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Rag:i looked at him confusingly to confirm whether is he joking but the truth is ?he meant it..
San:r u not going to do (pouts)
Rag:omg this fellow has shades of kid too ,i chuckles at my thoughts
Rag:k i will call by ur name but dont u want me to call u as HUBBY (i teased him to c his reaction)
San:smiles blushingly ofcourse
Rag:should i call u by ur name or
Rag:no way
San::this is not fair yaar (pouts again)
Rag:in mind y he is looking very cute?i smiled way u said only one punishment
Rag:my hear got frozen by his lovely pleasing but i acted …NO
san:k fine (signs) cal me by my name itself
Rag:(smiles inwardly)im feeling sleepy..gud n8 sanskar by saying i lied on bed ,acted lik sleeping
San:(shocked and looks at her sleeping face
Rag:how much time r u going to stare me(with closed eyes)
San:u just said good n8
Rag:watelse do u want me to say then, at this time(with closed eyes and laughs without his notice)
San:k fine good n8 RAGINI
Rag:immediately opened her eyes and looked at him annoyingly
San:raises his eyebrows
Rag:glares him but sanskar sleeps without bothering her
rag:damn he very well know i dont lik him calling by my name ..he is doing purposefully (curses under her breath)
San laughs silently
Both dozed off by seeing their sleepy face one another

As soon as ragini opened her eyes ,started admiring his face ..suddenly sujatha’s words striked her mind..whenever he is coming to meet me ,prior that day he use to do extra duties to compensate his present work..i mean came yesterday and today night only he will return it means he did two days works in a single day..i felt pity for him and started feeling guilty..
i hesitantly placed my hand over his cheek and lost in his face and my eyes widens by seeing time its 11.30am..without disturbing him i left the room after closing the curtains of window

After 2 hrs
Rag:hey lunch is ready..i hope he will lik it.i didnt wake him becaz i know more than food he needs rest now but it became too late ..let me wak him up and i abt to go to the room but he also cam at the same..v both passes a smie suddenly i remembered something i should b anger at him..i immediately turned and started marching towards the kitchen and sanskar follows her
San:(confusingly ) ragu wat happen
But i didnt pay attention to him
San:ragu by saying he turns him
Rag:yesterday u called me as ragini (pouts)
San:glares her but who started it
Rag:u know i didnt lik when u call me as ragini than ragu..i thought to tease u but u
San:even i thought to tease u ragu.(stops).my wifey..(stresses it)
Rag:chuckles and holds his hand
Both looks into each other and had a eyelock
Rag:i love u HUBBY(whispers)and
Rag:thank u for everything SANSKAR
Ragsan smiles by looking at each other with intertwined hands

San:y u cooked?v might order,right?y r u troubbling urself?
Rag:i love to do it, (stops) especially for YOU
San:thank u by saying he kissed on her knuckles
Rag blushes lightly …

After they had lunch
Rag:sanskar i will wash it
San:nods as no
san:ssshh i will do it
Rag:pouts no i dont want u to do household wrks
San:there is nothing in this world has men wrks and women wrks..okay moreover im doing by my wish..i love to do it (stops)especially for my wifey
Rag:awww how cute he is?
San:wat?im not cute
Rag:am i audible?(shocked)
San nods smilingly
rag :immediately left the kitchen with embarrassment

@3.30 pm
San:(hesitates)shall v go to sathya’s house
Rag:in mind how to say him i want to spend still more time with him
San:shall v
Rag:sanskar..vo vo (stammers)
San:??i think old ragu is coming again
Rag:hits him playfully..v will go bhaiya’s home on some other day.i means u will cum to pick me on my last day na..may b that time v will go and stay over there
Rag:i will talk to bhaiya..he will understand and wont take it wrongly
San:yeah i know it but flight is 10.00pm only..till that time wat v will do? V will get bore
Rag:in mind wat is he saying? I looked at him confusingly but my confusion turning into anger when i noticed his smirk..omg he was playing with him ..i start to leave by giving a glare but he holds my hand
San:sry sry plzzz..ur face was cute by saying he pinches my nose
Rag:hits him and hugs him happily by seeing his playful side of shades
Both hugs eachother smilingly

