would actually happen. Dada asks Sharma to wait and watch. Dada sends one of his cronies to get Ragini. Dada gives a box of vermilion to Ragini and asks her to give it to Beera after the pheras are done. Ragini gives the box to Munna. Munna says applying vermilion is the last ritual before wedding is completed and wonders what their plan is. Ragini opens the box to find it empty and Munna understands the plan.

The priest asks Munna to bring his sister forward for the rest of the pheras. Navi thanks Munna as she got another brother. Mohan looks at them emotionally. The pheras start again. Mohan walks up to Munna and congratulates his for his sister’s wedding and calling him Addu. Munna walks off in anger and Mohan follows him. Mohan calls him aye piddi and asks him till when will he run away. Munna asks him to leave his hand. Mohan says he had found him after so many year and now he wouldn’t let him go away so easily. Mohan asks him what he is up to? Mohan says your anger is with me then why are you punishing Megha and NAvi. Munna says instead of asking justifications from worry about your beloved Navi’s wedding. Mohan asks him what he means. Munna says it is not a wedding but Dada and Beera’ revenge. Mohan asks him what kind of game is he playing. Munna says BEera is playing with Navi and you as he still hasn’t forgotten how Navi did a sting on him and his family. Munna further says that Beera came into their lives just to take revenge and that this marriage is a revenge.

The sindoor box falls down and Megha picks it up and it is empty.

Munna tells Mohan that instead of filling sindoor Beera will show an empty box. Mohan asks Munna if he is playing a game using Navi’s wedding then he would never forgive him. Munna says he doesn’t care and asks Mohan to go save his Nanhi. Mohan is shell shocked.

Mohan returns to mandap with Munna’s words ringing in his ears. He has FB’s of the engagement ring not fitting Navi, Dada at the engagement, lack of preparations at Beera’s house and Addu’s drawing of Beera. Mohan is shocked an unable to say anything. Megha shows him the empty sindoor box. Mohan asks the priest to stop. Everyone is shocked. Mohan says there will be no more rituals now. Mohan opens the “gathbandhan” and says he is calling off this marriage. Everyone is shocked. Guru takes RJ away. Jiji asks Megha what Mohan is trying to do. Mohan says he knows what he doing and before Beera makes fun of marriage he will break the wedding itself. Mohan folds his hand and apologizes to all the guests. Mohan says this wedding will not happen now. Navi asks Mohan what happened. Mohan asks Navi to look into Beera’s eyes and ask this question to him. Dada shouts at Mohan asking him what he is up to. Mohan asks Dada to shut up. One of Dada’s cronies shouts at Mohan and Mohan shouts back asking him not to say a word.

Mohan asks Beera if he would open his mouth or should he do it. Mohan asks for the sindoor box and Megha hands it to him. Mohan tips it over and it is empty. Mohan asks Beera if this is what he had come to do to his daughter with an empty box. Mohan says you came her to make a joke out of her and you expected me to stand watch. Mohan accuses Beera of cheating everyone in the name of love and trust. Mohan tells Beera to leave before he kills him in front of everyone.

Precap: Mohan says you took advantage of our love and that he has never seen a more horrible man than him…Navi puts her hand on Mohan’s shoulder

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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