My soulmate.. (you are my love) Shot 2

hello friends!!. Here is the next chapter 🤗..

Neil leaves Nayan to her father while Nayan gets shocked and looks at Neil..

Nayan whispers: Neil..

Neil’s eyes gets filled with tears while Nayan looks him unbelievably..

Niel in mind: iam sorry Nayan..Iam really helpless. If I dint do the job then sir will fire me and that’s why I did..iam really so sorry.

Narendra slaps Nayan which makes Neil’s heart pain..

Narendra angrily: how dare you Nayantara? If you try to run away then did you think that you can escape from me huh?now you have no option except to marry orelse i’ll do what I should not do understand?

Nayantara cries..

Nayan: dad..

Narendra: just go and change your clothes and come fast orelse..

Nayan gets tensed and angry..

Nayan: fine.. don’t blackmail me again. I will go and change my costume and come.

Nayan looks back at Neil angrily and goes while Niel feels bad..

Niel in mind: why iam feeling so bad? Though she is stranger then why do iam feeling like this? Why can’t I digest someone’s sorrow? Do I really started to love her?

Suddenly narendra hugs Niel and appreciates him..

Narendra: I know you are well talented in this type of cases and that’s why I asked you to get this stupid girl.

Niel in mind: inspector is acting too much. If I dint bring her here then he would have suspended me as he have done for other constables too..if he was really good then I wouldn’t have brought Nayan here.

Niel: ok..

Neil turns to go and he walks slowly reminiscning Nayan..

Suddenly Niel stops..

Niel in mind: I..I really love her. Why dint I realise this before? Shall I stop her marriage?..

Niel cries and thinks to stop the marriage and he goes backside and climbs the wall to reach the bride’s room..

While nayan changes her dress to wedding attire and she takes niel’s dress and cries..

Nayan in mind: why..why did you cheat me Niel? I..I never thought you will betray me. I really thought you are a good friend but it’s all my mistake to believe the strangers…..

She throws Neil’s dress in anger and cries…

Nayan in mind: what mistake did I do? Why is god punishing me like this? From now..I will never believe anyone….

She gets up and wipes her tears and she goes out while Neil climbs one of the room and gets shocked seeing the groom and groom too gets shocked..

Groom: wh..who are you?

Neil: ohh..iam sorry. I thought it was bride’s room.

Groom makes shocked face..

Groom: what the hell? Who are you to enter my bride’s room? What’s your motive??

Niel thinks: I will speak to him to stop the marriage..

Neil: I think you will understand what’s right and what’s I right?

Groom: hello.. don’t confuse me. Come straight to the point.

Niel: see..your bride doesn’t want to kindly stop the you are a groom you can support your bride’s decision. If not your marriage will be in trouble as she is not ready to start a married life now.

Groom gets shocked and suddenly laughs..

Groom: do you think that I don’t know anything? I know that Nayantara ran away and I also know that she is not willing to marry now but I won’t stop the marriage.

Niel gets shocked and gets angry and he holds groom’s collar..

Niel: are you out of your mind? I thought atleast you will understand nayantara’s feeling but you are too doing wrong.

Groom pushes niel’s hands and..

Groom: you are misunderstanding bro..I and Nayantara are in love for almost 5 years..but that Nayan always rejects to marry as she thinks to be free bird always but now I can’t wait more and if I wait more then I will get aged. So, I went to her father and told about it and he agreed and that’s why he have forced nayantara.i think now you would have understood the reason.

Niel gets shocked hearing this and feels pain..

Niel in mind: wh..what? That means Nayan loves this man.. unknowingly I fall in love with her.shit..wait..ill check whether he is telling the truth or not.

Niel: what’s the proof that I should believe you that Nayan and you are lovers?

Groom smiles and shows his and nayan’s photo’s which shocks Niel..

Niel in mind: th.that means Nayan loves this man..she..she was just not accepting to marry now but i..I started loving her without knowing the truth.

