Na bole tum…Na main ne kuch kaha (twistwala) intro

This is my first fan fiction . Hope all of you will like it. Today I just want to introduce the characters.
Khushi-main character
Amit-The superstar)all of them are Khushi’s friends.
Raman]Khushi’s parents
Paras-Kushi’s brother
Riya-Amit’s PA
Shusma-Khushi’s PA

(Note-Jannat’s Tina’s and Amit’s parents will be introduced only if required.)
(Megha-Amits sister
Mohan)main characters.
I introduced our lovely main characters at last because “Hero ki entry hamesha last
main hota hain.”
In my story megha is very different from original story. Megha is angry young girl and Mohan is same as funny and naughty young man. Here Megha is very rich and she is successful busisewoman and Moha is middle class boy.
I want to tell something about Kushi and her parents. Khushi is a singing star. She had participated in Little Singing Superstar but she became 5th and she now sings in local area but her father doesnot like it because he wanted to make her doctor. So he rarely comes home. Her mother supports her very much.

Amit is the winner of tge show. So he is known as The Superstar.

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