My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 38

My world is in your love Chapter-38

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The car ride was pleasant. Vansh was driving the car while Kabir and Ahana were sleeping in the back seat. Vansh stared at Riddhima. Riddhima was looking at the phone. Riddhima was in a dilemma. She made her mind clear and thought to herself that she wanted to support Vansh in this situation. Rohan’s word also came to her mind.

“You are eager in creating your identity with your talent, but there is no talent in you.”

Riddhima (in mind): Rohan is correct. I have no talent to prove my identity. Now, I should focus on Vansh and Uma aunty. As a wife of Vansh, I should support him. I also wanted to know who was the real culprit who killed my parents.

The car reached the mansion. Four entered the mansion. Dadi, Ishani, Aryan and Angre were sitting sadly in the living area.

Riddhima: Why are you all sitting down sad?

No one was ready to give a reply. Kabir and Ahana also shook Aryan’s shoulder to bring him back into reality. Aryan also didn’t give a reply.

Vansh: Angre, what is going on her?

Angre: Boss, Sia proposed to Rohan today. But…

Vansh: Angre, don’t swallow the words. What did Rohan tell Sia?

Angre: Boss, Rohan didn’t give any reply to sia. He quickly went to his room. Sia started to cry and went to her room.

Everyone went to Sia’s room. Sia was sitting in the wheel chair sadly. Today, her heart was broken completely by Rohan. She quickly wiped her tears, realizing everyone was standing in her room. Sia lowered her head. Vansh with his hand raised Sia’s chin to see her face. Sia and Vansh were staring at each other. Vansh could understand Sia’s emotion through her eyes. Vansh gave a hug to her.

Vansh: I will talk with Rohan.

Sia: No, bhai. I don’t want you to force Rohan into my life. I should have spoken properly with him. I shouldn’t have proposed to him today. He should live happily with the girl he loves, not a person like me in the wheel chair.

Riddhima: Sia, please stop it. Why are you considering yourself as low?

Sia: Riddhima, this is the truth. He can’t take me as a life partner who spends the entire day in the wheel chair.

Vansh: Sia, I know Rohan very well. I will ask his opinion about you. Don’t worry.

Vansh’s face changed into anger. He couldn’t see tears in his sister’s face. He went to Rohan’s room. Riddhima also followed Vansh. But Rohan was not in his room.

Riddhima: Angre, you told that Rohan was in his room. But no one is in the room.

Vansh: I know where he would be.

Rohan was sitting near the swimming pool by inserting his leg into the pool. Rohan looked at the pool with tears in his eyes. Vansh came and sat near him. Vansh gave his handkerchief to Rohan. Rohan wiped his tears with the handkerchief.

Vansh: Rohan, you have not changed yet. I could see the same childhood Rohan in you. Whenever you feel sad, you will come and sit near the swimming pool. I wanted to talk to you about Sia. Sia loves….

Rohan: Vansh, I love Sia. But I can’t betray you and your family. When I lost my family, you and your family supported me and gave all your love towards me. I want your permission to accept Sia as my wife.

Vansh: Really? Rohan, Sia thinks that you love some other one.

Rohan: My heart only belongs to Sia. I promise you Vansh that I will keep her as the happiest person in the world. Vansh, Tell me your decision. Then only I can propose to her.

Riddhima rolled her eyes and pulled his brother’s cheeks.

Riddhima: Enough of your bromance. I couldn’t understand your friendship with Vansh. You love Sia, but you didn’t accept her proposal because you were waiting for Vansh’s permission. Gannapathi bappa, please check my brother’s brain.

Vansh chuckled by hearing Riddhima’s statement. Rohan was waiting for Vansh’s word.

Vansh: I agree with it.

Rohan made a grin towards Vansh and hugged him tightly.

Riddhima: Rohan, I am warning you. Stop your romance with my Vansh. Please go and do some romance with Sia.

Rohan got up and turned his face. Rohan was shocked to see Sia crying. Sia heard the entire conversation of Vansh and Rohan. Sia quickly turned her wheel chair and was about leaving that place. But Rohan ran in front of her and went into kneeling down to reach her heights.

