My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 37

My world is in your love Chapter-37

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Rudra with guilt nodded his head saying “Yes”. Rudra felt someone was looking at him and Riddhima. So he turned his face, Riddhima also turned her face and both were shocked to see Vansh with red eyes.

Vansh couldn’t control his anger anymore. He came towards the rudra and clenched his shirt collar in a rude manner. Riddhima and Angre tried to stop him by holding his hands. Riddhima tried her best to control Vansh’s anger.

Vansh(growled): Rudra Uncle, you know very well that I don’t like lying and betrayal. I always think of you as my roll model, but why did you do this to me?

Rudra was dumbstruck. He didn’t try to stop Vansh. Riddhima looked at Rudra and understood Rudra’s guilt for his activities.

Not getting any reply from Rudra. Vansh using his force broke the glass table which was near him. The glass was shattered into more than thousands of pieces. Blood came from his hand. Riddhima quickly held his hand, and she wiped the blood in his hand using her dupatta. Rudra came to help Vansh but Vansh signaled him not to move from his place.

Riddhima: Vansh, just calm down. We need to find the truth. I can understand your pain. Angre, close the door and bring the first aid kit. No one should be on this floor for the next two hours. Bring some water for Vansh and Rudra uncle.

Angre nodded his head and went outside. Everyone who worked on that floor was asked to work on the last floor. Riddhima made Rudra and Vansh sit on the sofa. Vansh gave a glare at Rudra. Angre came with water. Vansh refused to drink the water. Riddhima forced him to drink water. Rudra drank the water and tried to explain, but Riddhima stopped him.

Riddhima: Uncle, I know you very well. I have always seen your kind nature towards Vansh and our family. But why did you hide everything from your own family?

Rudra: Riddhima, I will explain everything to you.

Before 18 years, on the day of the accident took place. Chanchal’s phone was ringing, as usual, my wife was busy at work. I attended the phone call. I heard a Mohit Sharma voice.

Mohit sharma said, “Chanchal, finally our plan is a success. The truck smashed the rishi malhotra car when it was about to reach the airport. The entire family of Rishi Malhotra is dead now. I will take over the ARR group and my partner will take over whatever he wants from the Rishi family.”

I disconnected the phone call. I rushed from my room to the living area. But I was stunned to see Rohan playing with Vansh and Kabir. I understood that Rohan’s adamant decision to stay in the VR mansion has saved his life from danger. When I was about to leave from the VR mansion in search of Rishi’s car, the driver informed me that uma bhabhi also left with Rishi to drop them at the airport.

I took the car and started to search for Rishi’s car like a mad person in all over the Mumbai city. Finally, I reached the accident spot near the airport. My legs started to run by seeing the smashed front part of the Rishi’s car. When I opened the car’s driver seat. I could see Rishi and Yazhini’s head was covered with blood, and the most confused thing was Rishi and Yazhini’s right and left wrist was slit. Seeing them breathless, I was shocked.

I opened the back seat but no one was in the back seat. I guessed that Riddhima and Uma Bhabhi escaped from the accident. I quickly went to my car and started to look for Riddhima and Uma Bhabhi. Suddenly, I heard a thud sound. I found Uma and Riddhima on the road’s floor in an unconscious state. I got out of the car. I raised my head to see and understood both were hit by the Mohit Sharma car. The car left the place soon. I quickly went near to Riddhima and Uma Bhabhi and took them to the hospital.

The doctor informed me that Riddhima had lost her memory and Uma Bhabhi went into coma due to a head injury.

Vansh: But why didn’t you inform my dad or others that Riddhima and my mom are alive, and they are not dead?

Rudra: Mohit Sharma and Chanchal informed the press people that four of them died in the car accident. If I told Riddhima and Uma Bhabhi were alive, they would definitely try to kill them both again. I tried to tell Ajay bhai but he was completely broken. It was not easy for a man to lose his friend and wife at the same time. Ajay bhai made himself isolated from us. So I came up with the idea of protecting Riddhima and Uma Bhabhi. Yes, I became the sponsor for Riddhima’s education. I wanted her to study Physiotherapist so that she will definitely one day enter our mansion. But I didn’t expect that you both would get married to each other.

Vansh: Is my mom still alive?

Rudra: Yes, Vansh. Uma Bhabhi is in coma. She is fighting between life and death. We will go and visit her today. But, Riddhima, how did you come to know everything?

Riddhima: I had a weird dream about some incidents on the night when the accident took place. So, I came up with an idea of searching for the clue. Finally, I found the answer.

Rudra: Sorry, Vansh! Will you forgive your uncle?

