My World Is In Your Love – Chapter 28

My world is in your love Chapter-28

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In the VR mansion, Aryan was excited to celebrate the bachelor party. But Vansh was busy in his thoughts. Aryan and Ishani with great difficulty got permission for the bachelor’s party from Dadi. Dadi gave permission and asked them to celebrate in the VR mansion. Ishani was happy that finally she got some time to spend with Angre. Kabir was lost in thoughts of Ahana.

In Ahana’s house, Riddhima was on cloud nine because, as per her wish, the marriage is going to take place traditionally. Ahana and Sejal were talking with each other. Rohan entered the house with a lot of tensions, he had a small yellow bag. When he noticed Riddhima, Ahana and Sejal sitting together, he was shocked.

Riddhima: Rohan, where did you go? Did you go to the VR mansion?

Rohan(trembling): No, Riddhima. I just went out for a walk.

Riddhima was about to ask her next question, but Rohan tried to move to his room. When Rohan was about to go to his room, a black mask fell on the ground. Rohan didn’t notice it, but Riddhima picked up the mask and kept it on the near-by table. Rohan refreshed himself and came outside as started to interact with Riddhima.

Rohan: Sejal, shall we go to the bachelor party? Aryan is waiting for you.

Ahana: Rohan, who is conducting the bachelor party? We didn’t know anything about it.

Rohan: Ahana, the Bachelor party is for the bachelor’s, not for the married person like you. So, Aryan didn’t invite you.

Ahana (throwing a pillow at Rohan): Stop it. Did Dadi know about it?

Rohan: Yes, Dadi gave permission for it. Riddhima, are you coming with us?

Riddhima: No, Rohan. I wanted to enjoy this night with Ahana.

Rohan: Okay, your bad luck. Vansh will be happy at this party.

Riddhima: Vansh also doesn’t like this bachelor party. I know about him. Let’s see.

Both left the house. Riddhima and Ahana started to listen to their favorite songs.

In the VR mansion, Kabir was about to leave the mansion. Aryan pulled him and asked him to join the bachelor party. Kabir refused, but Aryan’s request made him stay. Everyone was drinking wine and dancing. Rohan and Sejal came to the VR mansion. Aryan had a huge smile on seeing Sejal.

Aryan: Vansh bhai, what happened to you? You have not consumed alcohol.

Vansh: No, Aryan. I don’t want it. Riddhima has warned me to stay away from the wine. I have stopped drinking wine after her instruction.

Aryan: Oh, Vansh bhai. If it is Riddhima bhabi’s order, then okay. Kabir, you have some wine.

Kabir: Aryan, I have stopped drinking wine after Ahana came into my life. So I don’t need it. You guys have fun. I have an important online conference meeting tonight. I need to go to my room. So, bye.

Vansh: Aryan, Kabir is right. I also have some work. I am going to my room. You guys enjoy this party.

Aryan: Then, OK.

Riddhima went to her room which was on the first floor. Ahana was sitting in the living area and reading a novel. Suddenly she heard a knocking sound from the door. Ahana opened the door with fear, but she was surprised to see Kabir.

Ahana(excitement): you?

Kabir quickly placed his hands in Ahana’s mouth. Riddhima heard the sound and shouted from the first floor.

Riddhima: Ahana, who is it? Who knocked the door?

Ahana: The person who knocked the door is a newspaper boy.

Kabir (husky voice): How could you tell your husband as a newspaper boy?

Riddhima: Newspaper boy, he should be early in the morning. Why is he coming at this time?

Ahana: Riddhima to get his salary. Riddhima, you don’t need to worry. Good night, Riddhima.

Riddhima: Ok, Ahana. Good night, sweet dreams.

Riddhima closed the door and started to arrange her bridal dress. She was eager to wear the dress. She placed the dress on her and looked at the mirror. Suddenly, Vansh was also visible in the mirror. She realized that was her imagination. Riddhima was still looking at the mirror.

Riddhima: Vansh, you are coming in my dream and my imagination too.

Vansh: Sweetheart, you look so beautiful in this dress. Actually, this dress is not more beautiful than you.

Riddhima understood that he actually came to meet her, and he is not an imagination.

Riddhima: Vansh! How did you come to my room? If anyone finds about it, it will be a huge problem.

Vansh: I came through the window to meet you. I can’t wait to meet you, sweetheart.

Riddhima: Vansh, really you came for me, my jumping through the windows. I can’t believe it. But today is your bachelor party, right. You should be in the VR mansion.

Vansh: Just relax, Sweetheart. Shall we go for a night outing or for a small drive?

Riddhima: Yes, but how? Ahana is down waiting for Rohan and Sejal. Okay, Let’s jump through the window.

