My wife, Yuvani, part 29

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It was almost 3.45am.

Yuvraj was leaning on the sofa with closed eyes, tears where nonstop for him. He was emotionally very weak. He was finding it very hard to take this much love on him. What all she did for him? How can she love him like this?

He was very upset with his condition, when his body refused to be by his side and started to oppose him. It is only thing which can create an obstacle in a sports person’s life, his body.

(Guys, that is why I went for a disease.)

Everyone around him discouraged him, it was too much for him, with his performance coming down, he felt miserable, useless and then she came as an angel, she encouraged him, stood by his side, became his backbone, his strength, but he didn’t know that she was doing all these by breaking her heart. He didn’t know that the person who wipes hid tears was crying nonstop. Truly, she wasn’t left with an option.

He clutched her diary tight to his heart. He was grateful that because of it he came to know everything. It is now a precious gem for him.

He went to the sleeping Suhani. Held her hand tightly in his and touched his forehead with her hand.

How??? How are you able to do this?? How can anyone love someone like this?? You suffered too much for my sake right??

“I am sorry” he kissed her hand. And her hand got wet because of his tears and her sleep was getting disturbed. He immediately wiped her hand and lovingly patted her head. And she again drifted into sleep.

He relaxes. But he was under much emotional pressure, and it was beyond his control. He wanted someone by his side, to whom he can share all these, who can understand him and who can guide him. He badly needed someone and dialled a number.

Being a doctor, he was used to the calls at odd hours, so Sharad picked the call in second ring.

Yuv: (chocking) You, you come here to my home, right now.

Sharad: I am there.

He cuts the call.

Yuvraj went to the main door and opened it. He stood there in the corridor.

Sharad reached as fast as he can. Yuvraj immediately hugged him and cried.

Sharad: guru,

Yuv:please, let me cry.

And he let him, Yuvraj stopped when he felt a little bit better.

Yuv: Sharad, I, I am, I don’t know what to do… After that video…I…thanks man…if you, if you didn’t show me it…then I…

Sharad: Relax, I had to tell you all those…

Yuv: she, she suffered a lot man…really a lot…. She was completely broken from inside, but didn’t let me break. How could she do this??

Sharad smiles a bit.

Sharad:She loves you to eternity.

Yuv: my family’s hatred, her parents’ anger….Sharad even her father left her side…but she never left me side…. I, I don’t know what to do… I..I don’t think know I can play with a calm mind, till now I never felt it so….game was always my priority. But now…. I don’t know… I, I feel like it won’t football anymore, which I will be kicking on the field, but her heart. But how can leave it, I never ever even thought of it, not even when my body refused me….I feel so week…. What shall I do now??

He looked at Sharad. He smiles and kept a hand on his shoulder.

Sharad: Guru, neither I nor anyone can tell you what you should do. It should be your own decision. But yeah one thing is there. You should take decision by your heart. Not because it is the best, but because you don’t have other choice. You just don’t. You don’t have the rights to ignore your heart.

Yuvraj looked at him blankly.

Sharad: You don’t guru, you said right, she was keeping you happy with a broken heart, she let her heart weep so that yours stay happy. When she didn’t let your heart break, you don’t have the right o go against your heart. Relax a bit, and then listen to your heart.

Yuvraj just nods.

Sharad: One more thing, whatever decision you take, you will have me by your side. Once I did the mistake of leaving you, not again. And then you will have your backbone too by your side.

Sharad smiles they hug and then he leaves. Yuvraj sat there in the corridor.


Suhani woke up in her usually time and shocked to see Yuvraj missing.

Suh: Looks like he isn’t fine till now. But where did he go? Shall I go behind him? No, it might make him weaker. Let him come back. Hope he comes back soon. But where is he?

She then went to freshen up. She then remembered that she hadn’t written her diary. She started to search for to, but it was nowhere to be found.

Suh: What is this, where did I keep it??

Yuvraj comes in by then. He was a mess by then, his eyes were red and puffy, cheeks where tears drained, he looked miserable. She was shocked and ran to him.

Suh: Yuv, Yuvraj, what happened, why, why are you so upset, please say na Yuvraj, there is nothing which can’t be resolved, just say na

She kept requesting him and also was trying to comfort him, but this was too much for him, how is it that she is still worried for him and not her? He was falling weak again, he couldn’t take it anymore. He felt like he will burst now.

“Bas” he shouted. She looked scared, for the first time he was shouting on her.

The next second after he shouted he realized what he did and was guilty and then looked at her and she was scared and guilty.

Suh: I , I am so,

He hugs her before she could complete.

Yuv: No, please don’t say sorry. I am sorry, I am really really sorry.