Niel’s heart breaks and..

Niel: iam sorry man..I misunderstood on learning half truth.

Groom smiles and..

Groom: it’s okay.

Groom hugs Niel and..

Groom: my name is ranvir. If you want you can see our marriage and go. But remeber don’t do this mistake in any other marriage because no groom will be cool like me..

Niel is already broken and so he decides not to see this marriage..

Niel: no..I have some duties so I will leave. By the way..I won’t repeat this mistake again.

Ranvir smiles..

Ranvir: good.ok bye.

Niel: bye.. congratulations for your marriage.

Ranvir: thank you..

Niel jumps from the window and walks on the road and the rain starts pouring and he gets drenched and he cries…

Neil thinks: why..why did god made me fall for Nayan when our destiny is not made?. I..thought to stop her marriage as I love her but she loves someone..


groom starts laughing after Niel goes while narendra comes and shows thumbs up sign..

Narendra: well done my boy. I know Niel would do something to stop this marriage and that’s why I pre-planned it.


Narendra went and shouted at every policemen’s while one of the police comes shockingly to narendra..

Police men: sit..sir..I know where is Nayantara.

Narendra gets shocked..

Narendra: how do you know it?

Police men: she..she was escaping and she hid in niel’s car in dicky once she saw me and before I could catch her the car went.

Narendra gets shocked..

Narendra: but what was Niel doing here? He was given leave today right?

Policemen: sir.. actually he came to meet DD to give him something as he is his friend and now he left along with your daughter..

Narendra gets thinking and..

Narendra: then I think Niel will surely go to his go and catch that girl or send me the recording of what Nayantara is doing.

Police men: sure sir.

The police men went to niel’s house and saw Nayan talking with Niel and he records their conversation and sends it to narendra..

Narendra in mind: so..Nayantara is trying to get help from Niel. I know Niel is so good that he will help anyone but still I can make him bring Nayantara as he knows that I will suspend him if he doesn’t obey me.

Narendra smiles evilly and calls that police men..

Narendra: you can come now.

Police men: but Nayantara sir?

Narendra: if you go and try to bring her..then she will escape but if I ask Niel to bring then Nayantara can’t escape for sure.

Police men: sure sir..I will come.
The police men goes..


Narendra:I know Niel will feel guilty to break nayantara’s heart as he is too good and I also know that he will try some other way to stop the marriage and that’s why I planned everything that nothing wrong happens here.

Groom: and that’s why you swapped groom and bride’s room.

Narendra: yes..if I didn’t swap then he may kidnap Nayantara..

Groom smiles..

Groom: but we won finally..

Narendra: yes Ranveer.

Ranveer: now iam so happy..that I should party for my success.

Narendra: fine..get ready for your marriage soon.

Ranveer: yes..

Narendra goes while Ranveer smirks..

Ranvir in mind: I and Nayantara were just friends as my dad and her dad are friends but those photos helped me today to achieve my motive…after my marriage Nayantara will die soon and I can enjoy with my lover.hahahahah…

FB is shown:

Ranvir’s parents jegadish and Parmeet were fixing engagement for him and his lover and one day..

Jegadish: Parmeet.. still we dint see his horoscope yet.

Parmeet: ohh shit..I forgot.

Jegadish: then come we will go and check.

Parmeet: yes..

Jegadish and Parmeet went to a pandit and told about ranvir’s and his lover Hema’s details…

Pandit: wait for few minutes..and I will let you know everything.

After few minutes pandit gets shocked..

Pandit: your son will be facing toughest situation.

Parmeet and jegadish gets shocked..

Parmeet: what do you mean panditji!?

Pandit: whoever your son marries first will die. I mean his first wife will die..this is his kundli.

Parmeet and jegadish gets shocked..

Parmeet: is there no other way Panditji?

Pandit: iam sorry..there is no other way than this.

