Her Mysterious Smile……. SWASAN OS

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Her Mysterious Smile……. SWASAN OS

Sanskar’s pov

Again… why does she always smile at me? Like seriously, do I look like a joker that she is smiling at me every single time she sees me! Or she is smiling at some other people and I am misunderstanding her?…. I live in a very big apartment away from my family, at first I was living in a hostel but then with the help of salary of my job, I bought this small flat. My apartment is very big, there are almost 500 homes here and all I know about HER is that she lives in my block, I don’t even know her home, but as I have seen her many times in my block, I myself concluded that she lives in the same block. And whenever she sees me, she passes a billion dollar smile at me which makes me mad. Why does she smile at me? Talking about her, I don’t even know her name! she always roam around with headphones and always wears typical traditional dress like salwar kameez and looks……breath takingly beautiful….

It was Sunday today, though I woke up, I want to sleep again as this is the only day when I will be free. I was about to go back to my peaceful sleep again, when suddenly the bell rang! I woke up lazily, god! Who the hell was it? I rubbed my eyes and combed my hair with my hand and walked to the door. I opened it and was surprised seeing an unknown person.

“good morning sir! actually our whole apartment is going to have a get to together in our large garden as it is been one year today since this house was built. You are requested to come, here is the invitation!” the stranger said. Not actually! May be he belongs to the same apartment. So he is my neighbor. I passed a smile to him and murmured a ‘thank you’ accepting the invitation. I closed the door as he went, I sighed and kept the invitation on the table and went inside the room and pushed myself in my bed. I let out a breathe in relief feeling comfortable in my soft bed. I really don’t feel like going anywhere but to stay on my bed and take rest nicely……Lazy me!

I switched off my TV frustrated! It was 5.15 pm now! Today fully I did nothing but to eat and sleep, and now I am feeling very bored, and nothing was interested in the tv too! My eyes fell on the invitation that was kept on the table, I went towards it and opened the card. Hmm…I must say that the card is designed very beautiful, its really creative and the shining of card itself made me feel a little fresh, I brushed away the thoughts, and read the content. I read all the information, and the time for the function was 6.30 pm. There was much time left for it. To sit in the house bored, I can at least go for a function! While my eyes were still admiring the beautifully crafted card, my eyes fell on the corner of the card where it was written in bold letters ‘DESIGNED BY SWARA GADODIA’. So this was the girl who designed this card…

I entered the party, it was well organized. And there were many people here, all belonged to my apartment, I can identify only few people here. Then I saw my close friend in this apartment that is Laksh. I went towards him and we started indulging in the conversation. “sanskar! come lets play truth or dare”. I looked annoyed at him. For god sake! We are not kids! And that’s what I said to him. But will he accept? He was literally forcing me, I sighed and accepted, he gathered some of his friends whom I really don’t know and then we all sit in a round and started playing the silly game. The bottle was first pointed at a girl. “so truth or dare?”, one of the guy in our group asked her. “dare!” she replied confidently. “propose a guy”, we all were shocked. What they will do to me when my turn comes? I better get escaped. “have you gone mad?”, she asked.

“come on Kavitha! Its just a dare!” the other guy said. Oh! So her name was Kavitha? She frowned and started looking around, she suddenly stopped and walked towards me. No! no! please, she should not do that! She came in front of me, she was standing, while I was sitting. She murmured a ‘sorry’ that was probably audible only to me. She then knelt down and showed a sweet smile and asked, “will you marry me?” I widened my eyes, all clapped. “such a simple proposal!” the boy who gave this stupid dare to her complained. I am going to punch this guy now! “this is enough!” kavitha said angrily. “excuse me!” I said and literally ran from there avoiding laksh’s shouts which I heard from behind. I went to a corner, and stood there. God! This was really embarrassing! I will never come to such parties again and the game ‘truth or dare’ is a big ‘NO’. I sighed and started to go, when I heard a melodious voice from behind.

I stopped and turned and was shocked seeing HER. This was the first time, I am hearing her voice, I have never talked with her before. She was the mysterious girl who smile at me, every single time she sees me. She walked towards me and said ‘hi’ warmly and gave that billion dollar smile again. Before I could say anything, she started saying, “please don’t accept that girl’s proposal, please! Please! You know? She is very bad, very very bad! Don’t marry her! Please!” she folded her hands to me, I was shocked seeing her, she was pleading to me joining her hands???!!!! I immediately holded her hand and felt very happy,

I really don’t know why. I thought to brush away the indescribable feeling she was creating in me and tell her that whatever she saw was just a dare, but I just couldn’t do that. Her big eyes which she has shrinked a bit for the sake of pleading me, her face round and innocent and an adorable pout on her lips.

