Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 11th June 2013 Written Update

Mohan watches Beera talking on his phone. Dada insists that he wants his revenge right away and he asks Beera to break his engagement with Navi. Beera turns around to find Mohan looking at him. Beera walks to the stage. The engagement ceremony starts. Jiji asks Navi-Beera to exchange rings. Navi picks up the ring and Megha tells Beera that Navi bought the ring from her savings just for him. Beera holds his hand out and Navi puts the ring. Everyone claps. Renu asks Beera to now give Navi her ring. Beera takes the ring out and tries to put it on Navi’s finger but it doesn’t fit. Mohan looks at Beera. Beera tells everyone that the ring is tight and it doesn’t fit. Renu asks if they should cancel the engagement. Beera tries to take out the ring and it falls down. Renu says that the ring has fallen and it is a bad omen. Mohan picks up the ring and looks at Beera in suspicion. Megha looks at Mohan. Beera apologizes to everyone for the ring. Jiji says it happens and Renu says Beera should have taken Navi with him while buying it. Ragini tells everyone that there is no problem and holds out a ring. Ragini tells everyone that their mother always wanted Beera’s wife to have the ring. Ragini says if intentions are good then nothing can stop it from happening. Beera is taken aback. Beera makes Navi wear the ring. MM are really happy. Navi-Megha hug and Mohan puts his hand on Navi. Mohan is emotional. Navi-Beera sit and Navi puts her hand on Beera. Navi smiles at Beera. Mohan looks on.

Munna comes to Dada and congratulates him on Beera’s engagement. Dada says only the engagement has happened and not the wedding. Munna says the wedding would happen as well. Dada tells Munna that he hasn’t understood Beera and that he would do only what he(Dada) says. Munna says no one can stop me from getting me from what I want.

Mohan walks into Beera’s room and asks him why he got a small ring for Navi. Beera says it was a mistake and Mohan refuses to accept it. Mohan tells him that if tries to ride in two boats he would sink. Mohan tells him that he has to choose between Dada and Navi. Mohan tells him that if he cannot choose then he should break the engagement right away. Megha-Navi come there and hear everything. Megha asks him why he is saying all this as Navi just got engaged. Mohan says he is in complete senses and knows what he is saying. Mohan tells Beera that Dada and his(Mohan) fight for truth would be a long one and would go on forever. Mohan says he doesn’t want him to be torn between Dada and Navi. Navi asks Beera to answer. Beera says his relation with Dada was that of blood but his relation with Navi is of the heart. Beera says the decision to marry Navi was his own and he won’t back out. Navi tells Mohan that Beera’s intentions are clean and he made just one mistake of buying a small ring. Mohan says his doubt might be wrong but her(Navi) trust can never be wrong. Mohan leaves. Navi smiles at Beera who looks smug.

Everyone louging in the living room. RJ-Addu are opening gifts Navi-Megha comes with “chole bhature”. Megha gives a plate to Mohan who gets up and leaves. Navi notices this. Megha goes after him. Megha asks him if he is mad. Mohan turns his face away. Megah walks to the other side and says she is sorry. Megha says she shouldn’t have spoken in between. Megha says Beera apologized and asks him to eat. Mohan refuses and Megha scolds him for being a kid. Megha says what if she feeds him. Megha is about to feed him when RJ comes scolds Mohan for eating junk. RJ says he is putting on weight as he has already eaten two “bhaturas” Megha is shocked and RJ tells her that Mohan ate while Jiji was preparing the bhaturas Mohan sends RJ away. Megha gets up to leave but Mohan holds her and asks her if she won’t feed him. Megha shakes her head. Mohan says it is hobby to “manao” her. Mohan takes a piece of bhatura and holds it in front of Megha. Instead of feeding her he eats it. MM feed each other

Next day Munna arrives at Mohan’s house. Guru opens the door and Munna introduces himself. Guru is taken aback and tries to think where he has seen Munna before. Guru has FB of Munna coming in as the science teacher, stealing his phone and pretending to kidnap RJ. Guru refuses to accept that Munna is Addu and Addu would never do such things. Mohan comes in and Munna gets up to shake hands with him. Mohan refuses and hugs him instead.

Precap: Mohan tells Munna that for Navi’s wedding they had gotten some clothes stitched. Mohan hands Munna a packet and says since he too is like Navi’s brother they got something stitched for him as well. Mohan tells Munna that Navi needs her brother on her wedding and asks him to come to the wedding. Megha emotionally watches Mohan apply mehendi on Navi hand. Mohan draws a smiley on Navi’s hand. Navi hugs MM. Beera is shown chewing on something and pondering.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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