Vansh: How could I forgive you? You tried to play a double-side game. One side, you are trying to save your wife and your wife’s brother (Chanchal and Mohit sharma) from the murder. On the other hand, you saved Riddhima and my mother.

Riddhima: Vansh, we can’t change the past. Now, our main motive is to protect Uma aunty from the danger.

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. Mr. Rudra, have you revealed every secret? If I find you that you have not told me any secrets later, then the consequences will be bad.

Rudra: Vansh, Ajay bhai didn’t die because of a heart attack.

Vansh: What?

Rudra: Vansh, Mohith sharma mixed poison in Ajay’s drink. The medical report of Ajay bhai was changed.

Riddhima: Uncle, How could you know that?

Rudra: I heard the conversation between Mohith Sharma and Chanchal.

Vansh (clapping his hands): Wah! Mr. Rudra, you know everything about my dad’s death. But you didn’t help our family. But you supported your lovely wife and your idiot brother-in-law. You didn’t follow the right path.

Rudra: Vansh, try to understand me.

Vansh: I am ashamed to call you my uncle. Mr. Rudra, you know very well who was the culprit. But you tried to save them. I won’t leave that Chanchal and Mohit Sharma. Definitely, I will kill them both with my hands and go to jail.

Vansh was about to leave and Rudra held Vansh’s legs and started to plead for his wife.

Rudra: Vansh, I agree. I made a mistake. Punish me, but don’t punish my wife. All the fault was on Mohit Sharma, he manipulated my wife.

Vansh’s eyes were turning red. He couldn’t believe his own uncle and aunt betrayed him. Riddhima interlocked her hands with his hand and made him calm. Looking at Riddhima’s eyes, his anger was slowly reducing.

Vansh: I want to see my mom immediately.

Rudra: I will take you both to the place.

Rudra, Riddhima and Vansh went to meet Uma. They were an unfinished building up to eight floors. Rudra told them that Uma was kept on the last floor. A lot of wires and medical equipment was placed near Uma. Seeing that, Vansh slowly opened his mouth and told “mom”. Her face was dull with a lot of wrinkles. Her body was thin like a stick. Vansh refused to move further.

Vansh: Riddhima, this can’t be my mom. My mom used to have a big smile on her face, but I can’t see that on her face. Riddhima, let’s leave her…

Vansh looked more tensed while Riddhima held Vansh’s hand and caressed his cheeks.

Riddhima: Vansh, no need to get tense. Uma aunty will recover soon. Come with me.

Riddhima and Vansh went to bed. Vansh held his mom’s hand.

Vansh: Mom, what happened to you? Every time I came back from school, you used to give me a hug and a forehead kiss. But why you are refusing to hug or kiss me today? Are you angry with me? Please have a word with me, mom. Riddhima, do you know? Every Sunday, my mother used to do my favorite meeti bhat. She used to do it just for me. Mom, your Vansh misses you a lot. Please wake up mom.

Riddhima slowly held the hand of Vansh and Uma. Rudra was crying seeing the conversation of Vansh.

Vansh: Angre, I need the best doctors in the world to recover my mom soon.

Riddhima: But Vansh, do you think the best doctor treatment will recover my aunt’s health?

Vansh: Then, what should I do now?

Riddhima: Vansh, you don’t need to do anything. I am giving you the promise that mom will recover soon.

Vansh: Ok, Riddhima. Angre, change the location to some place that my enemies won’t know about my mom. Mr. Rudra, let your wife enjoy the freedom. After finding the murderer, I will definitely send her to jail. Do you understand?

Rudra just nodded his head. Three reached the mansion. Vansh was not in the mood to interact with family members. He rushed to his room without having dinner.

Dadi and Rohan enquired Riddhima about Vansh’s bandage in his hand. Riddhima said a lie to them. Riddhima ordered Mrs. D’souza to bring the food to the bedroom. Riddhima went to the room. She was shocked to see Vansh punching the sandbags with his wounded hands. The white bandage was turning into red. She quickly went to stop Vansh. But it was not easy for anyone to control Vansh’s anger.

Riddhima hugged him tightly. Her embrace made his anger mode switch to normal mode. Vansh was breathing heavily. His heartbeat was racing so fast. Vansh couldn’t hug her back. Riddhima released her hug.

Riddhima: Vansh, are you mad? Already you had a wound in your hand. You asked you to punch the sand bags. Just look at your hands. Wait, I will come with ointment.

Riddhima came with ointment. She started to clean the wound, apply the ointment and tied the bandage around his hand.

Riddhima(caressing his face): Vansh, Why are you hurting you like this? Is it paining you a lot?

Vansh: Yes, Riddhima. It is paining me, not in my hands, but in my heart.