She looked very cute and beautiful. I have never seen her this much close. My thoughts broke when she released her hands from my grip and started speaking, “free advice!” I looked at her confused while she continued, “whatever I said was a free advice! You can listen to me if you want or otherwise marry that bad girl and spoil your life!” saying this she started going. God! She was a kid! I thought not to miss the opportunity and ask her why she always smile at me. “listen!” I said, she stopped in her track, she has gone only a little far, she looked back at me and came near me, “why do you always smile at me?” I kinda blurted out the question to her. She looked at me with wide eyes. Uff! She looked too cute. She looked down and murmured which I heard, “I never knew that you even notice me!” she said.

I looked at her confused while she looked up at me and said, “ok! You are seeing someone you know in a random place unexpectedly, you want to talk to them, but you have an important work, so you have to go. What will you do then?” I frowned. I asked a question and she is asking me a question again. Before I could reply, she asked, “won’t you smile at them?” I nodded thoughtfully, may be I would. “so that’s what I did, whenever I saw you, I would have an urgent work. I will not be able to talk to you, so I would smile at you”. I got shocked, “you know me?” I asked, I really don’t know her! She again looked with big eyes, oh! Please, don’t give that, it is very cute. “how can you forget me?” she asked still shocked and then holded my collars. Huh! Like seriously, what was she even doing? “how can you for forget me?” she asked and took her hands from my shirt and kept her hands on her head and said worriedly, “oh my god! He forgot me!” “listen” I said but she just started going from there still murmuring ‘he forgot me’. She was saying it in the most tensed way possible. She was holding her hand and saying those three words continuously until she went so far that her image faded away from my view.

I sighed, I did a very big mistake by coming here. I swear, I really don’t know her. Let me go from here before any other person makes me mad. I immediately made my way towards to my home and fall on the sofa. She even didn’t mention her name, even if I know her and I really forgot her, then at least by her name, may be I could have remembered her! I thought to brush away these thoughts and fall asleep. But sleep was far away from my eyes, only her tensed face was coming in front of me. God! Do I really know her??????
I was walking in the garden enjoying the cool, pleasant and fresh air. I really didn’t sleep the whole night just because of that mystery girl who always gives me a mysterious smile! As I walked continuing, I saw her…she was sitting in a bench as usual with her headphones with a simple top and cute jump suit. This is the first time, I am seeing her wearing modern clothes like this as she always wears a salwar kameez!

She was sweating and was drinking water, she would have did jogging or some exercise I guess! I had to at least know her name, so as to remember her as she said she knows me. But should I believe her? What if she is playing with me? What if she is lieing that she knows me? Urgh! Why is this so much difficult? May be I had to talk to her! I thought as I walked to her, she removed her head phones as she saw me. I sat on the bench near her, I cleared my throat before beginning the conversation. “umm……sorry! I am really not remembering you! I thought the whole night yesterday, but still……” I stopped while she looked shocked at me. I don’t know for what she was getting shocked, may be because I told her I don’t know her? I don’t know! I continued hardly avoiding her cute expressions, “I think you are misunderstanding me!” there was a complete silence between us for few seconds, it was me who had to start as she said nothing except looking down, “at least tell your name!

may be I can remember you!” I said, she lifted her face and looked at me and asked angrily, “you don’t remember me na?” I just looked at her expressionless, what should I even tell? “then why are you asking my name? I am a stranger according to you na? then what? I can’t believe you forgot me!” she said and closed her face with palms. I was getting irritated, arey! She had to tell her name at least! But somewhere I felt sad to see her sad, I was getting angry but I was not able to pour that anger on her. I kept my hand on her shoulder, she took her palm from her face and looked at me and my hand on her shoulder alternatively. I think she was not comfortable,

I immediately took my hands from her shoulder, and before I could say anything, she said, “SANSKAR!” I could feel happiness overflowing when she called me…. hold no, yes! This was the first time she called me by my name! she knows my name! “I am sorry for getting angry! It was not your fault! I am really sorry”, she said sadly and started going. My heart sank seeing her sad, unknowingly my voice came out and stopped her, “listen!” she stopped and looked at me, I sighed and stood up from the bench and moved towards her. “tell me your name and also how do you know me? Please don’t get angry! I want to know it desperately, please tell”.

