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Leap of 4 days
Rag:im missing my family ofcourse “him”..its been three days without him..i dont know y im feeling bad whenever i think v r excited to c him ..i know im fast in proceeding my relation with him but my stupid lil bit angry on him too..he didnt call me for past 3 days
(while she is brushing her thoughts she got msg as soon as she opened her msg?
Phone conversation
San:r u cuming tmrw?
Rag:wat do u want me to do??
san:wat happen?
Rag:do u really dont know??
San:was i did any mistake?
Rag:its been 3 days u not even called or msged even uncle and aunt cared for me but youuuuu
(she is waiting for his reply suddenly she got a call from him as soon as she attends)
San:im sry i thought not to disturb u thats y
Rag:atleast u should send me a single msg
San:im very happy?
San:yeah nowadays u r speaking with me without any slurring and moreover u asking me sumthing to do which i didnt
Rag:now v became” friends” right??
Rag:yeah (blushes)
San:but (stops)k ..still u didnt answer mt question
Rag:yeah tmrw im cuming
San:k bye take care..will meet u tmrw
Rag nods and cut the call
Rag:(to herself)he doesnt want me to be my frd but who knows he might have that shades tooo

As soon as ragini saw him,both smiles to eachother
Ragini immediately hugged her uncle and aunty saying she missed them alot
All chuckles and had their family time

@1.00am mid night
rag immediately woke up frm her sleep and rushes to restroom…sanskar slowly opened his eyes by water sound and vomiting sound of ragini
San:(knocks the door)ragini wat happen??
Rag:nothing plz go
San:u just open the door i want to c u
Rag:dont u understand(irritatedly)
San:ragu open d door first
Rag:(opens d door)angrily r u mad?cant u understand (before she completes she again starts vomiting)
San:holds her head and abt to rub her arm but she jerks him and pushes out of the restroom

After 15 minutes ,ragini came out of the restroom
San:(worried)r u k?y u bathed at this time?r u cried?
Rag:sanskar plzzz (with moist eyes)starts to leave
San holds her hand i wont leave u until wat is troubling u?abt ur health?
Rag:(angrily)i hav my periods stomach is aching u understand now?just atay away by saying she goes towards balcony and cries by holding her abdomen
San was numb all rhe while

After few minute
Doc:nothing to worry sanskar..she is lil bit Anemic thats y she is getting these type of pain..i have prescribed her vitamin tablets and now i hav given analgesic ..she will sleep peacefully
San:doctor nothing to wry na
Dr:she already did usg problem..i think she is skiping a vitamin tablet thats y
San:i will take care of her..anyway thank u doctor for cuming at this untime.
Dr:its k

As soon as rag went down
Suj:r u k beta?
Rag:now feeling better aunty
Suj:drink this juice u will feel even better
Rag:thank u …aunty where is sanskar?
Suj:he is in garden..u first finish ur breakfast and then u can go
Rag:i dont want to eat aunty(sanskar enters over there)
San:noway ragini u have too
Suj smiles and went
Rag:no plz
San:immediately goes towards the kitchen and came with a plate
San:plzzz by saying he forwards a morsel towards her mouth
Rag:looks at his hand and him (her eyes becomes moist and shifted to a fb where she scolds her mom badly during her nature call and how her mom understands her and feeds her during that time)
San:raises his eyebrow
Rag:nods as no and started eating in his hands (in mind these guy has my mumma’s shades too)

@ragsan room
Rag:im sry i shouldnt speak lik that
San:do u want me to forgive u?
San:then u hav to make me a promise
San:yeah promise..u have to take ur medication properly..i dont want any excuses
Rag:smiles and nods
I didnt put leave Eventhough he asked me to put leave on monday ..i convinced him ..he cares for my health more than me ..he made me embrassed too by asking abt my pain ..i was flushed to answer him but atlast i made clear he is my caring husband right?then y should i feel embrassement with him but still…im confusing right?

@sunday evening asusual i hugged my uncle and aunt and went…seriously they r too good lik my sanskar..may b he got these good indeed from him only

@ airport
San:eat well ,dont skip ur meals and medication and do ur projects well
Rag:(teases)stop sounding lik my dad
San giggles kk tak care
I started too leave but after few steps i cam back to him,he looked at me confusingly and i hugged him by making his confusion to shock
“our first hug”i dont know where i get the guts to do it..everthough it lasted for a was awesome????

Leap of 3 months
Rag :for the past 1 going to my home twice in a month oly as i hav busy with my works..wait wait do u people hav confusion?”my home” i addressed my in law home only like that..i dont when and how its all changed…(blushes)do u know wat my hubby did?he is visting me 2nd and 4 th week every mnth in his busy schedule..such a lovely hubby..i dont know wat he will to do tmrw?im waiting desperately ..oh i forgot to tell u tmrw is my birthday

@12.00am ragini phone ringsss she excitely attends it without even cing called id
Person:happy birthday ragini
Rag:(confused and looks at the id)ty laksh
Lak:y ur voice is dull
Rag:nothing i was sleeping..k bye by saying she cuts the call
After few minu
Rag is looking at the phone only…i hate u sanskar by saying she sleeps

Rag:he is really bad..girls plz dont marry?everyone called me .,my parents and uncle aunt and ny frds everyone but he …no i forgot he is a very big businessman right?may b he didnt hav the time for these stupid things?i want to b anger but i dont know y my eyes r filling with tears..i consolled myself and went towards my hostel…

I saw a familiar figure infront of my hostel and got curious goes towards it hurriedly my shock there is my husband standing over there with smiling face…i immediately ran and jump over to him and i started crying in his arms…
San:hey wat happen
Rag:nods as nothing and hugs him tighter
San:responds to her hug…and carcasses her back after confirming she stopped crying
San:v hav a audience
Rag:immediately left him
Rag:i thought u forgot my birthday…u not even wished me first
San:how will i forgot my wifey birthday?i thought not to distub u in ur college time..more over i thought my wife lik my presence as a suprise than that first wishes
…but im wrong(pouts)
Rag:no no i like it alot
Rag:nods smilingly
San:k go and get ready v will go out?
When she abt to go u hav any important work to study
Rag:nods as no ..not than this
San smiles and waited for her

After an hour
San:oh my god ragu u r really taking so much time to get ready?
Rag:i made this for u thats y..lil bit late
San:how do u know i like rasagulla?
Rag:y not? Im ur ragu right?(in mind he has given me a new name “ragu” i love it than my originial name
Ragsan smiles towards each other

Hope u lik it
Guys its not a ff..sry.its ss only ..may b 6 or 7 episodes
With lots of love

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