Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th March 2013 Written Update

Jiji confront Beera and asks him what he knows about Spiderman. Beera says you eyes are very sharp. Beera says he came here for some work. He says Navi bought me on the right path a few days back and to return the favor I have come here to help her. Beera tells that he came to know about through Project Talash and wanted to help Navi. Beera says this is the truth and you can chose to believe me or not. Jiji tells Beera about Megha and Navi blaming Mohan for Addu being lost She tells them how MMN’s relation is now strained. Beera asks Jiji if Navi and her mother are right? Jiji says my heart doesn’t accept that this was Mohan’s mistake. Jiji says I have seen both mother and daughter suffer but unless Addu returns nothing can be cleared. Renu comes there with a table fan for Beera when she notices the album in Jiji’s hand. Renu mocks Mohan & Megha’s love story and says Jiji is still hell bent upon getting their(MM’s) love story on track. Renu says no one can get their love story on track. Jiji and Renu leave. Beera takes it as a personal challenge and says he will surely take it.

Renu, Megha and Jiji in temple. Renu says MahaShivratri pooja is for married woman and there is no point in Megha doing this pooja as her husband is not even around. Renu asks Megha to leave. Megha gets upset.

Navi in her room looking at Addu’s picture. A bell starts ringing and Navi has FB of Mohan ringing the bell years back. Navi rushes out to see Mohan ringing the bell. He says “aye Chavvani” and gives her a flying kiss. He gestures to Navi asking her to wait. He jumps through all the terraces and comes to Vyas house terrace. Mohan says the magic of bell still exists. Mohan looks at the swing and has FB of scene where Nanhi enacts him Mohan says nothing has changed only you have changed, relations have changed. Mohan tells Navi that she doesn’t realize how much he missed her. Mohan says there has not been a single day when I have not wondered how you have been. Mohan says I never had a friend until I met you. Navi says you are lying because if this was truth then nothing could have stopped Spiderman from meeting Nanhi. Navi says you could have written letter or called but you didn’t do any of those. Mohan says he did not have the courage as he had promised. Mohan says it has been 12 years and Addu is still not found. Navi says you have so many contacts you could have done something to find Addu. Navi says you lost your bike and you got entire Indore in an uproar. Navi has FB of Addu saying Mohan is their step father. Mohan says we can find Addu together. Navi say together? Navi says you left in the middle of the night without telling me. Navi says ever wondered how I must have felt when people asked me where my father was, asked Mom where her husband is? Navi says mom not just lost her son but also her husband. Navi asks if he never thought about her(Megha).

Megha praying in the temple.

Mohan says he loves Megha more than his life. Navi mocks him.Navi says you had promised that when you return it would be only with Addu. Now even that promise is broken. Navi asks Mohan to leave before Megha comes.Mohan says he made that promise to her mother and not her. Mohan leaves. Mohan holds the bell and says if you need me then I will hear.

Navi looking outside her bedroom window towards Mohan’s house and has FB of Mohan telling her call him if she ever need him. Megha comes with tea and notices Navi. Navi quickly says that she looking at Shivratri celebrations. Megha asks Navi to get ready for office.

Megha serves tea to Beera. Beera walks up to Megha to help her. Beera says he is working on PT. Beera says so many people are lost and if all are found it would be awesome. Beera says in all these cases, I don’t understand Aditya Vyas’s case. Megha is stunned. Beera says I know he is your son. Megha says is there any information? Beera says he wants to know where Addu could have run or whom? Megha says there is no one. Megha says ADdu used love me and Navi a lot. Beera asks then why did he run away leaving you both. Megha is unable to answer. Beera says did Mohan Bhatnagar do nothing to find Addu. Megha is shocked.

Precap: Shivratri celebrations are on. Mohan notices Megha in the crowd. Someone throws gulal on her and Megha falls down. Mohan runs towards Megha to help her. Munna in the crowd playing “dhol”..

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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