Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th August 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 16th August 2013 Written Update

Uncle tries to instigate Aai on Vasu falling for Megha. Aai ask asks him to get lost as Vasu would never do that. Uncle tells her to keep shouting but Vasu has definitely fallen for Megha. Bala is listening to exchange and is thoughtful.

Vasu and RJ are playing. RJ calls Vasu “aede”. Vasu tries to get information out of RJ about Megha. RJ tells him that Megha was mad hence she had to slyly come to meet him. Vasu tries to teach carom to RJ. RJ asks him to become his old self wearing shirt and trousers. RJ tells him that way even Megha will like him. RJ tells Vasu after that they will search for her real mother and return to Indore. Vasu is shocked and asks RJ what she is talking about. Megha comes and scolds RJ for lying to her. Megha chides Mohan for indulging RJ. Vasu asks her what her problem is. Megha says the problem is that he is a goon and he doesn’t want his influence on RJ.

Megha leaves with RJ. Vasu asks Bala to tell Megha to behave else he would…Bala tells Vasu that he cannot do anything and says he will shoot Megha. Vasu stops him and asks him to do what he is asked. Bala asks Vasu to go meet the new inspector who has come into town. Vasu says asks the inspector to come and meet him. Bala convinces Vasu to go meet the guy.

Vasu goes to meet the guy but there is no one there. Vasu calls Bala and tells him that there is no one there. Bala tells him to come soon as something as to Madam(Megha) Vasu is worried and Bala tell him to just come. Vasu starts riding when his bike stops. Vasu starts walking with FB’s of Megha (Jugni playing in BG)

Vasu arrives at the chawl and is shocked to see that Megha is ok. Vasu is about to walk away when he remembers Bala’s words and shouts out to Megha. Vasu wonders if Megha is ok then why did Bala lie to him.

Bala is happily playing caroms when Vasu comes and holds him by his collar and asks him why he lied. Bala says he wanted to check if he was in love. Bala says there was no meeting, he took out the petrol from the bike and he faked everything even about Megha. Vasu asks him why he did that. Bala says he wanted to see with what speed he would come. Bala says he came in double speed. Vasu says he would have come with the same speed for Aai, him and Ruku. Bala says he now understands everything and asks Vasu since when he started figuring in his list. Bala tells Vasu that he loves her(Megha) and asks him to admit it. Vasu hits Bala and asks him to shut up. Bala says he remains worried for her and runs after her to help her, he even went against Aai for her. Bala says if this is not love then what is. Bala asks him to admit it to himself and that there is no point in hiding it. Ruku listens to all this.

Bala tells Vasu not to hide it in his heart. Vasu is mad and leaves. Ruku is in tears and Bala tries to pacify her. Ruku asks him to stay away as she doesn’t need his shoulder. Bala gives his hanky to Ruku. Ruku asks Bala why not her. Bala asks her why not him. Bala says heart doesn’t listen to us we have to listen to our hearts. Ruku walks away.

RJ is crying and having FB of Megha telling her that Vasu is not her father. Megha comes running out searching for RJ when she sees her sitting. RJ asks Megha why she speaks to Papu this way and that she doesn’t like it. Megha says Vasu is not her father as he does so many wrong things. RJ says that even she(Megha) has changed. Megha tells RJ that if she doesn’t want to understand then she cannot do anything. Megha tells RJ to leave her and go just the way everyone else left. RJ hugs Megha and says she will never leave her and go and will always stay with her. Megha wonders how to make RJ understand that Vasu is not her father. RJ thinks that one day even Megha will accept that Vasu is her father.

Precap: Voice over basically talks about Vasu’s one sided love for Megha. IT says that Vasu loves Megha whose heart only beats for Mohan. It wonders whether Vasu’s love would create problems for Megha. Megha shown standing in line to fill water and Vasu is standing and staring at her. Vasu seems to be drenched. Megha looks at Vasu, picks up the bucket and walks away.


Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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