Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 14th June 2013 Written Update

The lights come on and Addu calls out Ijoo. Everyone wonders where Beera is. Megha asks Navi if he told her anything. Mohan-Guru start searching for him again. Addu also searches for Beera playing his mouth organ. Addu goes out of the house calling Ijoo. Addu notice Beera hugging Dada. Addu is shocked and looks mad. He starts playing the mouth organ loudly and everyone comes running out. Everyone looks at Dada-Beera. Addu gets worked up. Beera-Dada notice everyone. Dada nods to Beera and Beera walks to MMN. Ragini also comes there. Beera says I know you all are not happy to see Dada but I came out because Dada called me out. Mohan says we didn’t invite them then why is he here. Beera says he is here for my parents who wanted my marriage to be grand and that’s why Dada is here. BEera says he gave his decision to Dada that he would do what they(MM) want as they are his family now. Dada comes and chides Beera for not doing anything about his late parent’s dreams. Dada says I know you are not gonna bring our DIL to our house but at least the wedding party(baraat) can start from the house. Beera says what he wants cannot happen and asks Dada to return home. Navi stops Beera and asks him what he wants. Beera says he wants what everyone wants. Navi asks Mohan if they cannot even allow Beera the satisfaction of fulfilling his parents wish. Beera asks Navi not to put Mohan in any predicament. Mohan agrees and says your wedding party can come from their(Dada) house. Dada asks Beera to come. Mohan says just make sure the wedding party(Baraat) arrives on time. Dada looks smug. Navi smiles at Beera. Megha asks Beera to take his sherwani.

Beera picks up his sherwani. Navi comes there and asks if he wants any help. Beera says he did what he had come here for. Navi looks confused and holds Beera’s hand. She asks him you are very eager to leave. Beera says yes so that I can return back on time. Beera says maybe after tonight I will never think of you. Navi looks confused and Beera says when we will be together then why would I think of you. Beera asks Navi if she doesn’t trust..Navi puts her finger on his mouth and asks him not to talk about trust as she is giving her entire life to him. Beera leaves and Navi wonders why he left without saying anything. Navi thinks that when Beera comes the next day she will be waiting for him.

Megha asks Mohan not to think so much as he did the right thing by letting Beera go to his place. Suddenly they hear Jiji shouting. When they go they see an agitated Addu throwing things. Addu draws a picture of a man with a beard and crosses it out several times. Addu throws himself on the bed and wails. Mohan looks at the picture.

Ragini informs Munna that Dada got Beera home and the wedding party will start from their house. Munna asks Ragini not to be so happy and asks her to keep him informed about every move till Beera reaches the mandap.

Dada praises Beera for playing such a big game.

Addu sleeping on Megha’s lap when Navi comes there. NAvi asks Megha why does she have tears is it because of the wedding. Megha says yes and tells Navi that her biggest support is going away. Navi says she is only going 10 feet away. Navi says I am not going anywhere.

Dada says now Beera won’t leave me and go. Beera says I am your blood and I will never leave you.

Megha scolds Navi for not learning how to cook. Navi says there is a lot of love and trust between Beera and her.

Beera says she played with my trust and love and now Navika Bhatnagar will know how it feels when someone breaks your trust.

Navi says whenever Beera is with me I don’t feel scared nor worried.

Dada says he is not worried as their victory is assured. Dada says he is proud to be his Grandfather. Beera says he is happy that he is grandson. Dada asks Beera to sleep.

Sharma asks Dada as to why did he not tell Beera the truth about their business. Sharma says the day when Beera comes to know he will leave us and go. Dada says I am sure Beera will never leave us. Sharma asks why did he trust Munna. Dada says he understands both Beera and Munna. Dada says Munna is mean and selfish whereas Beera has a large heart. Dada says but now Beera is also moving towards being mean. Dada says either we have to involve Beera fully into our business or he would have to be killed

Precap: Voiceover talks about Navi’s dreams and wedding and how Beera has left never to return. Megha, Jiji and Renu shown with Beera. Megha shown applying haldi on Beera. Beera shown with Dada.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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