I asked, she looked at me silently for few seconds and then continued, “I am still angry on you! Ok! Lets do one thing, lets become friends, for now you think that I know you as my friend. And when my anger goes, I will come and tell you! Ok!” I looked at her confused, god! Why she never answer for the question I asked and makes me confused, but she asked it so much innocently and cutely, I think I was attracted to her!

I ignored my thoughts and said, “ok! Friends! You know my name! but still I don’t know yours!” i was expecting to hear her name, but she nodded her in a no with big eyes and a wicked smile, “until my anger goes, I will not tell you my name!” I frowned at her words, “then what will I call you?” I asked irritated. “whatever you want?” she said. “huh?” I asked confused, whatever I want? “what do you think about me? Whatever you remember when you think about me, call me that na! I won’t mind!” she said and started going.

Hmm…what I remember when I think about her?…….it is her billion dollar and mysterious smile! A winning smile came on my face as I realized the perfect name for her. “listen!” I said, she has not gone too far, she looked back at me. I smiled and asked, “can I call you Smiley?” she looked at me surprised and tucked her hair behind her ear, she was blushing! She smiled and said, “ok!” and started going from there. ‘SMILEY’, woah! I got a new friend!…….


I returned from my office tiredly, I parked my car and was heading towards to my home, but I stopped as I saw a group of people around a bench, I went near them, I actually couldn’t see what was happening as there were so many people, I asked to a man, “what is happening?” the man looked at me and replied, “a girl is singing beautifully, just now she finished one song. She is going to sing again, I think. Even I couldn’t see her face but her voice is nice, that’s why I am standing!” he explained. Oh! It was just a song! I am very tired, I turned to go but I had to stop hearing a melodious voice.

kahin se bhi chaloon main
kahin se guzroon main
tujhi se aa miloon main yaara

from wherever I start,
from wherever I pass,
I come and meet you, O beloved.

zara sa sirphira hoon
zara sa baawra hoon
jaisa bhi hoon tera hoon yaara

I’m a bit of a madcap,
I am a little crazy,
but however I am, I am yours, O beloved.

teri palkon tale meri saans chale
meri saans chale tere dum se

my breath moves below your eyelids,
my breath moves from your breath.

Dhal jaaun main tujhme
ghul jaaun main tujhme
mil jaaun main tujhme yaara..
let me mould into you,
let me dissolve into you,
let me mix into you, O beloved.
Everyone clapped as she finished the song, including me! She sang really good! I thought to see her face, but this crowd! I frowned and started going to my home when a small boy came running to me. He forwaded me a letter, I looked at him, he said, “one didi told to give it to you!”I accepted his letter confusingly. He ran from there after giving it to me. I opened the neatly folded paper and read the content……
“I hope my song brought a smile on your face! Yes! It was me who sang the song. Every word I sang was only for you! I love you so much! My love can’t be expressed in any words!

What the hell! I looked around to see if I could find that small boy, but my bad luck! There was no one! I walked to my home angrily and someone blocked my way, it was…..smiley! “hi sanskar!” I was so much mood out and angry to talk about anything. “smiley! I am tired!

Let me go”. I said as much as I could control my anger. She frowned and said, “you are so boring sanskar! arey! Listen to me na!” she was continuously speaking and I……shouted, I guess! “stop it! I said I am tired right? Why are you eating my head? Don’t you have any work”. I am sure my eyes would be red with fury by now but I was shocked to see her eyes also getting red because of tears. “I am sorry”, she whispered and ran away from my site. I sighed helplessly, I should have not just shouted at her! I can’t even apologize because I don’t know her home, only if I meet her again, it is possible! I went to my home lazily, I opened it and went and closed the door. I sat on the sofa and let out a sigh. I had scolded smiley because of this swara! Wait! SWARA! I have heard this name somewhere.

God! I am not remembering. I thought for some time and suddenly realized something, I went to the shelf and started searching…..i made it a whole mess, but soon got the thing what I was searching for. I took the beautifully designed invitation card that was for the party which was held last evening. I opened it and saw in the corner of the card, ‘DESIGNED BY SWARA GADODIA’. I sighed and saw the letter in my hand in which the last word was……swara! I kept both the invitation and letter on the table and went to my bed, the incidents that happened few minutes ago were running in my mind. I was so much hurt for hurting Smiley…….

