Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 1st August 2013 Written Update

Vasu playing caroms and gets lost in thoughts of Megha. Vasu’s crony comes there and hears men who wonder why Vasu isn’t playing properly. The crony asks Vasu if wants a drink. The guy tells Vasu that everything is happening the opposite way. Vasu says it is just another day. The guy says it is for the first time he touched a woman and nursed her as well. Ruku listening to all this unhappily. The guy asks Vasu when was the last time his hands stopped trying to shoot someone. The guy says he hates girls from childhood and today he became SRK. Vasu points a pistol at the guy’s head and asks him if he ought to shoot him. Vasu says it is for the second time that he has picked up a pistol and not shot someone.

Megha watches RJ play

and wonders how RJ would react on seeing Vasu. Megha tries to take RJ back into the house. Megha tells RJ that she was right that they ought to shift from the place and then search for her mother. RJ says she is correct and says they would return to Indore once they find her mother. RJ asks Megha if she met Vasu and asked him about her mother. Megha says Vasu is a bad man. RJ says then they should not meet him. RJ says why does world have such people when her Papu was so good. Megha says not everyone can be like Mohan. RJ says now how they would find her mother. Megha ties a knot at the end of her saree in the hope of finding RJ’s mother. RJ says she wants to eat ice cream. Megha says she will get it and asks RJ to go home.

Vasu is lost in Megha’s thoughts. Aai and Ruku realize that. Vasu’s uncle asks Vasu’s crony if he found out anything about Guddu and asks him to shoot him next time. Aai chides him for giving wrong advice. Ruku asks Vasu what his deal is with Megha. Aai scolds Ruku for talking like a train. Aai asks Vasu what happened between him and Megha. Aai tells him that if one’s heat beats then it is good but if it starts melting…Aai asks Vasu if he wants to eat a chillie. Vasu’s uncle looks smug.

Megha buying ice cream when Vasu, his crony and Ruku pass. Vasu looks at Megha and Ruku notices it. Ruku wonders what happens to Vasu when Megha is around. Ruku grumbles some more. Vasu asks them if they really think he left Guddu because of Megha. Ruku says yes. Vasu walks to Megha. Crony scolds Ruku for inciting Vasu. Vasu grabs Megha by her hand and she drops the ice cream. Megha looks alarmed. Megha tries to free her arm but Vasu doesn’t let go. Megha somehow manages to free her hand so Vasu grabs her hair. Megha notices Ruku being all happy. Megha tries to wrench Vasu’s hand away. Vasu tells Megha that everyone is saying I left Guddu because of you but he really does not care for her nor does he feel anything for her. Vasu asks Megha to look into his eyes and see that he doesnt care. Megha ask shim to look into her eyes and says he cannot hurt her. Megha says that for her he is a goon who only knows to force and trouble people. Megha says he cannot evoke any emotion in her as he is someone who doesn’t exist for her. Megha walks away and gets her ice cream again.

Vasu’s crony shouts out his name and Ruku is happy that MEgha would get into trouble. Megha stops and Vasu walks up to her. Megha tells that she said so many things to her and is anything left. Vasu puts his hand and Megha is stumped. Vasu puts his hand in her hair and pulls out his ganapati locket Ruku’s father wonders if it is the end of the story or the start of it. Guddu and his brother watch this. Guddu’s brother tells Guddu that Megha messed with Vasu and they will take advantage of it. He asks his wife to call up the police.

It is night and Megha is lost in Vasu’s thoughtsMegha looks at RJ and Mohan’s picture in her wallet. Megha says she doesn’t what game fate is playing with her. She says Vasu looks just like him but his identity is totally different. MEgha syas she won’t let any Vasu spoil their life. Megha says she needs to take a decision.

Precap: Megha is packing and Ruku is happy to know that she is leaving. Ruku tells Megha that it is good that she is leaving as Vasu wouldn’t have let her live peacefully. Ruku is sleeping when she sees Megha talking to someone on the phone and wonders who Megha might be talking to so late in the night.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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