Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th April 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 12th April 2013 Written Update

The kidnapper tells Beera that you said I would not be identified. Beera asks him who the hell are you? Beera ask the cops to take him away. Navi asks him who it is? Navi says she has seen this man in Dada’s ashram. Beera says she must be mistaken because if the guy was Dada’s man then I would have known. Beera says Dada does a lot of wrong things but he wouldn’t indulge in child trafficking. Navi says there is definitely something to this. Navi leaves. Mohan in his car driving.

Navi walking on the road the kidnapper’s and Beera’s words ringing in her ears. Munna walking towards her with a knife. Munna is about to stab her when Mohan comes there and calls out “NAnhi”. Munna stops in his tracks. Navi says Spiderman. Mohan calls her. Munna watches Mohan and Navi talking . Munna looks hurt.

Jiji and Megha talking. Jiji tells MEgha that it would have been difficult looking after RJ. Megha says RJ is very attached to me and there are some things only a mother can do. Megha reminisces about how Addu and Navi never leaving her when they were kids. Jiji says no matter how much you love her do keep a distance as it might become a burden one day. Renu says Megha’s habits have become a burden for Vyas house. Jiji scolds her. Renu asks Megha what she was doing with Mohan all night and who the kid was? Megha says the girl is Rimjhim and she is my student. Megha says she is Mohan’s daughter. Renu gets shocked and ask why she went to look after that girl. Renu says Mohan has become a step father and you have become step mother. Megha tells Renu that RJ is Mohan’s adopted daughter. Aarti gets really happy and taunts Renu. Jiji is very pleased to hear the news. Megha tells Jiji that Guru lied to her to save Mohan. Jiji says now wait and watch Mohan will get everything on track.

Mohan asks Beera how he ran away from the goons. Beera recounts the story and Mohan is impressed. Navi says she is sure that the kidnapper is in Dada’s ashram. Beera says if the man worked with Dada I would have recognized him. Navi says he recognized you. Navi says she saw that man behind Dada in ashram. Mohan suggests they watch the footage which she shot in the ashram.

Ragini scolding Munna for spoiling his life after Addu’s parents and sister. Munna says only he has seen Addu pining for his family.

Navi and Beera looking for tapes. They realizes NAvi’s tapes are missing. The guard comes and gives Beera his jacket which left the previous night. Navi has FB of Aarti telling Renu how Beera went out in the night. Navi asks him and Beera says he came to pick his wallet and instead forgot his jacket. Navi wonders whether to trust Beera or not. Navi thinks she doubts him as he has been behaving weird the past few days.

Dada asking Munna what is he doing? Dada tells him Navi identified the kidnapper as well. Dada reminds him that Navi works with MB and if their project continues then it would end with them. Munna assures Dada that he would take care of it.

Rj calls Mohan and asks him to bring burger for her. RJ thinks she should call Megha to check if she can eat burger. RJ calls Megha and conferences Mohan in. RJ asks Megha if she can eat burgers as her father is getting them. Megha says neither you nor your father should eat it. Mohan speaks and Megha realizes that Mohan is on the Mohan. MM banter on the phone.

Beera and Navi come and tell Mohan that the tapes are missing. NAvi says she doesn’t need the tapes as she is sure the man was with Dada. Beera shouts at Navi for accusing DAda unnecessarily. Beera storms off. Mohan tells Navi no to accuse anyone without proof.

Navi in office corridor calls out to Beera and asks him not to misunderstand her. Navi says she doubts that Dada has something to do with kidnapping racket. Beera says and you doubt me. Beera says you have a disease of not trusting people for the last 12 years. Beera says there is no remedy for doubt.

Munna calls Megha and tells her that he has something to say about her daughter. Megha asks who he is ? Munna says that is not important. Munna asks Megha to asks Navi not to work with the news channel or the result wouldn’t be good. Munna says you lost your son years back now do you want to lose your daughter as well. Megha is shocked.

Precap: Voiceover in BG says that veil from certain relations are being lifted. Some people are scared from their truth coming out.
A scene of Megha holding Addu’s letter and muffler shown. Megha has FB of Addu wearing the muffler on the say he got kidnapped. Mohan addressing his team telling them that the PT is going to reach its ultimate aim. Megha is shown outside the conference room with Addu’s muffler and letter. Mohan, Megha and Navi having an emotional moment looking at Addu’s letter

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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