Today morning, I went to job early and as a result, I came back early, I actually wanted to meet smiley and apologize to her! I was not even able to concentrate on my work today! Only the proposal and smiley’s tears were coming in front of me! Well the biggest problem is, I don’t even know her number or even her home. How was I going to meet her, I decided to sit in the garden where I met her yesterday morning. I was not sure whether I can meet her there, but I felt like going there. I went to the same garden and sat on the same bench relaxing myself and also looking around with a hope that I can find smiley! Her tears came in front of me again. I pressed my lips in a thin line, it really hurts if she is hurt and that too when I am the reason! I would get nothing by her forgiveness, I can just forget about her and handle my life, but suddenly she started meaning so much to me! Her forgiveness meant so much to me! I just….. I sighed, I just can’t let her be angry with me! The reason is unknown…….

Urgh! It has been a whole thirty minutes since I am here! She is no where to be found! I was desperately searching her, but I am not finding her, I ran my hand through my hair. May be, I cannot find her here. I lost my hope and thought to go, I started moving, only to be stopped by a voice, “SANSKAR!” I stopped.

A delightful smile played on my lips as I recognized the voice. I turned only to see a girl whose face was red with anger, aww! Here comes my cute smiley! She was folding her arms and was looking at me seriously. I was actually getting laugh, this serious expression really doesn’t suit her, she looks beautiful with her smile……a smile that always brings me joy! I walked towards her and stood in front of her, she was still looking at me seriously. “I am sorry!” I murmured. “for what?” she asked with that same ‘anger and serious’ expression. “for shouting at you yesterday! I am sorry, my mood was off yesterday”.

I apologized. “you will scold me to lighten your mood?” she asked, I sighed, it was really going to be difficult to convince her. “I am sorry!” I whispered and frowned to see her still angry, “ok! What should I do?” I asked, she whined like a small kid and said, “I want ice cream!” I looked shock at her. She was not ‘like a’ small kid, indeed a kid! “don’t think, I will leave with you that! Fulfill all my wishes!” I frowned hearing her words, but somewhere I was happy, happy that she didn’t take my scoldings seriously.

“smiley! Order whatever you want!” I said tiredly after reaching the ice cream parlour. Seriously, is there only this ice cream shop in the whole world that she brought me this much far! I told her many times that we can go to a shop nearby, but no! madam wanted only this shop! “ok! Listen carefully, I want one scoop in vanilla, one in strawberry, one in pista, butterscotch, chocolate and I want few cherries on it!” I looked at her shocked while the waiter took the order and went from there! He didn’t even cared to ask what I wanted! “you are going to eat all of them!” I asked, she nodded her head in a yes excitedly….

“sanskar! how much time will they take?” I just chuckled at her question. “smiley! You have asked too many, so it will take time na?” she pouted which brought a smile on my face! “you look so handsome when you smile!” she said and leaned on the table that was between us with both her hands. I looked a little shocked at her, that was surely unexpected! I really didn’t expect such compliments from her!

A big bowl was kept by a waiter on our table, “umm! Your ice cream came!” I said a little uncomfortably. She mixed all the flavours and started enjoying her ice cream. “you are not at all complimenting me, that’s why I gave you a compliment, but still you are not saying anything!” she pouted, I smiled, my comfort level was increasing with her. “you look so beautiful”. I said, “that is a very old and boring compliment! You don’t even know how to praise others!” she said and continued to eat. I just shook my head in disbelief, “yeah! I agree!” I said dramatically, she chuckled and continued to eat her ice cream. “you are definitely going to get cold!” I said. “don’t curse me!” she said. I just smiled, what shall I even reply for this cute drama queen…….


“now what?” I asked as smiley completed her ice cream. “its your time, you too order something”. She said as she wiped her lips with tissue. “no, I don’t want!” I said. “no! you have to eat something! Please please!” she said, I smiled and nodded. “what you want?” she asked, “you itself order, but please don’t order the same that you ate, god! I can’t eat that much”. I said, she laughed and called the waiter and ordered one scoop chocolate and one scoop pista. My ice cream came, she again called the waiter and asked extra spoon, he gave it to her.

I was confused, but ignored it and started to eat. She was actually sitting in front of me, but now she suddenly stood up and dragged her chair near me and took the ice cream and started eating it! I was shocked, I grabbed the plate from her, “smiley! Enough! You had too much”. I moved the plate away from her, but she stood up and pulled it from me and started eating it. I tried to take the plate from her, but she was holding it tightly and was eating it.

