Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 22nd March 2013 Written Update

Beera looks at the the Bhatnagar Family pic from yesteryears and remembers seeing Addu somewhere and asks Navika about Addu having a tattoo to which Navi is taken aback and Beera drwas the very tattoo and there Munna is shown to have the same tattoo while Guru is serving him tea

Munna asks RJ to take notes and asks her about who checks her homework and she says her father and she in return asks about his family and he says he is alone

–Mohan tells Navika to go the hospital to take the guards statement as its high priority and leaves while Navika wants to talk to her Spiderman and is adamant about it

-Navika trying to kick start her scooty and asks Mohan for help /lift and he kick starts her scooty for her and she is like if u knew i was making an excuse then why dont u talk to me as I wanna talk about us and Mohan says he is her boss and she says I wanna talk to u Spiderman and he corrects her and says Sir and goes back to his car and leaves mentally apologizing to his Chavanni

Mohan at the police station and he is shocked to see Megha. He drops his key. Megha gets up and leaves. MM walk past each other as there isn’t enough space. Mohan keeps looking at her. Megha steps on Mohan’s key. She picks it up and is about to hand it over to the policeman when Mohan says it is his key and holds his hand out but she gives the key to the inspector instead. and walks away.

MM have FB of meeting on Shiv-ratri. The inspector say for the past 12 years you have been calling every day and she ref to Megs comes here everyday. The inspector says can’t blame her after all she is a mother. Mohan agrees. Megha gets a call from Rimz and Rimz asks her to come home soon as her Kanha is waiting.

Navi talking to the guard asking him to remember something about the men who broke into the office. The guard tries to remember but the doctors come and asks her to leave.

Megha arrives at Mohan’s house. Rimz tries to open the door but is unable to and Munna walks to the door and opens it . Guru spots Megha and is worried. Munna opens the door and is surprised to see Megha and drops the pencil in his hand.

Rimz scolds Megha for coming late, Megs says she is late because she went to buy stuff for her Kanha. Rimz introduces Megha and Munna. Munna has FB of MM hugging on Shivratri. Rimz says she will start playing Holi from the same day. Megha asks her not to as she might fall ill. Munna says the class is over and thats she enjoyed it much and will he back tom .Megha tells Munna when your student wants you to be back that means you are doing a great job. Munna c’s the warmth between Rimz and Megha and says she too is yr fav , Megha says I like all kids but she is special for me. Munna tells Rimz that the toy is a gift for her.

Rimz discusses with Megs abt not having a mother and Megs tells how she shud look at what she has Navika comes to Awaz Times office and tries telling Mohan that she couldn’t speak to the guard. Mohan tells her that the guard is dead. He scolds her for not being proactive.

Rimz conts to talk abt not having a mother and Megs rmbers Addu and starts to cry and Rimz asks her and reminds her about being happy with what she has and there Mohan Navi keep looking at each other

Precap= Voice-over says how will Addu bring MM closer or will he throw them further apart and Rimz wishes Megs a happy holi and there Navi throws color at Mohan and he takes of his specs and Smiles

Update Credit to: RD

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