Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 18th April 2013 Written Update

Beera buys a cold drink for Navi so that she can cool her brains. Navi says all she can think about is meeting her brother and asks him not to bother her. Navi swaps her seat with a co-passenger. Suddenly the tire of the bus gets punctured and the conductor informs that it will take 3 hours for the tire replacement. Navi thinks how would she get to Jhansi. Beera says there is a way if you are ready to trust. He points towards an oncoming truck. He walks and gets into the truck. Navi too gets into the truck.

RJ calls Mohan and asks him to come home so that she can play with him. Megha picks up the call and says she is with her father. Megha gives the phone to Mohan. RJ asks Mohan when would he get home. Mohan reminds her of the promise he made to DT to find her son. RJ is pleased and tells him that DT looks pretty when she smiles. Mohan agrees. Mohan asks her to give the phone to Guru. Mohan tells Guru that after 12 years they’ve found a clue to Addu. Mohan asks Guru to take care of RJ and himself as he cannot live without the both of them. Guru says after 12 years you both are looking for Addu together. Guru says all will be well.

Mohan tells Megha how RJ was almost kidnapped because of PT ruffling a few feathers. Megha says what it is to lose a kid only we both know.

Munna loads a pistol and shoots at Mohan’s car. Mohan’s car tire gets hit and he loses control and hits a tree. MM get down from the car to realize that the tire has been hit. MM try to wrench the spare tire from the back of the car. Munna watches them in anger. Munna says MB it is not your job to find Addu but only his mother’s job. Munna drives his car towards Mohan. Megha notices him coming and pulls Mohan aside just in time. MM fall to the ground Megha tells Mohan that it was same taxi guy. Megha wonders what he wants. Mohan says he wants to stop us from meeting Addu by scaring us or killing us. Megha puts her hand to Mohan’s mouth. Megha realizes Mohan has injured his hand. She tears a piece of cloth from her saree and ties it around Mohan’s hand (Manjha playing in BG).

Beera and Navi shown sitting in the truck

Munna says now the competition is between Mohan and me. He wonders where Mohan is.

Guru come to Juna mohalla mandir with RJ. RJ prays to god to keep her Dance teacher happy always. Guru prays to keep MM together and the whole family happy. Guru tells RJ about tying a thread to the tree. Jiji comes there and Guru is happy to see him. Jiji says she is angry with him for lying to Megha. Guru says I made a mistake. Jiji says remember Nanhi, me and you together got MM together. Jiji says we should never lose hope on this relation. Guru agrees and tells Jiji that MM have gone together to find Addu. Guru introduces RJ to Jiji. Jiji calls RJ to her but RJ shies away. Jiji asks her to give her a hi5. Jiji says your DT always talks about you. Jiji tells Guru never to forget that some relations are made in heaven and no matter what they can never be broken.

MM on the road. They come to a dirt road and decide to take it. Munna is waiting for them.

RJ is watching TV. Guru comes there and asks her to sleep. RJ reminds Guru that he needs to get her milk.

Munna calls RJ and RJ thinks it is Megha. Munna tells that he is calling from a petrol bunk and he found the phone somewhere. He asks RJ to check with her father as to where he has reached.

Megha washing Mohan’s hand. RJ calls Mohan and asks where he is. Mohan says he is in Gulshan dhabba.

Munna hears this and says MB you cannot get rid of me that easily and you will be punished for your deeds.

Mohan asks Megha what she wants to eat Megha refuses. Mohan asks the waiter to get the day’s special. Mohan says to keep hope alive one has to keep themselves alive. Mohan notices Megha not eating and he tries to feed her. Megha takes the roti from his hand and eats it. MM continue eating. Suddenly a kid throws his food and his father scolds him. MM notice it and have FB of Addu. Mohan asking Addu about putting crackers on a teacher and stealing money from Mohan’s wallet and Mohan-Addu principal scene and slap. Mohan says parents differentiate between right and wrong for kids if you don’t discipline early then they can go out of hand. Megha asks why did he not tell all this before they both could have got him on track. Mohan says he thought he would teach Addu and be a good father instead he became a step father. Megha looks at him with tears in her.

Precap: It is raining and MM are in the car. Mohan asks Megha if she still likes rains. Megha says now “mausam(climate)” has changed. Mohan says times will change once again. MM falls asleep next to each other in the car..

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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