Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 15th April 2013 Written Update

Megha frantically tries to call Navi who does not pick up her phone. Munna’s words reverbrates in Megha’s mind. Navi comes and Megha is happy to see her. Megha asks Navi where she was. Megha asks Navi to promise something. Navi promises to do what she asks for. Megha asks NAvi to leave PT. Navi asks Megha what she is on about? Megha says to find one kid I dont want to lose another kid. Megha tells Navi about Munna’s phone call. Navi says the phone came not because they wanted to scare you but because they are scared. Navi says they are very close to finding those people. Megha asks Navi who she means by “we”? Navi says Spiderman. Navi asks Megha not to get mad as she couldn’t tell her this. Navi tells Megha that Editor in chief of Awaz India is MB and he is the one who started PT. Navi tells Megha that whatever we thought about Spiderman was wrong. We spent 12 years hating him. Navi tells Megha that Mohan went out of his way to find Addu. Navi asks Megha to give another chance to Mohan. She says if there is one person we should trust now is Spiderman as he loves us very much. NAvi asks Megha not to think too much. Navi says I know you still have a special place for Spiderman. Megha says and I should forget what we had to tolerate in these 12 years. Navi says we should at least try. Megha says I understand your feeling but all I can say is that the trust which was the foundation of our relation will take time to rebuild but she promised to try. Navi is happy.

RJ shows her and Meghas picture to Mohan. Megha tells Navi to be careful as the people she is dealing with are dangerous. Beera listening to all this. Navi says I want to work in PT and they will soon find Addu. Beera comes and says after every night there is a morning. He asks Megha to keep faith as all will be well. Navi looks at him.

Navi tells Jiji that she is going to work. Jiji akss why she is going without Beera. Navi says not today. Megha comes there and asks Navi to be careful. Navi leaves. Megha tells Jiji that I shouldn’t worry so much but how can I make a mother understand. Jiji takes Megha to Ganesh idol and tells her that Mohan has returned because of his blessing and now no one will separate. Jiji says now everything good will happen. Beera shown walking with a parcel with Megha’s name. Jiji asks Megha not to worry about losing Navi but to anticipate finding Addu.

Beera brings a parcel & gives it to megha. He says you were not there so I signed it on your behalf. Megha opens the parcel & finds the sweater of Addu… she gets emotional & shows it to jiji & says it’s Addu’s sweater. Beera spots the letter on floor.
Jiji calls megha & asks where are you going… megha says to mohan… she is going in hurry & runs into renu… Renu thinks she has gone mad… Jiji tells renu everything…
Megha comes of Awaaz India office. She asks about mohan on reception but receiptionist refuses as she doesn’t have any appointment… but she goes inside… nanhi supports Mohan this time & says perhaps addu was also kidnapped. Mohan says PT is going to be succesfull very soon… Megha says please find the son of this mother with the help of PT.

Precap: Mohan on the phone asking Megha to calm down. Megha says she has been calm for the past 12 years. Megha on the road bumps into a taxi and drops her phone. The driver of the car is Munna. Munna grabs Megha’s phone and switched it with his. He asks Megha if she wants to go anywhere. Megha says she wants to go to Jhansi. Mohan calls Megha and asks where she is. Munna picks up the call and says MEgha is where she should have been long back.


Update Credit to: misty85

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