Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 10th June 2013 Written Update

Mohan and Munna meet and shake hands with FB’s playing in the BG. Mohan gets emotional looking at Munna and has FB of Addu calling out Amma. Mohan asks Dadi if Munna calls her Amma. Dadi says he used to call her Amma when he was a kid but now he no longer calls me that. Munna asks Dadi to leave it. Dadi says Mohan came to invite them for his daughter’s wedding. Mohan hands Navi wedding card to Munna and says it is because of you that Nanhi got her brother. Mohan says Navi’s happiness is incomplete without her brother and her life was in her brother. Munna says Addu used to say that in Nanhi’s heart there was only space for Spiderman. Mohan says there is a difference between a love for a father and brother. Mohan asks Munna to come to the wedding and see how much Nanhi loves Addu. Mohan tells Munna to come and help Addu with the rituals a brother has to fulfill. Munna says he will come for sure as Addu’s sister is his sister as well.

Jiji gives a lehenga and choli to RJ. RJ says she needs to continue practicing so that her dance is the best in the sangeet.

NB all dressed up (subhanallah playing in BG). Beera is all lost looking at Navi. Jiji asks Beera how Navi is looking. Beera says she is looking awesome.

Mohan comes there and is stunned to see Megha and Navi.Mohan tells Megha that she is looking good but what is Navi is wearing. Navi says lehenga choli. Mohan asks her where the slevees to her dress. Mohan says the tailor forgot to stitch her clothes properly Navi says it is not a tailor but a designer. Mohan asks Navi to change. Megha stops Navi and tells Mohan that whether he accepts or not Navi is now grown up and she will wear what Beera’s likes and not what he liked. Mohan sulks

Beera is walking when he spots Sharma with his cronies. Sharma says Dada has sent shagun for Navi. The goons bring the stuff in and parades them in front of MM. Navi says so many things. Megha walks and picks up the pot of vermilion. Mohan asks them to take everything else back. Mohan says NB are starting a new life and they don’t want anything from Dada. Navi is about to leave when Mohan holds her hand and says usually a father advises his daughter to maintain good relations with her husbands family but I want both of you not to keep any relation with Beera’s family. Beera asks Sharma to take everything and leave. Beera is majorly pissed but smiles at Navi and Mohan.

Ragini is walking on the street all dressed up hiding her face. She runs into Munna who asks her where she is going. Munna asks her if she is going to Beera’s wedding. Ragini says yes. Munna hands a bouquet to Ragini and asks her to hand it to the bride. Ragini asks him why he is giving this. Munna asks her to do as he says. Munna also asks her never to let Beera sad.

Dada is mad looking at the returned shagun. He tries to call Beera but his phone is switched.

Jiji asks Renu where she was. Renu looks like a Christmas tree. Renu complains that she hasn’t dressed up properly yet. Jiji and Guru make fun of her.

Ragini comes to the venue and Mohan introduces her to Megha. Megha calls for Beera and Ragini is really happy to see them.

Beera asks Ragi what she is doing there. Ragini says it is engagement how could she not come. Ragini compliments Beera and Navi.

Navi is brought out and RJ is excited. MM are emotional.

Ragini compliments Navi and hands her the bouquet. Ragini welcomes Navika into their family.

Mohan tells Megha that she was right as Navi has indeed grown up. MM get even more emotional.

Addu is sitting on the stage chair Everyone tries to coax him out of the chair. He finally gets up.

Ragini tells Beera that she is very happy with his decision to get married and he is very lucky to see that he has gotten such loving people. Beera asks Ragini how she could make the mistake of coming here and what if Dada comes to know. Ragini assures him. Jiji asks Beera to come for the engagement ceremony. Suddenly Beera’s phone starts ringing and he walks away to attend the call. Beera picks up the call and it is Dada. Dada says enough is enough and he wants his revenge right away. Dada asks Beera to break his engagement. Beera tries to tell Dada about his plan but Dada asks him to listen to what he says and cuts the call. Beera smiles and turns around to see Mohan looking at him.

Precap: Jiji asks Navi to exchange rings with Beera. Navi manages to put the ring but when Beera tries to put the ring it doesn’t fit. Beera tells everyone that the ring doesn’t fit. Renu says should they cancel the engagemenet for the ring. Mohan is suspicious looking at the whole scene.

Update Credit to: NeelimaSJ

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