Sia: Rohan, go away from me. I don’t want to talk with you. You played with my feelings. When I proposed to you, you didn’t give any reply. I could tolerate that. But I can’t tolerate the fact that you are getting permission from Vansh bhai for your love.

Rohan: Sia, please understand me. I love you, Sia. Will you marry me?

Sia slowly cupped Rohan’s face with her hands and placed her forehead with Rohan’s forehead.

Sia: Yes, I agree to marry you.

Sia and Rohan were looking happy together. Everyone went to the dining hall to have their dinner. Everyone teased Rohan and Sia. Sia started to blush while Rohan felt a little embrassed. Vansh looked at Riddhima. Her face was confused.

After dinner, riansh entered their room. Vansh went to his wardrobe and took a box which is wrapped with a gift cover. Riddhima didn’t notice him. She was still deep in her thoughts. Vansh placed his hands on her shoulder. Riddhima looked at the box with confusion.

Vansh: Riddhima, it is a small surprise for you. Open it.

Riddhima: Vansh, May I know the reason for the sudden surprise?

Vansh: Sweetheart, open the gift, and you will know the reason.

Riddhima unwrapped the gift and opened the box. The gift box had a branded laptop, phone, air pods and other costly gadgets.

Riddhima: Why have you brought this for me?

Vansh: Tomorrow is your online interview. So I brought these branded gadgets for you.

Riddhima: Vansh, I am not going to attend the interview.

Vansh: What?

Riddhima: Vansh, we will stop this conversation. Every time when we talk about it, we get into a fight.

Riddhima placed the gift box in his hands and was about to move. But Vansh pulled her back into his arms.

Vansh: Riddhima, I need an answer from you.

Riddhima: Vansh, this time I must support you and your mom. Job is not more important in my life than my family.

Vansh: your dreams are very important to me. In this world, there are so many women handling both personal and professional life in an easy way. I know Riddhima, you can handle it both in a perfect way. There is some other reason behind it. Tell me.

Riddhima: Vansh, I am not more talented enough to attend this interview. I am scared about this interview.

Vansh: Riddhima, Did you know? that the great barrier to success is fear of failure. You should attend the interview. Give a try.

Riddhima: What if I got rejected?

Vansh: Riddhima, Winning or losing is just a part of our life. What if you got selected?

Riddhima became silent. Vansh raised his eyebrow to get a reply from her.

Riddhima: Yes, I will attend. But promise me that you will be with me as my life partner forever.

Vansh: Riddhima, I have already told you that we are not a real husband and wife. We will be together until we find the culprit. My world is…

Riddhima: Vansh, I know what you are going to say. “My world is different from your world.” I am tired of hearing this dialog. Okay, promise me that you will be with me as my well-wisher and friend forever.

Vansh: Okay, I give you a promise.

Riddhima started to prepare for her interview, while Vansh began to solve the Rubik’s cube. Riddhima insisted on sleeping, but he waited for her. Finally, Riddhima completed her work. Both went to sleep.

At the same time, Mohit Sharma was breaking the wine bottle and a joker mask man was calmly drinking a glass of wine. Mohit Sharma threw the photos in front of the joker mask man’s face.

Mohit Sharma: Look at these pictures. How Vansh and Kabir are enjoying on the beach with their wives. Because of you, my daughter Ragini is tolerating the torcher given by Vansh. I am going to kill that Vansh with my hands.

Joker mask man: Really? That’s a good joke. Mohit, Vansh is more intelligent. In fact, it is better to be silent for a few days. We need to find Vansh’s next move.

Mohit: But how?

Joker mask man: Just time will tell us.

At 3 A. M., Vansh felt thirsty. The water bottle near the bed was empty. He was trying to get up from the bed. He noticed Riddhima holding his hands. He made a grin towards her and slowly removed her hands from his hands.

