My wife, Yuvani, part 24

Suhani ran without any aim. She wanted to run away, escape from everything around her. Every word said by her Ma and Dadi haunted her, they appeared as sharp knives to her, which mercilessly pierce her heart. She felt like she was broken beyond repair, she was not in her senses. She was badly affected, she heard the worst accusations from her loved ones and it was just too much for her.

Saurab ran after her, he held her wrist from behind and she stopped running. He turned her towards him and she kept blabbering something. He was shattered seeing her so, and immediately hugged her, in a protective way, telling her that he is with her, that he will be her support, her strength.

But nothing affected her, she kept blabbering.

“I am not like that, I am not selfish, I am not a gold digger, I am not Yuvraj’s murderer”

She was chanting it like a mantra.

Saurab couldn’t take it, he pats her back with shivering hands, he was crying seeing her so.

Sau: Bass…. I know you are not that, we all know…..we all know who you are, you…. you can never think bad of Yuvraj, never ever.

But nothing other than “Yuvraj” got registered into her mind. She immediately broke the hug and appeared shock. Saurab did not understand anything.

She was crying, but took a deep breath and took out her phone, and sends a message.

Inside BH:

Anuj: Do you guys even know what you were doing???? How can you accuse my bhabhi like that? You would be really happy right??

Men: Of course they would be, that is what they want, to break her and they….they have broken jiji beyond repair, we know hard it was for her, how hard she was trying to stay strong.

Anuj: Every day, every report of Bhai was affecting Bhabhi badly, but she stood strong, not only that managed us too, she was not just Bhai’s strength, but ours too

Men: I don’t know what will happen now; she might never be able to join herself again,

Just then a message notification came in Ragini’s phone.

Ragini who was crying silently till then, smiled in between her tears, a hope was visible in her eyes.

Rag: nothing will happen to her Menka, she is Suhani Yuvraj Birla.

She stressed Yuvraj’s name. They looked at her.

Rag: She is definitely broken, but will join herself back, not for her, but for her husband, see this.

It was the message from Suhani, the one she send at that time. It read

“Bhabhi, by no chance, Yuvraj should know about. You all have my swear.”

Ragini cups Anuj and Menka’s face.

Rag: (comforting them) nothing will happen to her, nothing, she is strong and then we are with her, till now she was our strength, now we will.

They node, and went from there by passing death glares to the elders.

Suhani and Saurab:

Sau: Suhani, what were you doing?

Suh: Vo…vo Bhaiya, In no way Yuvraj should come to know about all these, please….

Saurab looks at her admiringly and nodes.

Suh: I, I need to… I need to go home.

Sau: I will take you.


She kept her palms on her ears and closed her eyes tightly. Those harsh words were again ringing on her ears and it was unbearable for her. She again started to blabber.

Saurab was finding it hard, the girl who has always been his support is now shattered, how can he console her, he know he can’t. He messages Ragini to call and inform Punkaj about all these. He knows only her Papa can handle Suhani now.

He took her to the car, sat beside her and the driver started the car.

Suhani was hugging him like a scared kid, and he tried patting her head, tears were nonstop for both.

Other side Ragini informed everything to Punkaj. He was shattered.

Lata was worried seeing him and he told her everything.

Pun: My child needs me now, I won’t let her break, and I need to go.

Lata: Punkaj ji stop.

With Ragini, Anuj and Menka:

Anuj: bhabhi, what are we doing here, I want to go to Bhabhi,

Menka: Ha jiji, she needs us now.

Rag: Guys relax, I called Punkaj uncle now, he alone can manage her, we will meet her tomorrow.

Anuj: But I don’t want to stay here.

Rag: Even me, but let the father daughter duo spent some time alone, then we will meet her.

They node unwillingly.

Pun: Lata ji, what, what are saying? I need, I need to go to my kid.

Lata: For what? TO encourage her again? You both have never listened me ever, but please, for once hear me out. You know what all our child had gone through, she is shattered now, her in laws are torturing her. It was all their mistake form the first, they hid about Yuvraj, and when Suhani came to know about the truth, they tried forcing their decision on her and now that she refused, she became a de….devil in their lives and you know how they treated her. Just think, what will happen to her if, if anything happened to Yuvraj, they won’t let our Suhani live, they will make her life a living hell. Is this what you want for our daughter? You must go there, not to console her, but to bring our daughter back,

Pun: But Lata ji, Suhani, she, she loves Yuvraj and she won’t come living him.