Riddhima: Vansh, we are human beings. Just cry loudly, Vansh. You will feel relaxed. Crying doesn’t tell you that you’re a coward but it will make your heart relax and give some peace to your mind.

Vansh quickly gave a crushing hug to his Riddhima. Vansh’s tear started to roll from his eyes. Riddhima hugged him back. Vansh just placed his head on Riddhima’s shoulder and started to cry loudly.

After a few minutes, he stopped his crying. Riddhima started to feed Vansh. Vansh was just admiring her. Riddhima sat on the bed and gave him medicines. After taking the medicines, Riddhima cleaned the table. Riddhima looked at Vansh who was looking sad.

Riddhima: Vansh, will you share any special moments with Uma aunty?

Vansh: I like to sleep in my mother’s lap. She used to caress my hair with love and tell me stories. I have been craving for it till now.

Riddhima: Vansh, if you don’t mind. You can sleep in my lap today.

Vansh looked at her with surprise. He slowly placed his head on her lap. Riddhima started to caress his hair slowly. Tears were visible in his corner of his eyes. Both slept peacefully.

Next morning,

Vansh was the first one to wake up. Riddhima’s hand was on Vansh’s chest. Vansh made a grin towards his cute wife who was sleeping peacefully.

Vansh (in mind): Till now, I don’t know how to control my anger. But when my Riddhima is near me, she makes me calm. Riddhima, you are just an angel in my life. But I also involved you in finding the murderer. I have given you so much pain. But you like to support me always. Really, I am lucky to have you in my life.

Vansh got up from the bed slowly. Riddhima was sleeping in the sitting position. He lifted her in his arms and placed her on the bed. Vansh went to the bathroom. After finishing all his work, he went to the living room. Riddhima woke up from bed and was shocked to see the time clock. It was late. She immediately went to the bathroom. After coming from the bathroom, she rushed to the kitchen. Ahana gave a smile when Riddhima entered the kitchen. Riddhima served breakfast for everyone. Vansh’s face was dull. Riddhima’s face also turned dull due to the yesterday’s events. Ahana and Kabir noticed it. Vansh left for office.

In the evening, Vansh came from the office earlier. Kabir and Ahana were fighting with each other in the living area. Vansh enquired the reason.

Ahana (fake tears): Vansh, Kabir is not spending more time with me.

Kabir: Vansh, it is a lie. Ahana is the one not spending any time with me.

Again both started to fight with each other by quarreling. Vansh placed his hand on his head due to the chaos created by the two. Dadi and Riddhima came between them and stopped the fight.

Dadi: Kabir and Ahana, both go for an outing and enjoy your day today.

Ahana: Dadi, shall we take Vansh and Riddhima with us? They are a newly married couple, right.

Vansh: Now I understood, so it was your fake drama.

Riddhima: Please, Vansh. We will also go with them.

Vansh accepted Riddhima’s request. Four went in a car. Vansh and Riddhima were sitting in the front seat. Ahana and Kabir were sitting in the back seat and enjoying the ride. Ahana and Riddhima insisted that they wanted to go to the beach. When they reached the beach, Kabir and Ahana ran towards the sea and started to play in the water. While Riddhima sat in the sand, Vansh also sat with her. Riddhima noticed small kids building a sand house with equipment.

Riddhima got up and went near the kids and got the equipment. She started to build the sand house. While Vansh was admiring her.

Riddhima: Vansh, have you built a sand house in your childhood?

Vansh: No, sweetheart.

Riddhima: What? Don’t worry, I will teach you. Will you help me?

Riddhima told him the idea about building the sand house to Vansh. Vansh started to help her. Kabir and Ahana were running and playing near the sandhouse. When Riddhima was setting the mud, Vansh placed his hand over her hand. Riddhima was blushing, and both were staring at each other. Suddenly, both realized someone was jumping above the sand house. It was Kabir. Riddhima shouted Kabir’s name in anger. Vansh laughed at seeing her cute anger. Riddhima was happy that nothing happened to the house. But within a minute, all her happiness vanished. When Ahana also tried to perform the same stunt like Kabir. But her bad luck, Ahana directly fell on the sand house, and the sand house collapsed. Riddhima gave a glare towards Kabir and Ahana. Vansh gave her a side hug and started to rebuild it. Vansh took some photos of Riddhima in the seashore. Finally, four took a selfie.

Vansh’s inner mind warned him that someone was watching them. Vansh, Riddhima, Ahana and Kabir left the palace quickly. Mohit Sharma was the one watching them from far away with a binocular. Mohit Sharma was not happy to see the couples enjoying each other while his daughter Ragini was suffering from pain.

While returning in the car, Riddhima got a notification on her phone that her interview for the London job is tomorrow at online.

Will Riddhima attend the job interview or support Vansh?

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