My wife, Yuvani part 8

Yuvraj started to read Suhani’s diary. He read about her first day as lecturer, she was as scared as a five year kid, who was going to school for the first time. He smiled at her innocence. She writes diary as if she is speaking to someone. Then read about how she became friends with her students, she treats them like her younger siblings, soon her college turned to her second home. Now he read about the day when they met officially, the official bride seeing.

“You know what happened today. You won’t believe it if I say, today groom came to see me. You know who it was, Yuvraj Birla, yes I am saying true, I too couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him. Ok ok, I will start from the beginning. I was about to leave for college when Mummy told me to take half leave, she told me a surprise awaits me. I smiled and agreed and came back at noon. Then all of a sudden Mummy told me that groom’s family is coming to see me. I was shocked, is it the correct way? You say, just say na, they would reach here in one hour and Mummy found this last hour to be the correct time  to tell me about this! She asked me to get ready, get ready for what? I don’t want to see any stupid”

Yuv: Stupid??

He cutely glared at the sleeping Suhani.

“Then they came, Mummy asked me to sit in my room until she calls me, I was sitting there and I was really nervous, arrey this is my first experience na! Then after sometime she called me and I came to hall and met him, for the first time in my life. I was beyond shocked; I closed my eyes hard and opened them again to conform if it was him”

Yuvraj smiles remembering her antics after seeing him.

“Yes it was him, why is HE here? How he came to know about my existence, I am just a normal teacher! His Mom correctly interpreted my thoughts and told me that she is friend of Mrs Verma, my H O D. I was embarrassed, but even in the embarrassment I found it nice, when she interpreted my thoughts, I tried to smile, but my muscles turned so rigid that they refused my lips to turn into a curve, someone help me, please pull my checks, I said in mind, and you know I think I managed a smile. God knows!”

Yuv: (laughing) You did, a nervous one.

“But as far I am aware, I never had a rift with her, I thought she liked me, then why, why on earth she want me to marry a footballer, when she very well know that I hate this game. For what she is taking revenge on me?? And then his Dadi granted us the golden ten minutes, like seriously what are we supposed to make out from this ten minutes? If ever we get married we are supposed to spend our life with each other and for taking that decision we are given ten minutes, I mean just 600seconds!! How can we, anyways we moved to my room, he followed me. There was silence for few seconds, and then he said that he is marrying for his family. As if I am dying to marry him, I too am doing this for my family, otherwise who wants to marry, that too this halki daari bikere baal!”

Yuv: Huh? What was that, you referred me with that STUPID name?? Wait, now I am going to know everything, then you see.

“I faked a smile, then closed my eyes and told him that I hate football. Yes I do. I slowly opened my eyes to see his reaction, I was sure that he would be angry. But you know what, he smiled, YES, he lips turned into a curve, I swear. I looked at him shocked, I mean, well there is absolutely nothing wrong in hating football, because it is personal, still if anyone comes to me and say that they hate Chemistry I swear, my anger would raise, because Chemistry is my passion, and it is obvious that I would react. That is why I was shocked seeing his reaction, because I know football is his passion, of course it is after all he is the captain. But what to do I loathe the game from childhood, because due to this stupid game, I never got a chance to watch my favourite shows. After knowing that I loath this game, my friends used to talk about football to me every now and then just to irritate me, but then I would tell them the mechanism behind a complicated organic reaction and they would run away. Messing with me, huh!! So from my school days, my close friends are those who are interested in Chemistry, because it is the only thing which I like to speak about. Likewise he too would love speak about football right, about his defences, his moves, goals, but trust me I won’t bare it even a sec! That is why I told him on face that I hate football. But why he smiled??”

Yuv: Seeing your innocence!

“Got it, he said right he is here just because of his family, so no he got a reason to reject me. So he is happy, me too, but there is a small problem, how will I face Mrs Verma tomorrow. I just hope aunty won’t be rude with her for suggesting my name, else I am gone. I was in my trance when he asked whether there is anything I want to ask, I immediately nodded no. There isn’t anything specific I wanted to ask him, because I knew nothing about him. He again smiled and led me back to the hall. Papa asked about our decision, I was expecting his rejection but he said he will tell tomorrow. Why tomorrow, oh they won’t agree immediately if he rejects, so he is taking time. Good. I will wait till tomorrow and then they left and I took a long breath. See this much happened in a single day, I mean I told on face of the Indian football captain that I hate his game, and you know, he is one of the best players India ever produced!! Poor fellow his first attempt to marriage is a total failure! But fault wasn’t mine, it is due to Mrs Verma. Anyway good night, I have class tomorrow. ”

Yuvraj was laughing like anything!

Yuv: God this girl!! Suhani, you are really too much,

He started reading the next page.


How was it?? Did you like the way she wrote her diary, if no, please be frank and if possible give suggestions so that I can improve, because from now on most of the parts would be like this, through her diary.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    OMG!!!!..that was adorable…….like seriously man…her way of writing a diary is so awwwwww…loved it..Will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  2. Just loved it!!!!!!!

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. Very beautifully written.. Loved the epi and also your style of writing the diary.. Waiting to know further..

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