Lata: And do you think she will have a life with Yuvraj? We all know it is not possible, what will happened to her, if anything happened to him, she won’t be able to take it, she will shattered by his departure alone and on the top of this the tortures from her in laws. No, never, I will never let my child have such a future. I ne her back here. I am coming with you, we will convince her and then bring her back. That’s it.

Punkaj didn’t say anything, he know whatever Lata said was true, but he also knew Suhani and he was sure that she won’t come with them. With half mind, he wished that she stays strong and support Yuvraj, but the other half wanted his daughter back with him, away from Yuvraj.

They left to see Suhani.

Suhani and Saurab reached home. He made her it on the sofa and sat beside her, the door was open, she was crying like anything, and in intervals, she kept screaming. Things were getting tough of Saurab and that was when Punkaj and Lata came there.

Punkaj couldn’t define his feelings with word after seeing his daughter his princess in that state. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought of such a sight. She was so miserable; she looked like a person who lost the reason for living. This can’t be his princess; this isn’t what he dreamt for her. He was numb seeing her and decided to take her back with him. He will never let his princess suffer.

Saurab looked up and saw Punkaj and Lata and the door.

Sau: Punkaj uncle,

Suhani looked up and saw her iron man standing there. She ran to her Papa and hugged him tightly. She cried bitterly and Punkaj held her so close to him, like he is afraid to live her, afraid to part her from him. Saurab relaxed seeing Suhani in her Papa’s arms, he signs Lata and leaves from there satisfied. He was sure that everything will be fine.

Suhani didn’t stop crying.

Pun: (crying) Suhani, beta calm done, see, see your Papa is with you na, now everything, everything will be fine.

She somehow managed to node.

Pun: Come, pack your bags, you are coming with us.

Suh: No Papa, I, I don’t want to leave his house, this is our home, mine and Yuvraj’s, I want to stay here only.

Pun: I am not saying to come with us for the time being, you are coming with us forever.

Suhani broke the hug and looked at her Dad shockingly.

Suh: Pa, Papa, wh, what are you saying? You, you want me to co, come with you le, leaving Yuvraj?

He nodes.

Suahni moves back in shock.


She screamed.

Pun: You have to come with me Suhani.

Suh: Papa, how can you even ay that, Yuvraj needs me, and more that I need him, I, I can’t leave him.

Pun: Beat, please understand your Papa, staying here, with Yuvraj will only bring miseries in your life. We are your parents, we can’t see you suffering.


She shouted.

Pun: Suhani don’t force me.

Suh: I am not forcing you Papa, you are forcing me.

Punkaj closed his eyes in anger.

Pun: Suhani, the choice is yours, either me or Yuvraj?

Suhani closes her eyes miserably.

Suh: Choice is not mine, it is yours Papa, and you have to choose whether you will support your daughter or will leave her.

Punkaj was angry.

Pun: If you consider me as your Papa, then come with me.

Suh: I can’t.

Pun: Then forget that you have parents; we are dead for you from now.

Suhani and Lata are shocked.

Lata: Punkaj ji,

Pun: Lata ji, are you coming with me or you too?

Lata looks painfully at Suhani, she smiles understandingly. Punkaj and Lata leaves from there. Suhani closed the door and collapsed on the floor.

She couldn’t digest what just happened, her Papa, her Papa, who is her everything, her strength, her backbone, left her. He left her when she needed him the most, he left her to suffer alone. Noooooooo, this can’t be true!


Searching for me, I ran away………

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    nahi nahi agli epi post karne aajayenge peetungi main aapko..meri suhani ko kitna tadpa rahe ho aap…i’m emotional rn..will be waiting for the next..

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    i was literally crying while reading this…….

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  3. What an emotional chapter!! I could imagine the whole of it in front of my eyes, and didn’t even realise when my eyes turned brim.. you have explained it so beautifully..

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