Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 13th March 2013 Written Update
Beera asks Megha why she feel MB did nothing to find Addu? He says maybe this is just your thinking. Megha says your questions have no relation with Project Talaash. Beera says yes there is. Beera says until you clear what happened the day Addu was lost you cannot hope to find him. Beera wishes Megha Happy Shivratri. Megha leaves and Nanhi sees that. Nanhi tells Beera that she does not forgive people who make her mother cry. Navi walks away when her stole gets caught in Beera’s jacket zipper. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha playing in BG. Navi leaves and Beera says whether you like it or not I will do good for you.

Munna comes to Mohan’s house with cylinder. Guru says they haven’t ordered for cylinder. Munna checks out the house on the pretext of putting the cylinder inside. Munna spots Mohan & RJ picture. He asks RJ if she is Mohan’s daughter and where her mother is? Guru comes with money and Munna leaves.

Megha is leaving when Renu and Jiji come. Jiji asks where she is going. Megha says she is going to bank to close the account. Renu taunts and chides her and asks her to keep the money for her use. Renu says I find it hard to believe that you actually hate Mohan. Renu says she finds her hatred an excuse. Megha leaves. Jiji scolds Renu. Renu says she is going after Megha to make sure she doesn’t close the account.

Megha arrives at the bank amidst Shivratri celebrations. Mohan arrives there too. The bank manager asks Megha to file an affidavit to confirm she has no relation with Mohan Bhatnagar for their records. He gives the affidavit to Megha to sign. Megha cannot bring herself to sign and had FB of her marriage.
Megha is about to sign the papers when she has FB of Beera asking why she feels Mohan did nothing to find Addu and Renu questioning her hatred. Mohan arrives at the bank and tells the receptionist that he is here to meet the bank manager. Megha has FB of Beera asking her to rethink about what happened the day ADdu got lost & bank manager asking her to sign the affidavit to confirm she has no relation with Mohan. Megha puts her pen down and walks out. Megha walks outside and Mohan is facing the other side. Mohan feels Megha’s presence and turns around. HE FINALLY NOTICES MEGHA!!!!!!

The bank manager apologizes to Mohan for making him wait. Mohan is still at a loss. He keeps looking back. Mohan goes into the room and the Manager asks him to wait. Mohan notices the crumpled affidavit and looks at Megh’s name and partial signature. Mohan thinks by not signing these papers you’ve given new life to my hopes.

Mohan goes outside where Shivratri celebrations are in full swing. Megha is in the middle on the crowd when someone throws gulal/kumkum on her. Mohan notices her. Megha falls down and Mohan rushes to her side. Mohan pushes through the crowd and falls over Megha the same way he did all those years back (FB of season 1 MahaShivratri episode). Mohan holds Megha and picks her up. He guides her through the crowd.

Megha is still not able to open her eyes. Mohan gets his hanky and wipes her eyes. Megha opens her eyes and Mohan turns around to leave. Megha calls out “Mohan” and Mohan stops. Mohan turns around. Both MM are emotional (De re na tere bin playing in BG) Megha is very happy to see Mohan. She runs her hand on his face and shoulders. Mohan kisses her hands. Both are happy and wipe each other’s tears. Mohan touches his head to Megha’s head. Megha says she knew he would come. Mohan and Megha hug.

Munna in the crowd playing dhol looking at MM.

Precap: Navi tells Beera if he wants to live in the house he can but not to irritate her. Navi hears the bell ringing and she rushes to the terrace having fb of Mohan. Navi notices that it is Megha who is ringing the bell.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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