V both were sitted together and enjoying the view
San:hav u spoken with LAKSH?
rag:shockingly no
San:i think u hav to speak to him..within a week u r going to finish ur internship.before that clear that misunderstanding
Rag:u know wat he did ?right
San:yeah and i also know how much u lik him as a friend..because of his one mistake i dont want my wife to miss a good friendship..everyone do mistake ragini
RAg:i immediately hits him
San:sry sry (chuckles)ragu but need chance and time to rectify their mistake..i hope he will regretting now for his mistake
Rag:wat if he didnt chang his mind?
San:then leave it in nature’s hand but wat if he changed and in guilt to speak to u
Rag:nods and gets into thinking
San:i think v became perfect INDIAN couple
San:u r started hitting me nowadays and without my mistake i started to say sorry for our fights
Rag:tries to glare him but results in laughing
Both laughs by seeing eachother

After few min
San:shall v leave
Rag:looked at the clock time is 5.30 oly
San:but wat abt ur project?
Rag:PAMA dont get worries..i will finish it.i assure u i wont let u down
San chuckles k shall v go to mountain place
Rag:happily ofcourse

Both spend sometime over ther and had their dinner in a restaurant

@8.30 pm @hostel
San:take wk i will come
San:do u project well
Rag:yes PAMA (teases)
Rag:shall i cum to airport
San:no wifey i will take satya with me..u will reach late if u cum with me
San:only one wk..just lik it ,it will go
Rag:nods and hugs him
San:smiles and hugs her back
Rag:u also take well and dont do so much extra works
San:now who is PAMA?(queries)
rag chuckles and hugs him more
Both bid bye and went

@hostel room
Rag smiles by remembering this whole day and blushes and looked at her ring and kissed over it by thinking of him

San blushes by thinking of her cute antiques and looked at his ring and blushes more…

Leap of a week
Sath:u promised u will stay over our home
Rag:wat to do?he got struck in work bhaiya
Sat:its k atleast u stay na
Rag:but bhaiya
Mahi:hits him she wants to meet sanskar dont u understand her eagerness(murmurs to him)
Sath: kk i understood but u should come one day
Mahi:yeah orelse v all will cum over there
Rag smiles and nods :but i want u also come to our home
Sath:nods smilingly

As soon as she came got ver happy to c her uncle and aunt along with her parents…she hugged them all happily
Rag:ma pappa u didnt say u people r cuming
Shekar:sanskar only told to keep it as secret inorder to suprise u
Rag:smiled happily..where is he?
Ram:he has very important meeting beta
Rag:nods in mind it means he didnt come..

Eventhough she had happy time with her parents and uncle and aunt ..she misses him badly
In mind i thought he will cum to kolkatta itself but he said got busy with work or atleast he should come and meet me in our home but…

Suddenly she remembered sanskar’s words here to understand ragu ,not to judge u
Rag:yeah he is right..he might have that much important work thats y..i know (smiles lightly)

She waited for him for a long time but when he didnt cum back ..she slept Disappointingly

As soon as she opened her eyes …her lips curves by seeing him..who is sleeping beside her but she got worried by seeing his darkness over the eye
Rag:he didnt sleep well..y he is doing this much work?not even taking care of his health..
(curses him)

Suj:go and wake him
Rag:nods and went to her room
As soon as she opened her room,she saw sanskar coming from the restroom..and stops in her way and sanskar also looked at her
Both passes a sweet smile
San:immediately came towards her and crushes his lips on her
Rag eyes become widens by his sudden act
San:started kissing her passionately
Rag:slowly started responding to his kiss..
Both break the kiss after 5 min and both looks at each other while panting for breath
San:immediately hugs her by murmuring I MISSED U
Rag:smiles and hugs him back
Both lost in their hug

Hope u lik it.
After a month ..sry frds got busy with work and also relatives came to my house..thats y

Next update based on ur comments

With lots of love

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