She hugs him back.

Suh: it is ok Yuvraj, I know you are upset with something, that’s why,

Yuv: chup, not a word more. Today only I will speak, and you will listen.

She shook her head in yes.

Yuv: Yesterday…..yesterday I met Sharad.

So that is the reason, Sharad to him about he reports, but after their meeting, she did expect him to do it. She started to curse him.

Yuv: And he,

Suh: Yuvraj, Yuvraj, relax, you, you don’t have to worry about the reports,

She tightens her grip on him.

Yuv: I told you na to keep quiet, let me say.

She nodes and hugs him even more tighter.

Yuv: he told me about your meeting with him, in fact he showed me the video of it.

Shock was an understatement for her feelings. She released her hands from him and he who noticed it tightens his grip on her. She was numb.

Yuv: (painfully) why and how??

She kept mum. He broke the hug and looked at her, she was avoiding his gaze.

He cupped her face and made her look at him. Both had tears in their eyes.

Suh: Yuvraj, voh, mein,

Yuv: Don’t try to hide anything now, I know everything, yesterday, yesterday night, I read your diary.

She was beyond shocked now. She got out of his hold and tried to leave, he held her wrist and pulled her towards him.

Yuv: I won’t let you go.

She looked at him.

Yuv: How can you love me like this? And me, I am such an idiot, I didn’t know anything…

She shook her head in no.

Yuv: I am in your debt now.

He hugged her tightly, that tightly that he would never ever leave her again.

Yuv: You always doubt it right, why I am suffering this much, for what I am getting punished?I am getting punished for being blind, for not seeing your sorrow, for not being there for you.

Suh: No Yuvraj,

Yuv: I said na you won’t say a thing.

Both cried.

Yuv: You said it na, that you are my second wife, and you know when you have two wives, you can’t love them equally, you can’t care them equally. So I am going to leave my first wife.

She was shocked.

Suh: Yuvraj,

Yuv: You told Sharad right, that you don’t have a choice, that you don’t have an alternative, you might not, but I have and that is you.

She was blank.

Yuv: Till yesterday, there was nothing important for me than my game, but now after feeling the depth of your love, I don’t want to miss it. I want to experience it throughout my life and for that I need a long life. I am not a fool to miss your love. I am going to submit resignation letter today itself, and tomorrow I am bid good bye to game forever and we will focus on my medication.

Suh: Yuvraj,

Yuv: shh, you suffered more than enough, you suffered things worth a life in the last one year and now no more.

She was crying and crying.

Yuv: Ha cry as much as you want now, I know I am not strong like you, to see the tears of your loved one, but still you can cry. Because from now, I will never ever let you cry.

She tightens her grip on him.

Yuv: You were broken by my situation itself, then how could you take all the anger of your parents?? Even your dad left you, and my family…

He became angry all of a sudden, he broke the hug and turned around. He was fuming.

She kept a hand on his shoulder from behind.

Suh: angry??

He calmed hearing her.

Yuv: Ha, I am very much angry, but not on you, on me, how can I be so blind that I could see your sufferings??

She turned him around, he was crying. She cupped his face.

Suh: It was never your fault Yuvraj, I never let you know anything. Then how will you.

He hugs her again.

Yuv: I am sorry.

Suh: Don’t be Yuvraj, you are not at fault and whatever i did was for my love and see you too are doing the same thing now.

He hugs her tighter. They remained like this for a while, forgetting the whole world, enjoying each other’s presence. Nothing is perfect than this and this is worth anything.

After a while he broke the hug and kissed her forehead with all his love.

She smiles widely.

Something struck him.

Yuv: You Mrs. Birla, what do you call me in your diary?

She bites her tongue.

Suh: (innocently) what?

Yuv: oh, so you don’t know now, and I am sadu huh??

She closed her eyes, but then something struck her.

She took out a cushion na started to beat him. He tried to avoid, but was not successful.

Suh: You Monkey, how dare you to read my diary??? It this your manners?? To read someone’s personal diary without their knowledge. I won’t leave you today.

He was jumping.

Yuv: I haven’t read someone’s diary i read my wife’s diary.

Suh: Who gave you the permission to read my diary?

Yuv: Who gave you the permission to love me like this??

She looks at him open mouth. He smiles and closed her mouth.

Yuv: When you can love me like this, I have the rights to know what all happens in your life.

She looked at him with all her love.

Yuv: And you called me unromantic right, I will prove you that I am romantic.

He winks at her and she blushes.

He cups her face then kissed her expressing all his love in that kiss. She too responded equally.

They part when they lacked oxygen and she hugged out of shy. He smiles widely and hugs her back.


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