My wife, Yuvani, part 4

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Yuvraj was calming down when his phone rang. His anger which was coming down shooed up seeing the call. It was Dadi’s call, he disconnects it, and she kept calling again and again. With much difficulty he prevented himself from breaking the phone.

Here Suhani was eagerly looking at her phone, but he phone remained silent, she was getting sadder by every passing seconds. She sighed.

Both of them were in their own world and the calling bell rang. Suhani went to open the door and Yuvraj too came to see who came.

Both were stunned to see Punkaj and Lata standing at the door.

“My Papa is everything for me” Yuvraj remembered Suhani’s words and immediately hides and hopes everything will get fine between them.


“Suhani, the choice is yours, either me or Yuvraj?” Suhani closes her eyes miserably.

Suh:  Choice is not mine, it is yours Papa, and you have to choose whether you will support your daughter or will leave her.

Punkaj was angry.

Pun: If you consider me as your Papa, then come with me.

Suh: I can’t.

Pun: Then forget that you have parents; we are dead for you from now.

Suhani and Lata are shocked.

Lata: Punkaj ji,

Pun: Lata ji, are you coming with me or you too?

Lata looks painfully at Suhani, she smiles understandingly. Punkaj and Lata leaves from there.

Suhani tried many ways to contact them. But neither of them attended her calls, she went to their house but Punkaj closed the door at her face.

For the past two months she was carving for their love and support, and today they are here, right in front her. Suhani looked at them emotionally.

Punkaj and Lata looked at her with guilt in their eyes.

Pun: Beta I am,

Before he could complete, Suhani hugged him tightly. Three of them cried.

Suh: No Papa, please, don’t say sorry. You were not at mistake.

Pun: No beta, I am, when you needed me the most, I didn’t support you rather I…

Suh: Papa please, I… I know why you did it, I do.

Lata: But beta,

Suh: Mummy, you were scared, scared about my future, when I was getting that much scolding when he is alive, you were afraid about what would happen when he…

She couldn’t say beyond, she cried further. Other three had tears seeing her.

“Why do you love me so much Suhani, now I am debited to you” Yuvraj thought in mind.

Pun: Even then beta, I increases your pain rather reducing it.

Suh: Papa, I said na, just forget, now I got you both back, that is enough for me.

They nodes smilingly.

Pun: I am really proud of you beta, you kept your word, and stood by Yuvraj.

Suh: After all I am your daughter.

Pun: And my pride.

He kissed her head, she smiles.

Lata: So now I am no one huh?

They smile and hug her. Yuvraj smiles seeing them.

Lata: You are right beta, Yuvraj is the best choice for you.

Suh: (proudly) He has to, after all my Papa chose him.

Pun: You proved my choice right beta.

She smiles.

Suh: But Papa, because of me Yuvraj,

Pun: No beta, it is not because of you, it is for you.  And there is a huge difference in these two.

She smiles.

Suh: But Papa how does you,

Pun: Saurab called me.

Lata: Suhani, where is Yuvraj?

Suh: Inside Mummy, I will just call him, you too come in.

She led them inside and calls Yuvraj. He comes to them. Three of them were guilty and couldn’t look into latter’s eyes. Suhani sighs.

Suh: Mummy, Papa Yuvraj, you three talk, I will get tea for you.

Lata: I too will come beta.

Suh: No Mummy, you be here.

She leaves. There was complete silence, after some time:

Yuv: Un, uncle I am sorry.

Pun: No beta, it was never your fault, I am sorry.

Yuv: No uncle please, if not because of me, she wouldn’t,

Pun: No Yuvraj, you never forced her on anything, it was always her decision, marrying you, standing by you, and everything. She chose it.

Yuv: But uncle, she was almost in the edge of depression, it was all for me, just that I won’t go into depression, she,

Pun: It wasn’t you Yuvraj; it was I who was at fault. I made it difficult for her, if your brothers and their wives were not with her; I don’t know she might,

Yuv: No uncle it was,

Suh: Oh ho, now will you both stop this blaming game?

They turn and see her with tea and snacks.

Suh: Come let us have something, and ha, no more blaming or apologizing.

Yuv & Pun: Ok Madam.

They all laugh and had a nice time together, later Punkaj and Lata leaves.

Yuvraj side hugs Suhani and they smile at each other.

Suhani keeps her head on her chest.

Suh: (thinking) Now we got our one family back, I just want the other too, so that your smile becomes a complete one.

She hugs him and he too hugs her back.



I know I am creating more and more confusions, the past will start soon, probably after one more part, there is a little more of the present. When I thought of writing the story this was the best thing I got, hence you are with these confusions, even then you are supporting me, thanks you so much for that.

There was a small mistake in last part, about Suhani Sharad relationship. They didn’t had a nice relation, he  was always harsh on her rather upset with her, and she never  tried to convince him, but once, that is the previous day, she lost her calm and blurred out.

What and why will be discussed soon, until then, love our Yuvani more and more.

Love you.

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome..Loved it like anything.. Will be waiting for the next…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  2. Amazing.. Glad that everything is fine now.. You know very well how to grab readers’ attention… Waiting to know what happened in the past..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

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