My Wait For You- Ep 2- Job interview and enemy’s help

Recap: Samiksha-Samar, Divya-Kabir have an argument.

Samiksha: You finally agreed that it is your fault?

She looks at her phone

Samar: Haan.. look at your phone.. I am also getting late.. I have to take a job interview for interior designing..

Samiksha: (in mind) I hope he is not going where i’m going…

Samar: Ok bye madam ji.. and  I won’t say sorry to you..

Samar leaves, but has also forgotten about Kabir and Samiksha has forgotten about Divya.

At Interior Design Office:


Samiksha: Hi, I’m here for an interview..

Receptionist: Name?

Samiksha: Samiksha Kapoor..

Receptionist: Ok great, your interview taker is waiting in that office. You may go now.

Samiksha: Thank you.

In the interview office:
Samiksha: Hi I’m here for the interview..

Samar: OK give me two minutes..

Samiksha in mind:  Hai Bhagwan! Why did you make him take my interview?? Now he will reject me for sure..

Samar: Hi

Samiksha: H-hi?

Samar: Please have a seat

Samiksha: T-tha-thank y-you sir..

Samar: Now.. do you think you will get this job?

Samiksha: N-no

Samar: Kyu?

Samiksha: B-because I sho-shouted at you but I didn’t know you were t-taking my interview..

Samar: Forget that.. I saw your reports.. your in Ms-

Samiksha: Samiksha sir..

Samar: One thing though… I don’t like anyone calling me sir at work.. so just call me Samar ok?

Samiksha: Y-yes sir.. I mean Samar.

Samar: Aap jaa sakti hain..

As Samiksha leaves, Samar’s friend Adhik comes.


Adhik: Hey bro..

Samar: Hi Adhik (he is still watching Samiksha)

Adhik: In love again??

Samar remembers the time he spent with Nandini, and how she left him..

Samar and Nandini are in the park.. sitting on a bench..

Nandini: Samar.. we love each other.. but

Samar: But?

(muted convo- details revealed after)

Samar gets upset and leaves from the park

Nandini: Samar!

FB ends

Adhik: Har ladki Nandini jaisi nahi hai Samar.. eventually you found out she loved Rohan.. she only pretended to like you.. but if you love- woh what is her name again?

Samar: Samiksha….

Adhik: Yeah Samiksha.. if you liked her the first sight although her arguing with you, just propose to her na?

Samar: What if she says no?

Adhik: I have a plan..

Samar: What?

Adhik: Tell her that new people who start work here get a free dinner coupon from any restaurant they like.. and if you are lucky, she might ask you to come with you..

Samiksha is standing there (boys are unaware she just entered)

Samar: I’m re-

Samiksha: Samar.. what work do I need to do?

Samar: Just one minute.. (he signals to Adhik to go)

Adhik: I’ll go, nice to meet you Samiksha?

Samiksha: Nice to meet you too

Adhik: Adhik Kapadia.. anyway Bye Sam, bye Samiksha.

Adhik leaves

Samar: I will give you designed files, also when new people come we allow them to have a free dinner whenever they come during that year they join.. so (gets coupon) this is yours..

Samiksha: Will I have to go alone?

Samiksha remembers a horrible past, but doesn’t say anything..


Samiksha is walking to the taxi stand..

A man with his taxi comes and picks her up and takes her to an office instead of home.

The man is called Mr Dholakia..

Mr Dholakia: Sam please sit..

Samiksha sits down

Dholakia comes close to her.

Horrible past

Samiksha: What are you doing.. leave me! She remembers how Naira,  Akshara, Aarohi and Kartik came to rescue her..

While Akshu and Aarohi take Samiksha out and into the Randhawa’s car, Naira and Kartik beat Dholakia.

(Kartik is Samiksha and Divya’s brother, I wrote Samiksha and Divya as Kapoor but they are meant to be Randhawa, sorry friends)

Kartik: How dare you beat my sister.. that day you.. you did same with my Naira now my sister? I won’t leave you for this DHOLAKIA!

Naira finds a broom and gives one to Kartik and they both beat him more. Later, the two call police.

Police Officer: Thank you so much ma’am and sir, you caught him, we police have tried to catch him before but he escaped.. And you Dholakia.. will you speak or do you want more sticks?

FB ends

Samiksha, thinking about it gets scared again.. so she jumps when the light goes out and the door gets locked of the room..

She faints and falls on Samar

Samar: Samiksha?

Samiksha gains conscious after being called a few times.

Samar: Tum tikhe ho?

Samiksha: Yes.. I am fine

Samar: Don’t lie.. you got scared when the lights went out.. when I told about coupon..and then you fainted.. batao kya hua? I won’t tell anyone, and I will help you if needed..

Samiksha: W-when y-you said about the dinner.. I remembered when a taxi driver had m-molested me… and before me m-my b-bhabhi.. I got scared of going alone..

Samar: Don’t worry…

Samiksha: If you don’t want to come then don’t but I would like for you to come w-with me..

Samar: Sure.. just tell me when you want to go..

Samiksha: Today?

They both leave to go to a restaurant.


Samar: I need to tell you something..

Samiksha:  What?

Samar: I know we argued this morning.. and I didn’t say then.. but I l-love you

Samiksha is shocked..

Samiksha:  And me too..

Samar: What about your parents?

Samiksha: They won’t mind..

Scene Freezes on SamaKsha. (I could not think of a good name, but if you all can, please comment!)

In front of Designer Shop:

Kabir: I need to tell you something..

Divya: Kya?

Kabir: I love you..

Divya: Really?

Kabir: Will you be my life partner?

Divya: You were ar-

Kabir: I know.. I’m sorry..

Divya accepts him..

And they start their relation

After sometime, Divya is walking, when a man starts walking after her. Kabir sees this.

Kabir to Divya: Hey Divya..

The man: Oyeee move! let me see my wife!

Kabir: Wife? (looks at Divya)

Divya shakes her head.


Precap: SamaKsha’s romantic date. Do Akshu and Aarohi know the truth of Samar and Samiksha?

  1. Kanika53

    Interesting episode… waiting for more!!!!!! 🙂 😉

  2. Kanika53

    Interesting episode… waiting for more!!!!!! 🙂 😉

  3. Ishika9365

    Thank you Kanika!

  4. Jasminerahul

    Glad that samar didn’t judge samiksha on the basis of the fight they had n appointed her in his office.samar as her interviewer was surprising. Surprising that it was love at first sight for samar.shocking that samar had a gf named nandini who ditched him for rohan.but why did nandini pretend to love samar?shocking that dholakia tried to molest samiksha.glad that she got saved.surprising that samar proposed samiksha.what will she say?surprising that kabir too had love at first sight with divya n proposed her.divya said you were ar n he apologized .what did divya tell him n why did he say sorry?surprising that divya accepted kabir.
    The last scene was divya already married n that guy is her ex husband?perfect pics.but I missed gurnaya pics.

    1. Ishika9365

      also samiksha liked samar at first sight too but due to fight she didnt’ say.. yeah divya was saying arguing but kabir said sorry.. and it was same story for kabir-divya as samar-samiksha

  5. Ishika9365

    no she is not married but the guy who said is enemies with kabir so just to make him jealous and angry

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