My wife, Yuvani, part 22

Same evening;

Sharad went to BH and showed them Yuvraj’s latest reports. Everyone became veery worried seeing it.

Sh: If he continues for six more months, then we can never save him. I am very worried, I don’t know.

Prat: NO….. No nothing will happen to my Yuvraj. Nothing will.

She started to cry badly.

Dadi: (determined) Yes, I won’t let anything happen to him. I will save him. This is all because of that girl. I will not spare her. I know what to do. Sharad when is Yuvraj’s next tour?

Sh: After ten days.

Dadi nodes, she was planning something in her mind.


Other side:

Yuvani were ready for their night outing. Yuvraj was waiting for Suhani in his vintage car.

Suh: Yuvraj, by no means I am going to travel in the katara.

Yuv: Suhani, I have warned you many times not to insult my car by calling this katara.

Suh: It will always be katara for me, and I am not going to come by this.

Yuv: Fine, then stay back I am leaving.

Suhani fumes.

Suh: You will leave without me?

Yuv: If you have problem in going in this car, then what can I do?

Suh: Can’t you just change the car?

Yuv: No, if you are coming, come sit.

She fumes but sits inside the car cursing him, and turned to the other side not facing him. He smiles seeing her and drives.

Suhani notices a road side tea shop and gets excited.

Suh: Yuvraj stop the car.

Yuv: here, why?

Suh: Just stop na.

He sighs and stops the car, she ran towards the shop. He nodes his head in disbelief and followed her. Suhani ordered tea for herself.

Yuvraj pulls her to a side.

Yuv: Suhani what are you doing? What is the need of taking tea from here, it is so,

Suh: unhygienic,

Suhani finished the line for him. He frowns.

Suh: For God’s sake Yuvraj. Can’t you at least once, keep this safai abhyan away. Tea tastes so good here, and that too in this climate, but you…

She moves from there annoyed. He smiles.

She takes her tea and started sipping.

Suh: Yuvraj bhi na, such an unromantic fellow, I wish if he could give me company in having tea.

She pouts.

Yuv: As you wish madam.

He sits beside her with his tea.

Suh: (shocked) Yuvraj, you,

Yuv: Yeah, I am taking tea, any problem?

She nodes her head in no.

Yuv: Cheers,

He raised his glass, she smiles and does cheers and they had their tea.

They then leave, but not to home.

Suh: Yuvraj where are you taking me?

Yuv: Surprise,

He winks at her. She frowns.

He stops the car and blinds fold her and took her to a beautifully decorated garden, near a lake. There was a big “Thank you” written on the ground with flowers.

He removes the cloth.

Yuv: Now open your eyes.

Suhani opens her eyes is dumbstruck seeing the decoration, it looked so beautiful and romantic.

Suh: Yuvraj,

Yuv: Thank you, thank you so much for encouraging me, being by my side, I am what I am today, only because of you. I owe my life to you. Thanks a lot for coming into my life.

Suhani was overwhelmed and hugs him. He smiles and hugs him back, and they stayed like for a while, enjoying each other’s company.

Yuv: Aren’t you hungry, shall we have something?

She nodes.

He led her to the table he arranged, Suhani became excited seeing all her favourite and the table and started to attack the food. Yuvraj smiles seeing her. He kept watching her without having anything, and she was busy eating. After sometime she looked at him and found him staring at her.

Suh: Why aren’t you eating anything.

He nodes no and started to eat. Suhani started her chatter box and Yuvraj kept admiring her.

After dinner they sat on the edge of the lake. The moon was shinning and they were watching its reflection on the lake, cold breeze was touching them, making the atmosphere even more romantic, they were cuddled together.


Now diary:


“Today was really something, something beyond explanation. Many things happened today, firstly I met that Akdu doctor.

Yuv: Akdu?

“He looks at me like I am his arch enemy, well, I  don’t mind it. It is his love on his bestie. “

Yuv: She calls SHARAD Akdu?

“He would never miss a chance to taunt me. I know he wants to hurt me badly so that I lose my strength and does as they all need. But he don’t know who Suhani Birla is, I am not going to be affected. But the truth be told, I am getting affected, but I know that i have to bear this, only then I can move forward and support Yuvraj, so I will stay strong, I have too.”

