My wife, Yuvani part 5

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Suhani was working in the kitchen; Yuvraj comes and hugs he from behind. She smiles.

Suh: So what is your plan?

Yuv: Plan…hm…. I was thinking of doing my pg.

Suh: PG?

Yuv: Yeah, I too wanna be a lecturer.

Suh: but when did it,

Yuv: Yesterday, till then it was only game for me, but now,

Suh: But why this?

Yuv: Because I wanna spent more time with you.

Suh: What?

Yuv: I am choosing your subject alone, for the next two years I will be your student, and then we can be colleagues.

Suh: Are you mad or what?

Yuv: Well, to be with a mad, you too have to be mad na.

Suh: Huh?

He laughs. She fumes.

Suh: I won’t talk to you today.

Yuv: Just today, please make it lifelong.

She fumes more and continued cooking cursing him. He smiled and watched her.

After ten minutes:

Suh: I am angry on you, why aren’t you pampering me??

He laughs hearing this.

Yuv: Oh God, no one will believe that you are a lecturer. Are you like this with your students too?

She fumes more.

Yuv: Well, you said you won’t be talking to me tonight, what is the big deal in it; I am not going to die tomorrow.

She kept her palm on his month and looked at him with moist eyes.

Suh: (emotionally) Once I have gone through this, the fear of losing you, at that time I didn’t have any option, still it hurt me a lot, I was not able to calm my mind even after knowing it was inevitable, but now… Now when you gave me hope that you would be there with me always, I just can’t even afford to hear something like this, I know you are joking, but sorry I am not that strong, please…

She started to cry taking off her hand and he cupped her face.

Yuv: Who said you are not strong, you are strongest person I have known.

He looks at her with love, she hugs him.

Suh: I can’t live without you; I need you by my side, every moment.

He smiles.

Yuv: That is why I am planning to join your class my dear wifey. But mind you I will the naughtiest of all.

Suh: But I know how to manage this naughty kid.

Yuv: Naughty kid yes. But what about naughty husband, you haven’t seen this side of me dear.

Suh: Are you threatening me?

Yuv: Mm, something like that.

Suh: No problem, no one knows you are my husband, so it is fine.

She wasn’t revealed in front of the media as she hates publicity.

Yuv: They don’t know now, but…

He walks from there saying this.

Suh: What does he mean? Is he? No, no he won’t.

She finished cooking and they had dinner. She was chirpy again, she looked like the girl he met before their marriage, but after their marriage, she had become so serious, he was happy seeing her old self.

Suhani had some works for the next day as she was taking leave for watching his match. She came to room very late and was surprised to see Yuvraj awake.

Suh: Why didn’t you sleep yet?

He simply smiles, she looks t him suspiciously.

Yuv: What happened? Why are you looking me like this?

Suh: What is going in the funny brain of yours?

Yuv: (innocently) nothing.

Suh: I don’t believe you, yesterday too you said the same thing and you read my personal dairy.

She complained and he smiles.

Yuv: it is good that I read it otherwise…

She didn’t say anything.

Yuv: Come sleep, aren’t you tired?

She nodded.

Suh: You?

Yuv: I will sleep later.

Suh: But,

Yuv: No buts, just sleep.

She nodes.

Suh: You too get some good sleep, you haven’t slept yesterday.

Yuv: I will.

She smiles and sleeps within a while. He kept watching her.


I am sorry for the delay.

Guys, be honest, are you liking this, actually I am get very few response, so if you are not, please do tell me, I will stop this.

And about their past, it will start from the next part, but guys, it isn’t something thrilling or suspense. It is an emotional one, so if you expect some suspense, you might b disappointed.

Thank you.

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  1. Its going very well dear.. Please don’t stop it.. Do continue.. Waiting for the next part since long.. Let’s see what happened in the past..

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    It is going good..Do continue..Will be waiting for the next..

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