I holded her hand and pulled her, the plate was still in her hand, I was just holding her hand and ate the ice cream while she had the plate with her, she tried take the plate away, but I holded her hand tightly. Soon she stopped trying, I was confused, I stopped eating and looked at her. She was just looking at me smilingly as she was lost somewhere, I became confused but then I noticed how tightly I was holding her hand. I slowly released her hand from my grip, she was still looking at me and I could even feel myself getting drowned in her almond shaped beautiful eyes. Don’t know for how much time, we were staring at each other, but she soon broke our eye contact and asked teasingly, “don’t you want your ice cream now?”

I came in sense and we again started fighting for our ice cream, actually my ice cream! It was she who had the majority of it, I looked at her angrily as she even took the last spoon from me and was about to eat it when she saw my angry face, she kept the spoon near my lips, I turned my face. “please!” she said, I slightly opened my mouth and she fed it to me. “I am sorry! I actually couldn’t control myself, now you order again and you yourself eat it fully! I promise, I will not take it from you!” she said. “you will again eat it in the name of ordering it for me!” I said angrily. “no sanskar……” she said. “I don’t want anymore! Come now!” I dragged her from there after paying the bill…..

“now where?” I asked after we got in the car, “hmm…” she looked up and started to think and then said, “Beach!” she said, I smiled and nodded….

“smiley! Be careful!” I said as she played in the water. I sat on the sand while she ran near the sea making her legs wet and was running here and there. I just smiled at her.

After sometime, she came and sat beside me. We both were silent for some time and then she said, “I will forgive you!” I was a bit blank for a second, but then realized what she said, I actually brought her out to get her forgiveness! How could I forget this? I looked at her and saw her playing with the sand. “smiley! Tell me your name na? and tell me how do you know me?” I asked. She became silent and asked after sometime. “what do you think that how will I be knowing you?” I just smiled. “what is there to smile?” she asked. “you never answer for the question that I asked and always ask me a question in return!” I said.

Now she smiled, “you know smiley! There is something in your smile, it is so mysterious! Actually at first, I used to get irritated that why do you always smile at me. But after asking you about that only, you became my friend. You are very good smiley”. I said reminsing all her cute and innocent antics. She came a little closer to me, “now that’s how you should give compliment!” she said and giggled, “come lets go!” she said and stood up and started walking. It was not just a compliment, it was the truth! I thought as I too stood up and walked behind her to go home…..


God! I was getting late. I was running around my whole house searching everything of mine. My phone rang, I took it and placed it on my ear still searching my wallet. “SANSKAR!” I was startled hearing the voice, the voice was actually of a girl and I realized that the girl was breathing heavily. “are you listening” she asked very tiredly. I sensed it to be serious, “he…hello”. I stammered, because I really don’t know who was it but somewhat the voice was similar to……SMILEY.

No! it just can’t be, she doesn’t have my number. And…I really don’t wanted her to be in pain because the voice sounded very weak. “sanskar!!!! I am…..” there was a pause, and I could hear heavy breathes. “i…am SWARA!” I was shocked hearing it. “I really love you so much, I….can’t say how much but I love you so much!” she said, anger, shock and scared because of her weak voice, my throat choaked and before I could say anything, she said, “and I am your……..” and then I could hear nothing. “hello! Hello!” I shouted only to realize that the call has been cut. I was sweating, I don’t know why I was scared and I really don’t know what I should even feel right now. I sat on the bed with a thud.

I closed my face with my palms, after sometime I took my hands, and took the phone, I called to the same number shiveringly. The phone was answered, “hello!” a girl said, it was definitely not the voice that I heard before. “he…hello” I took a deep breathe to control myself from stammering and then asked in one breathe. “can I speak to swara?” “sanskar?” the girl asked. I was shocked. How does she know my name? “how do you know my name?” I asked. “your name flashed in this phone”. She answered and I sighed, this girl swara even had my number. “I don’t what I should say about myself, but swara called before sometime and she was not sounding normal!

So….” I stopped while the girl replied worriedly, “yes! She actually met with an accident”. I was shocked hearing it. “where is she now?” I asked. “in the hospital” she replied and I asked her the hospital details and also her name to which she replied ‘RAGINI’, she said that she was swara’s friend. I immediately rushed to the parking area, I took my car and drove to the hospital. Maybe I should just ignore her, but my heart was not allowing, she was actually trying to tell something to me and I had to know it! Extreme tension and pain engulfed my heart as her words echoed in my ears, “I really love you so much, I….can’t say how much but I love you so much!”…….