Yuv: And I thought it was me, who is being strong.

“But Yuvraj’s report, it shattered me. His time is reducing drastically, for survival he has to stop playing, he continues playing for some six more months then……..

My body was shaking when I read his reports, my mind went blank, but somehow I managed in front of Sharad.

I lost my control after reaching home, Yuvraj is going to leave me, that too forever, how will I survive whatever I say or do, I can’t live without him. I felt like I am the saddest person in the world.

I cried till my eyes got dry, then I freshen up, because Yuvraj would come tonight, Still, I was not able to digest this fact, I doubt if I ever can.

I was completely lost when i heard the calling bell ring. I knew it was him, but how will I face him now, if he ask me anything what will I say, I don’t want to be week in front of him. But I had to open the door. ”

Yuvraj was crying, he could feel the pain which she had undergone.

“I opened the door and without any wait Yuvraj hugged me. He was happy, I felt relived. He told about his knew record and I saw unmatchable happiness on his face, and as usual my sorrow vanished into thin air. I forgot everything, I forgot that his time is limited, that he is leaving; I forgot everything when I saw his happy face. I am undergoing all these pain for this happy face only na, so when I am getting my reward, why shouldn’t I be happy. I hugged him tightly expressing my happiness.”

Yuvraj was not in a state to utter something.

“I asked him for treat, and he teased me. ”

He somehow smiled, that memory was always beautiful one, but the things which were written on the diary was ringing on his mind and was not letting him be happy.

“Then he took me on a long drive, but in his kattara car.”

Yuv: Not again Suhani!

“I fought with him, but he was adamant, it looked like was intentionally irritating me, huh.”

Yuv: I was, so that you would love my surprise.

“And then I saw a tea stall, I couldn’t control myself, I ran to the stall. Yuvraj again started his safai abhyan and as usual I ignored it. This happen always, we both know that the other won’t agree to us, still we fight, why, i don’t know, but I enjoy it a lot.”

Yuv: Me too.

“But to my surprise, he had tea with me, I am soooooo happy, but that was the beginning.”

Yuvraj smiled.

“The he took me to a park, it was so beautifully decorated, I was very overwhelmed, he did it all for me, wow!!Then he thanked me, he was making m feel so special, I was very overwhelmed. Huh, I repeated the same sentence right, nut that is what I feel now. I feel so blessed, so special.”

Yuv: You are special, really special.

“He arranged all my favourite food and we had fun having food. As I was with him after  break, I kept talking and talking. As if I used to keep quite. But you know na, what I meant.”

Yuv: Yeah I do.

“Then we sat on the lake shore for a long while, you know I am the happiest person in this world.

Hehe, this is what I said, this day is beyond explainable, because on the same day, first I felt like I was the saddest person and later I felt like I am the happiest person.

Anyway good night.”

  1. Plz show the next day 9t….becoz the night when Yuvraj started reading diary is longgg enough…….. Show also how he managed to get the diary back without Suhani’s notice…….

    Awesome……. Mund blowing….. As usual fabulous

  2. Plz show the next day 9t….becoz the night when Yuvraj started reading diary is longgg enough…….. Show also how he managed to get the diary back without Suhani’s notice…….

    Awesome……. Mind blowing….. As usual fabulous……

  3. Plz show the next day 9t….becoz the night when Yuvraj started reading diary is longgg enough…….. Show also how he managed to get the diary back without Suhani’s notice…….? ? ? ?

    Awesome……. Mind blowing….. As usual fabulous……

    1. Yuvani

      Thanks for commenting dear, yeah i know the night is long, but I want the diary to end on this night only. well, he took her laptop after she slept, ad got her diary in it.

  4. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 3-3cmnts………srry to disturb ur mind

    1. Yuvani

      No problem dear

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  5. ItsmePrabha

    she has been through such a disastrous phase with some beautiful moments..Amazing update..Will be waiting for the next ..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  6. So painful it is.. I really wonder how people in real life bear the fact that their loved ones who are on the verge of death would leave them soon.. you have portrayed all the emotions beautifully.. love the diary part.. next part is awaited..

    1. Yuvani

      Yup it is tough, it is easier to count our days than counting the days of our dear ones.
      Thank you dear

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