Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th September 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th September 2013 Written Update

episode starts with d lovely MM scene of yesterday. megha gives sindoor box to mohan and he applies it.

bala comes running to mohan and tells him dat aai attempted suicide. everyone reaches aai residence nad shridhar tells mohan dat aai had cut her vein and dere was a lot of blood loss. doctor checking aai handed mohan a prescription and told him dat she will be fine in few weeks. mohan tells bala to get someone.

mohan asks aai why she did this. aai says anyway vasu you don’t care. mohan corrects her and tells its not vasu…its mohan bhatnagar . aai gets all angry and tells how vasu can get conned by megha. she says she knows these kinds of females like megha whose business is catching hold of men. mohan shouts

at her to stop and declares dat megha is his wife. and she is saying dat he has forgotten his identity..

mohan calls megha and as she walks in aai notices her married woman get up. aai laughs and says dat anyway vasu was always in love with megha and now megha is not only mohan’s but also vasu’s. mohan agrees saying dat vasu would surely have done dat …but vasu is loong dead. aai is shocked and mohan asks her doesnt she remember. flashback of vasu aiding d wounded mohan and aai shooting him from behind.

bala gets some lady and mohan tells aai dat he has got her from vasu’s village manohar. aai starts scolding dat lady but mohan tells dat d entire village is standing outside. mohan asks dat lady to tell d truth and d lady says dat vasu hated aai. mohan shows aai d picture of real vasu. mohan shows everyone d picture and declares how vasu was d heir of all d property and an obstacle in aai’s path. shridhar asks why aai murdered vasu and mohan says all because of money. aai insists dat all dis is a lie and mohan shows her vasu’s ferry license.

megha asks how mohan came to know about dis and mohan points to dat lady who says dat vasu found mohan. mohan tells dat aai killed vasu and used mohan (someone who had lost all his previous memory) for her benefit. made him into vasu. shridhar too tells how aai tried to kill him. ruku & her mom shocked. bala asks about d bhonsle family. mohan says dat d false naina is under police custody. megha asks about real naina. mohan says dat naina and her husband knew aai’s truth and so she murdered them too…

aai says dat she will never let anyone come between her and her powers. she points d pistol at mohan and megha grasps hold of mohan’s arm. bala too tries to shield mohan. mohan signals both bala and megha to back off. mohan tells aai how he always considered her as his mother…cared for her…trusted her..aai shouts dat his trust was wrong and fires d pistol but finds it blank. mohan shows her all d bullets in his palm. mohan asks how aai could fire on dat same person whom she used to feed with her own hands. mohan calls d police who take aai away. aai while going tells megha dat her love has won. shridhar says dat truth always comes out in d end. mohan still shaken walks away.

mohan still upset. ruku comes in and tells dat she knows wat turmoil he is going through. she adresses him as vasu but corrects herself. mohan tells dat he will remain vasu for dem. ruku says dat he cant lead a double life. mohan asks wat he can do? ruku says dat vasu or mohan…his heart will always beat for megha. mohan bhatnagar is his identity. megha’s love is his life. bala comes running and informs him dat megha and rj have left forever.

bala mohan run. in d meantime rj asks why megha dey r leaving without mohan. megha says dat its important dey leave and next time dey will surely take mohan too with dem. rj says she is sure dat her papu will come. mohan bala on bike chasing after megha’s bus. mohan tells bala to speed up but middway bike breaks down and mohan asks what now. bala says dat he should run like bhaag milkha else he will loose megha mohan bala laugh and mohan sprints behind d bus. rj asks megha dat doesnt she want mohan to always be with dem. megha says dat she loves mohan a lot.

Precap: mohan megha in bus with rj behind…mohan tells megha dat without her dere is no past as mohan…nor no present as vasu…he asks will she love him d same as always? & mohan says I LOVE YOU …and dey hug…

Update Credit to: Sen

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