I ran inside the hospital, I was actually going to enquire the receptionist about swara, whom I have not even seen till now, but suddenly a girl came in front of me. “sanskar! I am Ragini!” I was confused, “how did you found me?” I asked. “your photo was displayed in swara’s phone! Come”. She said while I followed her, swara even had my photo? “swara is in this ICU”. She pointed worriedly. “I am actually her college mate! I don’t know much about her family. I saw her on the road lying in pool of blood. I got her phone, but I didn’t know how to unlock it, I was worried how to inform anyone. But thank god! You called”.

She said. “thank you!” I said, “how do you know her?” ragini asked. I sighed, what should I even answer? Tell her that I have never even saw this swara! “I will tell you once she gets fine!” I said, she looked confused but nodded after sometime. I sat on one of the chairs present there. I remembered her letter, her sweet voice and her sweet song which she sang only for me as she mentioned in the letter! I remembered how she speaked to me in the phone. This was getting on my nerves, I don’t even know what I was feeling, but this feeling was horrible…….


The doctor came out and said, “the accident was not too major, she is fine now!” the doctor said. Ragini sighed in relief, maybe even I was a bit relieved hearing the doctor! “can we meet her?” ragini asked. The doctor allowed us. Ragini went inside fastly, I took a deep breathe and slowly went inside to meet her….

I went and……shock would be a very small word. I felt horrible, miserable, vulnerable and what not to see SMILEY lying on the bed lifelessly. I went near her and holded her hands, my cheeks became wet, I was crying! Yes I was, it pained so much see her like that, every inch of my soul broke seeing her like that. But….hold on. It was swara who met with the accident, but then……I widened my eyes. No this can’t be true! I turned towards ragini, “is she swara?” I asked, she looked shocked at me. She almost jerked because of the question. “sanskar? what question is this, SHE IS SWARA”. She said. “swara gadodia?” I asked, she nodded still looking at me confused. The way I met smiley, the way I got letter, the ice cream parlour, our conversation in the beach, all the flashes came in front of me making me more miserable…..

Swara slightly showed some movement in her hands and opened her eyes slowly. She looked at me and then ragini. “thank you”. Swara said to ragini, ragini just nodded smilingly. “ragini, I want to talk to her alone. Can you go”. I spoke to her in the most polite way possible for me right now. She looked towards swara and then me, she nodded and went out. After she went, I asked, “So you are SWARA!” she looked at me shocked and then nodded her head slowly. “why did you lie to me?” I asked. “i….i loved you” she whispered. I glared at her angrily. “so you never knew me before?” I asked. She gulped as tears flowed from her eyes, “answer?”

I said angrily not paying heed to her tears. She jerked because of fear and then nodded. “have you gone mad?” I shouted as I shook her by shoulders and she burst out in tears, “sanskar I am sorry…..but I love you so much, I am loving you for the past two years! I love you so much sanskar! please forgive me! Please…….” I left her shoulders while she cried more hard. “you…..” I didn’t even get words to scold her. I started to go and she holded my hand. “sanskar. please, please forgive me. I actually called you today to tell the truth because i thought…..” she closed her eyes and then continued, “I thought I was going to….die”. I freed my hand from her grip and started to move not listening to her continuous shouts behind me……..

Swara’s pov
I was discharged, I am going towards my home now. I remembered how sanskar got angry with me, it was hurting me too much. Suddenly, I felt someone tieing my mouth with a cloth, I gasped and before I could do anything, someone closed my eyes with a cloth and holded my hands tightly, I tried to shout but I could see nothing and I was so scared. Someone was dragging me and I was really helpless. After sometime I was pushed somewhere, someone was actually holding my hand, so as soon as I was pushed, my hands were freed from that ‘someone’s’ grip. I immediately removed the cloth from my mouth and also the cloth from my eyes. I was in a new place, I heard a sound and looked around, I saw a man locking the door, I was shocked seeing him because he was……..”SANSKAR” I whispered………