Vansh went to the kitchen to drink some water. He drank and filled the bottle with water. While coming to his room, he noticed his dad’s study room. Something suddenly struck his mind. Vansh could hear some laughing sound in the living area. He rushed to the living area. A couple was sitting and laughing loudly. It was Sia and Rohan. Vansh turned on the light. Sia and Rohan’s laughter stopped. Vansh gave a fake glare towards both. Rohan quickly asked sorry to Vansh. Sia smiled and went to her room.

Vansh: Rohan, I need to talk to you. Please come with me.

Rohan: Vansh, what happened?

Vansh: My mom is alive. We have found her.

Rohan was surprised to hear this news from Vansh. Vansh explained the things how he found his mother. Rohan was shocked to hear the fact that Ajay was also murdered.

Rohan: But, why did the mohit try to kill your dad?

Vansh: If my guess is correct, Dad must have found the person who is helping Mohit Sharma. So both would have killed my dad.

Vansh: Rohan, will you come with me to check my dad’s study room? Before that, will you get the keys from my study room?

Rohan nodded his head. Vansh made a phone call to Angre who was staying in the guest house. Angre quickly came to Vansh’s dad’s room. Rohan gave the key to Vansh. Vansh opened the door. The room was a little dusty. Three started to search for a clue. Finally, Rohan got a big locker which could not be open. But it had a number lock in it. Rohan asked Angre to bring the hammer. But Vansh stopped him.

Rohan: Vansh, we should break this locker.

Vansh:  No, Rohan, we shouldn’t break it.

Angre: But, Boss, we don’t know the password.

Vansh: I know the password. It is my mother’s birthday date. My dad has already told me about this locker in my childhood.

The locker was opened when Vansh entered his mother’s birthday date. Vansh looked at the locker which had a lot of files and documents. With the help of Rohan and Angre, he shifted the entire document to his study room.

Vansh: Angre, a lawyer and a language translator should be assembled in the morning in my study room. The language translator must have known all the Indian language.

Rohan: What is your next plan?

Vansh: I will tell you, guys. Until we shouldn’t tell the truth to anyone.

Rohan and Angre left the room. Vansh went to his room and slept peacefully.

Next morning, as usual, everyone had their breakfast. Riddhima went to meet Uma aunty and talked with her for one hour like a non-stop radio. Riddhima had some family photos of Vansh and childhood pics of Vansh. Uma didn’t respond to her, but by holding her hand, Riddhima narrated the entire childhood story of Vansh after that car accident. Again she came to the VR mansion and attended her interview.

Vansh asked Angre to call Rudra. Rudra came inside Vansh’s study room. Vansh gave a flight ticket to him. Rudra looked at the ticket.

Rudra: Vansh, what is this?

Vansh: Mr. Rudra, for our company meeting you are going to Australia for 20 days. I don’t want any excuses from you. It’s my order.

Rudra couldn’t tell anything. Rudra left the room. After some time, a family lawyer and a language translator came to meet Vansh. It took three hours to read the documents. Vansh made a phone call to Rohan, Kabir and Ahana. He explained everything to them. Vansh instructed that everyone in the family should be assembled in the living area within the next one hour.

Vansh entered to meet Riddhima. Riddhima had completed her interview session. Riddhima gave a broad smile and told him that she had been selected in the first round. Vansh held her hands and took her to the living area. She was surprised to see everyone in the family was standing in the living area. Rajeev and Sunil were also found. Suddenly, the police commissioner and the assistant commissioner (Karthik) were standing in the entrance of the living area. Riddhima couldn’t understand why Karthik came to the VR mansion in a uniform.

Riddhima: Vansh, why are everyone assembled in the living area? What is the reason for calling the police?

Vansh: I will tell you Riddhima. Not only to Riddhima, but I wanted to tell everyone.

Sunil: Why are you creating a huge suspense Vansh? I know very well that you are going to hurt my Riddhima.

Rohan: Uncle, stop your lecture. Vansh, continue it.

Vansh: Before 18 years, we lost Riddhima’s parents and my mother in a car accident. It was not a car accident. It was planned murder by two people. The first murderer’s name is Mohit Sharma and the second murderer’s name is “RAJEEV MALHOTRA”.

Why did Rajeev do this murder?

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