I know you never knew who I was but still for the last five years you are the one for one dared coming in my coherent or incoherent thoughts but you.

You didn’t know but silently I was trying to know you; your hobbies, your favorites are on my lips. Even I tried meeting you in my dreams… quite a lot of times you were just so vivid like you were real and it wasn’t a dream but why there didn’t come a dream where I was with you..

Yes, if I start thinking correctly there wasn’t a dream where I could say you were the one with me… actually, I never dreamed any dream like that,I was always afraid if we had a future together but still your little updates kept me rejoiced all these years.

I still remember those slightly yellowish brown eyes which I have seen the first day in that strange city who became a constant to my heart and whom I tried searching as I lived through that lane.

The day before Yesterday I don’t know how but suddenly I wanted to know your b’day and yesterday morning I was set out to know it and eventually one of your friends paved the way and I got to know.

I always tried seeing life in songs,words and dates so as i found out this date I was searching the familiarity in this date but I couldn’t remember anything, perhaps my heart already made this date something unique for a lifetime.

You know what, sometimes my feelings for you scare me… I don’t know would I ever be able to talk with you spare a meeting and this thought isn’t easy to live with.

Why you happened to be that One, my heart feels calm suddenly if It sees you, you were the teenage crush of mine then why you have become a constant to my life.

I agree after You, I didn’t meet many guys but it is not totally right, I met guys but I couldn’t find someone as heart melting as you for me…

Do you know quite a lot of times I try to think a possibility of us meeting someday but then I shiver with the thought, “what if you couldn’t be what I unknowingly formed an image of, what if the person who was in my heart was the virtual image of the object my heart formed and the real one was someone I could never live with..”

But then who said we get our life partners how we think or how we wish, I try calming my heart saying I shall compromise with a few things cause somewhere I feel you are one nice person by heart, someone as private as me and as lonely as me.

Oh sorry, I never thought would you ever be willing to live this life with me… cause anyways it was never you who used to stare but me for whom a single glimpse of you was enough for the day.

Waiting for us to meet someday if possible

Your secret lover.


Hello everyone,

sometimes you want your fingers to write/type whatever they want to write/type .it was one of those paralysed moments this came out and i thought to share.

i hope it could rejoice your secret letters or confessions to that someone.

with love Morusya.

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  1. Sapphire

    Beautiful di.. I loved the way you described those emotions.. Really marvellous!! 😍😍 Keep up the good work.. 😊❤

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much dear..i am happy you liked it,will try coming with more♥.

  2. Hey hello from writer of Tu this was really awesome . Refreshed me from inside . waiting for next 💜💜💜

    1. Morusya51

      Hi Kira! i am happy it could touch you,thank you for giving it a try..will try coming with more for sure♥

      1. Kira

        Urs wlcm dear . Are u a student. You write so well . Think ur a professional . Gud but 👍👍👍💕💕

    2. Morusya51

      Yes, i am a student… thank you for you liked it this much😊 and NOOOOO i am happy this way only, actually this way i try releasing my stress and try expresssing myself♥♥♥.

  3. Palak_55

    Its, something a new to read……anyone could pen these feelings too…. I never thought this….u described too beautifully, and after reading it many of other too could reminisce their own feelings.
    After reading this, i can say that u are a step ahead from others…. ☺️

    1. Morusya51

      did you find it new….i am happy then :-), if we try, yes. we can pen down all those emotions we once felt or saw someone going through that… i try observing people as i told once so maybe that’s how this happened. thank you so much dear for liking it…shall be waiting for you next time♥

  4. Shekhar

    I never thought, a talent is lying here in TU for which I was seeking in TU. Here when every one’s talent was flowing along the surface of the ocean of thoughts, in the fear of what if they will lose the life in diving down the ocean, you wrote each and every words with the ink lying at the bottom of this ocean.

    I went though many FF, but never found any remarkable, up to the mark story. When you write something as the mere hobby, you can not catch that depth which may shaken one’s being. You may have an idea of depth, but can’t feel all those feeling you feel while diving down from surface to the bottom, and just can’t describe all those feelings in words. Sometimes, it is not your low vocabulary , but it is lack of feeling through which you never gone through, responsible in failing to project your whole being as to what you are in fact. When you miss to add your feelings into the words comprising your writing, you are just a TIME PASS, one more writer to see the dustbin. Newbie when ride over the superficial writing skill, without giving the backing of their thought process into the writing, they miserably fail to get exposure for what they are writing all this. You know, every word does not have any power until you provide it by your thoughts in depth and vivid detail. Any writing , if fail to shaken human from the base, there is no meaning of such writing. PEARL are being form at the bottom of the ocean after going through tremendous pressure of water above , and tremendous heat from the earth beneath for a long, long time! But what happens simply is, we take half a look over the pearl lying near shore, and just go ahead . Almost all writer are believing, if you have more the vocabulary, you are better than other. Pick some fancy words from here and there, hang them in story, give some twists, and story will be the outstanding , forgetting the fact, you have to target the base of mountain instead it’s summit to move it.

    Any how, it is just amazing !

    1. Morusya51

      i didn’t know what to say as i found this comment, it took me a while to get all the words inside my head… i felt really good reading these words.
      i am feeling so highly after these words… yeah, i too believe that if it doesn’t touch your heart it isn’t a writing;it is increasing my confidence,believe me.
      thank you Shekhar for reading and dropping such encouraging words.

    2. Shekhar

      I hardly make comment in any FF, and instead either buttering or condemning, I would like to keep silence. What ever I said, you totally deserve it. When one pour out feelings while penning down, a great aura of long term influence is being felt while reading,and what other mentioned here ,is proof of it. You know, every one has atleast one unbeaten talent, and you have this, that is, penning down what exactly you feel. It is an art to be unique in something, and almighty enhence this unique feature to each and every human, but unfortunately most people don’t even come to know, what that unique feature, ability he/ she possessed due to varied reasons, mostly daring to explore that ability. They even don’t dare to allow their talent to take first breath of exposure, and that supressed talent never can see the day light of success,that is what keep happening almost with every human. Daring is the inevitable part of talent to get exposure.

  5. Morusya51

    this is one of the biggest problem on this site, you don’t get notification for a reply on your reply and that is why i could not see this reply of yours… but one more time Thank you so much.
    honestly i think we have interacted a few times on my wall but you reading one of my works and even saying these beautiful things was surprising for me.
    But with this comes the responsibility or pressure which i am not going to take, i shall keep writing in the way i write cause i feel WRITING is genuinity/purity and you should not worry what others are going to think and say.

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