My personal view on serial

Hey viewers,

I’m latika. I’m here to express my views on the longest running show yrkkh. I’m sure, there are many who read the updates of this serial.

Well, don’t you guys think serials are not supposed to be dragged so much .I mean, c’mon, ek story ko kitna drag karoghe. Whatever happens with the parents, the children also go through the same. Itna high voltage drama kise chayye .Serial ko 2-3 saal chalakar bandh karo na. I wonder how these serials get high trps .Aur sabse badhi baat lead actors k kitni baar shaadhi hoghi ?‍♀

Ab kya kairav k badhe hone ka intazaar ho raha hain ?? And why the bahus are always shown to be sacrificing … These things are too much .Honestly ,the producers have forgotten the art of writing a good storyline

And if these all things are not enough ,the go for spin off . Now take the example of yhm ka spin off.. Yhc is the same story as that of yhm only lead actors are different. Now this serial will also go on for 7-8 years ?and whenever the producers want they will make the dead Alive and the  alive dead ?daily soaps need a very big and drastic change and a good concept

  1. Hello ??? Latikamonis, could you please write a similar ARTICLE of KKB also!!!???
    This article is a superb analysis of yrkkh ???and the same RUBBISH concept of dragging with the same CHEWING GUM??? is done with KKB ???but only thing is no one is VOICING OUT!!!???
    So could you please do that!!!???

    1. Wow I agree with u latika

  2. Can you please write something on sanjivani also?

  3. BalajiMurugadoss

    Of course. You are right. Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke started with a innovation but it is changed into a typical show with too many love triangles. It is worse than YRKKH.

  4. Sure… I will write for kkb as well as sanjivani?it’s time to point out at the mistakes done by the producers everytime that too intentionally….

  5. Shekhar

    As it is the fact that , every producer has the limited talent, and so whether serial will be good or bad all is depend on producers mentality, through how much episodes he/she is delivering that limited talent. If producer is a GOOD and having no hunger of money, then he will end serial with minimum epis with maximum talent percentage wise, other wise he will stretch serial like anything sprinkling a bit talent with lot crap in each epi like how they spoiled once the good serial IB , and there is not a different story for either this YRKKH or any damn. When I think over alike serial YHM, I really feel bad for actor/actress playing role of RAMAN & ISHITA. You know, both will never come to know, how much all intellectual people keep laughing at their all stupid and nonsense stuff they are delivering. All the awards, fame both they have got so far make them blind to see the real fact as of now, and living in the illusive world of all their past. Past might have the different measure of talent which can not walk along the present measure of talent. So , in short, when producer’s talent spread over minimum span of episodes with minimum crap, we always gets a good , otherwise we have to be habituated to skip the long boring serial.

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