Sanskar’s pov
She was looking at me shocked, “this is my house!” I said, I moved towards the table and took the letter she sent me through a small boy, I went near her and showed it, her face became pale seeing it. “you proposed me in this letter na?” I asked, she looked down with guilt. “I accept your proposal”, I said. She lifted her head and look shocked at me, I just chuckled, “you wh…what?” she asked, “I said, I accepted your proposal” I said. She was looking at me with tears, she jumped and hugged me, I hugged her back and closed my eyes to feel her closeness…..

she broke the hug with me and beat on my shoulder, “sanskar! you scared me!” she said complaining. I just smiled and cupped her face, tears formed in my eyes seeing her crying. “I LOVE YOU SMILEY”. I said as I could feel the happiness exploding in myself to tell her those words. She smiled with tears, “woah!” she squealed with happiness. I just smiled at her. She looked at me and asked cutely, “can you tell it again?” I laughed, “I love you smiley”, I said, she hugged me sideways joining her cheeks with mine. “but sanskar! smiley? You know my name now!” she said, I pulled her close to me, “you will always be my smiley”. She gave that billion dollar smile to me and joined her forehead with mine. I got away from her and asked, “smiley!

I never knew you before, then why did you do that drama, that ‘I forgot you’?” she giggled and holded her ears, “sorry for teasing you sanskar!” I took her hands from ears and smiled at her. She wrapped her hands around my waist and then dugged her face in my chest. I hugged her back happily. “sanskar? who was the girl who proposed you that day?” she asked, I remembered kavitha proposing me for the dare. I giggled and broke the hug and said, “smiley! We were actually playing truth or dare, she got a dare to propose someone and she proposed me!” she showed an irritating face, “I am getting so angry on her, but I should also thanks to her! You know sanskar? I was always scared to talk to you! But that day she proposed you! I was scared that you will accept it. That’s why I talked to you, so I should say thanks to her”. She said, I smiled at her words when she suddenly started saying,

“no! no! why should I say thanks to her? Arey! I should be angry on her for proposing you! Didn’t she get any other guy for dare? I will not say thanks to her”. She pouted, I laughed seeing her cute antics. “someone is jealous?” I asked teasingly. “so what if I am jealous?” she said and pinched my cheeks, “she should have not proposed my cute lover”. She said, “cute lover?” I said teasingly, and started tickling her. She fall on the sofa, I fall on her still tickling her, “ouch! Sanskar…..you are very bad!” she said in between her laugh, her laughter sound filled my soul with happiness. “sanskar! I will not say why I always smile at you, until you leave me!” she said and I left her. She looked at me surprised, “you left me?” she asked still surprisingly. “how will you ever know, how much I crave to get this answer from you?” she giggled hearing me, “tell smiley! Why do you always smile at me?”

I asked, she smiled and went near my ears and whispered, “YOUR PRESENCE ALWAYS MAKES ME SMILE”. Her words overwhelmed me and I immediately hugged her tightly, she hugged me back. After sometime, she broke the hug and said, “sanskar…..” but I didn’t let her speak and shutted her lips with mine tenderly pouring out all my love for her……….


hey guys! its me Raina! i hope it was not boring and sorry if it was! the song ‘dhal jaau main’ was actually suggested by Niku. thanks dear and thanks to all those who have read this long OS patiently. thank you…….
Love You All……

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  1. SNY

    Beautiful….outstanding dr…
    Loved it…
    Cm back wid another one…
    Tc and keep smilling???

    1. Raina

      aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you soooooooo much SNY…… you too take care and keep smiling dear

  2. Shiksha

    Cutie cute..

    1. Raina

      thanks shiksha

  3. Sweeta

    ???soooo beautiful
    Lovely story. …..Sweet nd cute

    1. Raina

      thank you soooooooooooooo much sweeta!

  4. Shifa96

    It’s awesome dear..

    1. Raina

      thank you shifa

  5. Mica

    i hate youuuuu!!!!!!! you made me miss them badly……

    1. Raina

      arey!!!!!!!! what did i do micu?

  6. its amazing…

    1. Raina

      thanks mammu


    Pffff… you got tears again!!! tic for tat na???… what will happe if i become more sadistic ha?
    beautiful and sooo cute!!! I LOVED IT!!! and God almost had a heart attack about the kidnapping… was imagining Sanskar wanting revenge by scaring her … CUTENESS !!! I MISS THEM and i really could imagine Swara’s mimics and Sanskar’s frowning confused face to her :p

    1. Raina

      thank you sooooooooooo much pyare didi!!!!! sadist? arey! no no! please……
      swasan are always too cute!!!!!!! love you didi!

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