Parmeet and jegadish goes home sadly and their share this with ranvir who too gets shocked..

Ranvir: what is this new problem? You know right that I can’t live without hema..

Parmeet: yes..I know but what should we do now?

Ranvir thinks and..

Ranvir: maa..I have an idea.

Parmeet: what?

Ranvir: you hate my fake friend Nayantara right?

Ranvir in mind: I just faked my friendship with Nayantara as her dad is police so that I can use her if it needs.

Parmeet: yes..

Ranvir: why don’t I marry her first and once she dies then I will marry hema.

Parmeet gets suprised and thinks..

Parmeet: if she dies after many years?

Ranvir: I won’t wait for more than 5 months…if she dint die then I myself will her.

Parmeet gets shocked but she supports her son..

Parmeet: ok.. I’ll support you as you are my son.i too like hema so I can do anything for you to unite you with hema.

Ranvir hugs Parmeet happily and..

Ranvir: what about dad?

Parmeet: I will convince your dad.
Ranvir: fine..


ranvir in mind: dad too supported my decision that I will kill Nayantara if she dint die and this DSP narendra  believes that I love her daughter truly but he is a big everything is going according to my plan.

Ranvir laughs evilly while his dad comes..

Jegadish: what happened ranvir? I think you are too happy to marry Nayantara?

Ranvir: dad.. don’t joke.

Jegadish smiles..

Jegadish: because of you today iam betraying my friend.

Ranvir: that’s your bad fate dad.

Jegadish: fine..come soon.

Ranvir: yeah..I got ready. I will come now..

Jegadish takes ranvir while Nayantara is taken by some other girls down to the stage..

They make both of them stand on the stage while Niel who is still standing outside sees this and his heart breaks…

Niel in mind: I loving her still? Niel..she belongs to someone..please move on.

He tries to console himself but he breaks down and cries..

Suddenly Panditji asks them to put garlands each other and as per pandit ranvir and Nayantara exchange garlands…

Niel sees this and falls on the ground..

Niel in mind: why god why?..if you don’t want us to be united then why did you make my heart love her at first sight atself? because of you..I ..I can’t able to accept this fate.

Then pandit asks then to take rounds while ranvir and Nayantara takes rounds ..

Niel cries seeing this..

Niel in mind: I.. know Nayantara loves him but why iam feeling this much pain seeing her uniting with her true love? If I love her then I should support her decision too but why can’t I able to accept this??

Ranvir and Nayantara complete the rounds and then pandit asks them to sit..

Ranvir: yes..Panditji.

Ranvir and Nayantara sits and then pandit gives mangalsutra to ranvir and he ties on nayantara..

Niel sees this and gets more heart broken..

While pandit asks ranvir to fill nayantara’s maang and he does the same way…

Niel sees this and gets heart broken and cries and then he stands up and he goes away angrily to a bar shop and he starts drinking….

Niel in mind: Niel..what blunder did you do? Why did you started loving her??now..see you can’t able to bear this. Now how can you forget her because she is your first love??..

Niel drinks more and walks on the road in dizziness while ranvir and Nayantara gets married..

Panditji: now you can get blessings from elders.

Ranvir: sure Panditji.

Both of them gets up and they get blessings from elders.


PRECAP: Niel and Nayantara see each other.

  1. Jasminerahul

    Poor nt.neil realizing his love for nt n feeling guilty was emotional. But shocking that the groom ranvir lied that they were lovers.shocking that its nt’s father’s plan n he also knew that she was with Neil.i am shocked that ranvir is marrying nt so that she will die bcz of his horoscope problem n then he can be with his lover.oh no ranvir nt wedding..i hope she doesn’t die.superb pics.

    1. Actually niel’s father agreed to give Nayantara as ranvir’s family offered him to give 100 acres land without telling their intentions..(I forgot to mention it in FF). Surely..Nayan won’t die..🤗.thank you so much 😊.

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