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@leap of a wk ..Rag is shown standing in a balcony….
Rag:(to herself)Its been a week in this house..eventhough they make me feels good im missing my parents ?my home?..y all ladies has to suffer lik this??? (her face became dull but within a fraction of second she smiles lightly oh my god do u know wat sanskar has done two days b4…still i cant believe it…

Two days b4 very much angry on u
San:y r u looking lik u didnt do anything
Rag:i dont know wat r u(stammers)
San:(cuts her)then wat is this? By saying he shows one letter
Rag:hesitantly holds it and her eyes widens by seeing …plz dont mistake me..i applied it b4 our marriage and i (become hell nervous)
San smiles and holds her shoulder …k cool down first by saying he makes her sit in the bed and gave her a drink of water
After 5min
San:its not a mistake ragini…u want to achieve in ur carrier right..then y r leaving it ? Do u think this marriage will affect ur success
Rag:no no i mean(stammers)
San:thank god uncle called me and said those things orelse (stops) both look into eachother im feeling bad today that i cant even know my wife wishes
Rag:its not lik that…(before she say furthur)
San:i dont want u to say a LIE
Rag:k yeah u know right i finished my fashion designing course..i thought to do a internship in kolkatta for 6 i applied it but soon our marriage i dont think i can do it by doing my internship along with my in law works …i think its impossible
San:wat do u mean by in laws works?do u know wat is the real work of ur ladies?TO MAKE UR FAMILY PROUD…i want my ragini to make us all proud by succedding in her carrier..will u do it for us?plzzz
Rag:(immediately hols his hand)thank u …thank u very much(smiles with moist eyes)but suddenly her face become dull
San :now wat happen
Rag:uncle aunty
San:i already told they will never prohibit..dont forget my mom were DIL once
Rag chuckles
Suddenly sanskar phone ringssss
San:i have to attend my phone
San: eyes her hand which is still holding his hand
Rag:immediately left his hand sry by saying she run away embrassingly
Fb ends

Rag:(smiles)he has changed my view of thoughts by his simple words..i still dont know where i get the guts to speak with him without slurring and y i hold his hand? Within two day im leaving this house,gonna stay in kolkatta for 6 mths.but i promised myself i will (her chain of thoughts get disturbed by sanskar’s voice)
Rag:turns towards him
San:this r our plane tickets..keep it careful..
Rag:r u cuming with me?
San:ofcourse..i asked u to stay in my friends home but u said u want to stay in college hostel can i leave u alone in a new place??i want to know whether everything is perfect over there
Rag:thank u.
San:i hav a suprise for u
San:just go down
Rag:nods smilingly and goes down and was happy to c her parents over there

@night @ragsan room
San is wrking in a laptop,rag came to their room lately
San:u came.r u not gng to sleep with ur parents
Rag:dont u hav any problem
San:y should i?go and enjoy with them
Rag:smiles happily and nods
Next day
@kolkatta @sankars’frd home
Sathya:feel comfortable k
San:nods..where is ur wife and parents?
Sathya:all went to shopping..i escaped frm them to tak rest.
Sath:ragini bhabhi..u dont wry sanskar told me,if u need any help just give me a call,i will b in ur college within 5 min..
Rag smiles and nods

@ragsan room
San:v will go to college after few tak rest..i know u r bit tired
Rag nods

After two hrs
Rag slowly opened her eyes and looked at sanskar who is sleeping in floor
Rag:(felt bad when he continuously changing his position in his sleep)in mind when he is not comfortable then y he should sleep on floor
Her heart dont u know becaz he dont want u to get scare?
Rag smiles to herself

After few minutes they go to college and sanskar enquired everything abt the coll and her safety ,to make sure she is in protective place
San:its good u have sat and sunday holidays for every wk.
Rag:nods every friday n8 i will cum to our home
San:but ur studies
Rag:i can manage it
San:if u can then no problem..but dont get distract
Rag nods when r u leaving?
San:tmrw evening..i want to know ur first day experience in ur internship
Rag smiles

As soon as they came fo sathya home
Mahi:do u know wat r u doing sanskar?
Rani(sathya’s mom):v hav a big house..then y r u letting ur wife to stay in hostel
Mahi:ragini dont u like us
Rag:no its not lik that
San:actually if she stays there , its easy for her to get friends and to do combine works thats y nothing else..plz understand.becaz of u people only im having the guts to let her here alone in this new place…
Mahi:u dont wry sanskar..v will make sure she is fine

@ragsan room
When san spreaded a bed sheet in a floor(guys there is no couch over there)
Rag: v will share the bed
San:r u sure??
San:but?its k im comfortable over there
Rag:i trust u ..plzzz
San nods and slept at corner of bed

After few minutes
Rag slowly opened her eyes and looked at his sleeping face
To herself im seeing my pappa’s shades in u ?
By showing ur careness,protectiveness and longing for my seeing my pappa’s shade in u…i feel lik im not going to miss my pappa any more but im damn sure u cang take his place…im confusing right..yes because im confused

Hope u lik it
Next update based on ur comments
With lots of love

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