My wife, yuvani part 21

Months passed. Things were getting tougher for both Yuvani.
Yuvaraj was badly affected by his detouring health, and the discouragement he face from his coach and others. Other than Suhani, everyone was discouraging him and kept telling to retire.
Suhani was deeply affected by his situation, and always kept thinking about him. There was also the fear of loosing him. But she stood strong, hide everything from him, and supported him with a smiling face.
It really had effect on him.
Whenever he is away from home, Saurag and Menuj comes to them and they all enjoy. Suhani’s smile became fake most of the time,but smiles heart fully whenever she is with her bils and sils and also when she sees Yuvraj happy.

One Month before the on his he is reading her diary:

After noon:
Suhani went to Sharad to collect Yuvraj’s reports.
He was very upset with the report and his frustration increased when he saw Suhani.
Sh: So you are here, I must say, it is very bad to see you.
She didn’t say anything.
Sh: What are you doing with the medicines I prescribe, if you want to sell them, then I can help you.
Suhani was offended, still she kept mum.
Sh: Here, see the reports.
She took it from him, it pinched her heart, when she read them, his condition was critical.
Sh: Dosage of his medicines is increases, why I don’t know! Anyway there is no use in telling about the other measures right, you are not going to let him rest, so continue the same diet and his dizziness is going to increase.
She nodes.

He was getting more irritated.

Sh: Bring him a week later, one more check is required.
Suh: Ok.
Sh: oh, that is great, so you still have your voice.
She closed her eyes.
Suh: I should leave.
Sh: My pleasure.
She leaves.

Suhani reaches home, Yuvraj was out of station and was supposed to reach that night. She was alone in the house.
She went to her room and broke down, he is really going away from her How hard she tries to accept this fact, she just can’t. Things are getting tougher and she don’t know how she handle him and her both.
She cried terribly.
She kept crying till night, and she was still in her same dress. when she left like her eyes got dry, she stood up and took a bath. Even though she didn’t have anything other than breakfast, she was not hungry. She sat like a statue, in her own thoughts, when she heard the calling bell ringing.
She didn’t want to face Yuvraj now, she felt she isn’t strong enough, but opened the door. Yuvraj hugged her tight. She didn’t understand anything.
Suh: Yuvraj, what happened?
Yuv: (frowning) Don’t you know.
She nodded in no.
Yuv: Didn’t you watch news?
She again nodded no.
Yuv: I broke a new record, and it is the first time an Indian does this. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.
He twirled her around, he was genuinely happy. She kept admiring his happiness, forgetting all her pain. His happy face just vanishes her sorrows. She is undergoing all these pain for this happy face only. And her suffering is being get paid. He is very happy, enjoying his life. What more does she needs, nothing!!
She hugged him tightly when he kept her down. She was feeling content, her confidence and courage shooed up.
Suh: (happily) I want treat, let us go for a loooooooooooooooong drive.
Yuv: Long drive, so that you can irritate me.
He kept an irritating face.
She pouted.
Suh: oh really, so I irritates you. Then fine I don’t need anything, and yeah, don’t speak with me, I always irritates only na.
She turned her face angrily.
He smiles her face, she is truly a kid. He back hugs her.
She smiles internally, but kept a stern face.
Yuv: It is true that you irritate me, that too the most.
She frowns.
Yuv: But I love to be irritated by you.
He whispered in her ear and kissed it.
She blushes.
Yuv: So get ready, we are going for a long drive.
Suh: I don’t want to come.
Yuv: Really, so you don’t want to eat samosa?
Suh: (excited) Samosa??
Yuv: Yeah, but if you don’t want, we will cancel the plan.
Suh: Who said I don’t want, you take bath and get ready, I too will get ready.
He left for bathing.
Suh: thank you Bhagvan ji, Thank you so much. When I was falling low, you pulled me up.
She smiles.

I never thought I would mess up Suhani-Sharad relationship like this, but it was necessary.

  1. Very beautifully written.. poor Suhani, I could feel her pain.. I was hurt seeing the way Sharad continued to taunts her.. YuvAni scenes were amazing.. Hope Yuvraj won’t die here like in the show.. Waiting for the next part..

    1. Yuvani

      No dear he won’t,
      Thank you dear

  2. Lovingirl

    It’s so Awesome I loved it??????????????????????

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  3. ItsmePrabha

    Emotioanl epi..felt really bad for suhani..but loved yuvani scenes..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  4. Nithu

    superb……..i loved it…waiting for the next episode

    1. Yuvani

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