Vansh: Riddhima, Ahana is busy with Kabir. So we can easily go out. Just come with me.

Vansh and Riddhima came to the ground floor. Ahana and Kabir were busy talking with each other. Vansh and Riddhima came out of the house.

Vansh: Sweetheart, get inside the car.

Riddhima: Vansh, No. We won’t use the car today for driving. Shall we go by bike?

Vansh: OK, Riddhima. But now I don’t have a bike. What shall we do now?

Riddhima: Vansh, Rohan’s bike is here. Why don’t we take it? I have the keys to it.

Vansh: Sweetheart, how could you be this well-prepared for everything?

Riddhima: Vansh, I like to travel by bike. But the thing is I don’t know to drive it.

Vansh got the bike keys from Riddhima. It was a Classic 350 Pure black Royal Enfield bike. Riddhima was so excited, it was her dream to go on her favorite bike with her loved ones. Vansh asked her to sit on the bike. She sat on the bike. Vansh started to ride it. She was afraid to place her hands on Vansh’s shoulder. Slowly, she placed her right hand in his shoulder and left hand around his waist. Vansh gave a smirk at her through the bike mirror. Riddhima placed her head on his back. Riddhima could hear Vansh’s heartbeat.

Vansh: Sweetheart, I think you are enjoying it.

Riddhima: Yes, Vansh. A dark night, just street lights, then you and me, travelling by bike and, finally, cold wind on my face. It will be my best night outing with you. Tomorrow is our wedding day, but we are going for a night drive today. It is really fun.

Riddhima started to cry. Vansh stopped the bike and realized his shirt was wet because of her tears.

Vansh: Sweetheart, are you crying? What happened to you? A few minutes earlier, you were happy. Tell me what happened.

Riddhima: Vansh, from my childhood, I have seen small kids hugging their father’s shirt so tightly on a bike and going to school. I was not that lucky to go a bike ride like those kids. I have been longing for it from my childhood. Today, only I got this experience. It is all because of you.

Riddhima hugged him tightly. Vansh cupped her face with his hands and wiped off the tears in her cheeks. A notification message came on his phone. It was from the black hoodie person. Riddhima also saw the message and didn’t react.

An important announcement, our work is in progress, it will be finished by tomorrow. Where are you?

Vansh: OK, Riddhima. It is getting late. Shall I drop you in Ahana’s house?

Riddhima said yes. Vansh dropped Riddhima in Ahana’s house and left the place. Riddhima went to her room by climbing and jumping through the window. When Riddhima was about to close the window door. She noticed Vansh talking to a person who was wearing a black hoodie. Riddhima thought it must be Ahana, but someone was placing hands in her shoulder. Riddhima turned quickly, it was Ahana. Riddhima was confused and again looked through the window. Vansh and the black hoodie person have vanished.

Ahana: Riddhima, what are you doing near the window? Have you not slept yet?

Riddhima(trembling): Ahana, I came to close the window door. Have Rohan and Sejal returned from the mansion?

Ahana: No, it’s late at night. So there will be staying in the VR Mansion. Okay, come let’s sleep.

It was the wedding day. The entire mansion was decorated with a lot of lights and flowers. Everyone was waiting in the wedding hall. Riddhima was getting ready in the bride’s room. Karthik and Sunil entered her room.

Sunil: Riddhima, are you definitely going to marry this arrogant man?

Riddhima: Sunil uncle, Vansh is not an arrogant man, he is just a sweet person. Yes, I will definitely marry him.

Karthik: Riddhima, anytime this sweet man may turn into a spicy man. Anyhow, you are not going to accept our decision.

Riddhima: Karthik, I know about him, you no need to be tensed.

Karthik: Riddhima, I need to share some news. From the registration department, we came to know that today a big property is going to be transferred to Vansh. The work started yesterday. Do you know anything about it?

Riddhima: No, Karthik. Will you find and tell me?

Karthik: Yes, Riddhima.

Riddhima was confused by Karthik’s statement. Vansh came to the wedding hall and was waiting for Riddhima. Ahana and Sejal brought Riddhima to the wedding hall. Vansh was about to exchange a floral garland to Riddhima. By Rohan and Karthik lifted Riddhima in their respective shoulders. Vansh tried his best to place the garland in Riddhima’s neck.

Ahana: Oh, Vansh. What will you do now?

Kabir: Ahana, Vansh will exchange the garland to Riddhima. You should wait and watch. Come on, Aryan.

Aryan and Angre came to lift Vansh on their shoulders. Both exchange their floral garland.

