Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with bell ringing and Navika reaches the terrace to find Megha ringing the bell. Navika tries to explain things to her mother but Megha walks out of the terrace, Nanhi runs after her to explain but Megha is in no mood to listen. Jijibua, Beera, Renu and Tannu all come hearing the commotion in house. Megha confronts Nanhi and asks her for how long all this has been going and how long has she be hiding things from her. Nanhi says that she did not want to bother Megha and did not want her to be disturbed; Megha says instead she has been suffering all alone. She tells nanhi that how did she expect that Megha would give in to a man because of whom she they lost everything. She tells Nanhi that they don’t have any relation with that man neither that of happiness nor that of sorrow. Hearing all this Renu tells everyone that Megha met Mohan today and they were meeting like long lost love birds. Jiji tells her to stop lying and she says that she is not lying and they can ask the same from Megha. Nanhi tells Renu that she’ll not take it if someone tries to hurt her mom and leaves for office to meet Mohan, Beera follows her and takes her to the office

Megha is back in her room and jijibus walks in. Megha tells her that nothing was impossible for Mohan and even after 12 yrs if he has not been able to find Addu then perhaps he never wanted to find him and she tells her that she does not have any feelings for him now. Jiji tell her that she does not believe her words and that she is not doing right with either herself or with Mohan and Megha touches her sindoor and starts crying.

Navika enters Mohan’s office and tells him stop following them and leave them once and for all. Mohan agrees. He will sever all ties with them from this moment itself. He asks nanhi what was his fault? He tells her that he has devoted 12yrs of his life for this mission of finding Addu. He shows her all the places he visited to find Addu, all things that he did in past 12yrs to find him, all evidences…..with just one hope that one day he’ll find Addu and come back and everything will be fine. He tells her that it was not easy for him either to be a good father cause he never knew what an ideal father was since he never had one and everyone knew it. He tells nanhi that whatever happened he expected that at least his chawanni would understand him.

Megha is going through Addu’s belongings and crying and she feels guilty for not devoting her life for her children’s happiness instead she sought her own happiness in her love for Mohan. She blames herself and her love for Mohan for Addu’s disappearance. She says that she hates herself for her love and relationship that she had for with Mohan as this drove her child away from her and she could never again fall for that relationship again.

Mohan in office asks Navika what does she wants. That all relations between them should be dissolved then so be it. From that moment onwards there is no relationship between them neither with her nor with her mother. Mohan tells Nanhi that Mohan Bhatnagar who has has given them all this pain, consider him dead from this moment itself. Navika is startled.

Precap: BG voice tells that distances are increasing; Mohan has started withdrawing his steps towards his loved relationships. These are few facts but there is one more truth that no matter how dark is the night, at the other end of it sun is waiting to break a dawn.

Update Credit to: sakhisangni

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