Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 17th June 2013 Written Update

MM check out the decorations and Mohan asks if Nanhi would be happy. Megha says Nanhi’s spiderman did something for she is bound to be happy. Mohan explains everything to Megha as to what would happen and who will sit where. Mohan takes Megha to the mandap. Mohan says Navi will take 7 pheras here. Megha says yes with each phera one promise and she asks Mohan if he remembers. Mohan says who remembers all this. Megha says I remember. Megha says the first promise was that of a home. Mohan holds Megha hand and starts walking around the “agni kund”. Mohan says he give house and wealth to her and that she should accept it and take care of their family. Mohan says he promises that he will always protect their family. Megha says no matter what happens I will always stand with you. Mohan my life is always for you. Megha says they will face all odds together. MM say they will always love and respect each other. Mohan says we will teach the same love and respect to our kids. Mohan says we will live peacefully with each other. Mohan says all the years of separation are cancelled Megha says they will face all consequences as one person. Megha says their dedication towards each other would always remain. Mohan says he promises and takes a promise in return that they would never separate. MM hug.

Mohan asks Guru if they should find a girl for him in Navi’s wedding Guru says all he wants is that this wedding should go smoothly. Mohan tying RJ’s hair and RJ sequels in pain. Mohan says don’t worry soon your DT will be here and you can ask her to tie your hair. RJ is excited and hugs Mohan. Mohan thinks he needs to tell Megha about Addu before that happens.

Navi’s haldi ceremony(Kabira playing in BG) Everyone applies haldi to Navi and blesses her. Papaji and Mummyji arrive at the ceremony. Navi is very happy to see them. Papaji has FB of little Nanhi. Everyone is happy to see them. Renu asks them if they have only come for the wedding Jiji says they will take her to the ashram when they return. Papaji tells Navi that they are here for her. Navi hugs both of them. Papaji says our Navi has grown so much that she is getting married. Navi’s haldi ceremony continues. Papaji says living in the ashram he had given up on worldly possessions but now he realizes that nothing has changed in the house. Renu tells Papaji that Tanu got married and introduces Aarti to Papaji & Mummyji. Renu asks Aarti as to who will apply haldi on Beera. Renu says your house has no women then who will do all the rituals wrt haldi ceremony.

Ragini brings Megha, Jiji and Renu to their house. Everyone is shocked to see how everyone is lounging around the house doing nothing. Renu taunts saying today is wedding day and everyone is lounging doing nothing. The goons wake up and calls out for Dada and Beera. Dada comes out and is shocked to see them. Beera comes out shouting and is shocked as well. Megha walks to Beera with the plate of haldi. Beera folds his hands. Megha talks to Dada and says I am here to fulfill my son’s haldi rasam. Beera smirks at Dada.

Megha starts the haldi rasam. Dada is not pleased. Everyone blesses Beera. Renu says if he and Navi ever fight then he should call her as she would resolve their fight. Renu says she hates fights Ragini thanks Beera for giving her such an awesome and loving family. Megha says you have brought happiness into my daughter;s life and I am sure you fulfill all her dreams. Megha asks him to come soon to their house and fill her daughters life with happiness. Beera says that is what’s gonna happen. Beera says tonight would be the most memorable night of your life.

Precap: Mohan asks everyone why they are so quiet. Aarti tells them that they are unable to get through to Beera. Mohan tries to call Beera and looks at Navi.. Dada telling Ragini that Beera is not going to marry Navi as he did everything to get revenge. Ragini is shocked. Ragini tells Munna that there will be no wedding and there would be no wedding party. Munna asks Ragini to do something and make sure that the wedding party leaves from the house. Munna says he wants to see how this wedding does not happen.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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