A sacred fire was placed in the center. The rituals began. Pandit called the father of the bride to do Kanyadhan. Riddhima’s eyes were filled with tears. Chanchal started her tantrums again, Riddhima.

Chanchal: Pandit ji, this girl is an orphan. Shall we skip this ritual? Because this girl has been thrown by her very own family in her childhood.

Dadi: Chanchal, will you stop it? Pandit ji, wait for a minute. Rajeev Malhotra, will you do Kanyadhan for Riddhima.

Rajeev Malhotra looked at Ahana. Ahana said yes through her eyes. Rajeev Malhotra did the Kanyadhan Ritual for Riddhima. Riddhima was so happy, her dream wedding is happening in her real life. The couple took the seven vows by circling around the fire. After that, Vansh place the vermilion in Riddhima’s forehead and tied the wedding chain in Riddhima’s neck. The whole family was happy to see the couple.

After the wedding, Vansh was looking for his shoe. He turned towards Ahana. Ahana and Sejal were smiling at each other.

Ahana: Vansh, we are Riddhima’s sister. We have stolen your shoes. You should give some money to get your shoes.


Kabir: No need, Vansh. We know that Ahana will steal the shoe. We have brought a new shoe for you. Aryan, just bring it.

Ahana: Kabir, this is cheating.

Kabir: Ahana, darling, all is fair in love and war.

Vansh: Ahana, you don’t need to worry. I will give you money. He signed a cheque and gave them the cheque.

Ahana: Thank you, Vansh.

Vansh and Riddhima were taken in a separate car to the VR mansion. Vansh was busy scrolling his phone. While, Riddhima noticed Vansh being more tensed. Both came to the entrance of the VR mansion. Riddhima did her Griha Pravesh.

Aryan: Riddhima Bhabhi, you didn’t complete your rituals. So, you are not allowed into the mansion.

Riddhima: Aryan, I did every ritual correctly and perfectly. Vansh, we did it together, right.

Vansh: Riddhima, Aryan is correct. We forgot a ritual. That is the most important thing we should do when the bride enters our house.

Riddhima: What?

Vansh quickly lifted Riddhima in his arm and entered the mansion.

Vansh: Riddhima, this is the ritual that the groom should lift the bride in his arm and enter the mansion. Ok, Riddhima. Take some rest. I have some work. I will meet you later.

Riddhima made a grin and sat on the sofa. Riddhima noticed everyone’s face. Karthik was a little disturbed. Riddhima went to the kitchen to drink water, Karthik followed riddhima.

Karthik: Riddhima, my assumption was correct. Did you remember signing any paper or documents?

Riddhima: Yes. Vansh asked me to sign some documents.

Karthik: Sorry to say this, Riddhima. Your entire property is now transferred to Vansh.

Riddhima: It’s okay. What is wrong with it? I don’t need any property or money. I just want joy and happiness in my life.

Karthik: Riddhima, In ARR groups, Ajay Industries has 50% share, Rishi and Rudra industry have 25% percent share. Now, Vansh has taken the entire Rishi industry in his name. So, now Rohan and your property belongs to him. Vansh has married you for benefits.

Riddhima: What?

Riddhima was totally broken. She sat on the floor and recalled the incident, and tears rolled down her cheeks. (chapter13)

Riddhima: May I know the reason for your urgent contract marriage? Whether it is for sia or any other reason.

Vansh: I don’t believe in marriage. It is for sia and also for my business career.

Riddhima’s thought,

For his business career, he shattered my dreams and played with my brother’s life too.

Riddhima quickly wiped off her tears and got a promise from Karthik that he should not tell it to anyone. Riddhima went to the Vansh study room and noticed the door was open.

At Vansh’s study room,

Black hoodie: Finally, our plan was executed. Now, the property belongs to you. Congrats, Vansh.

Vansh: The game is not over. Because of you, we found Riddhima is Rishi Malhotra’s daughter. I married her legally in the registrar office. Now, I have married Riddhima traditionally to gain her trust. Finally, now the entire property of Rishi and Ajay industries belongs to me.

Riddhima was standing in the entrance of Vansh’s study room. Riddhima felt completely demolished when she listened to Vansh’s conversation with the black hoodie. Vansh was shocked to see her in his study room.

Riddhima (screaming towards the black hoodie): Who are you to decide my life partner? Who gave you permission to destroy my life?

The black hoodie person placed a yellow bag on the table. Riddhima realized she had already noticed this bag in Ahana’s house. The person turned towards Riddhima and removed his or her mask and dress. Vansh gave a smirk towards Riddhima. Riddhima was shocked.

Black hoodie: Riddhima, your beloved brother.

Riddhima: Rohan!

Finally, some have guessed it correctly. That Rohan was the black hoodie person…

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