My only hope -ragsan- OS (2)

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Hi sissy’s. I know u all r waiting for this last part. So let’s start. And give ur views after reading.

San in mind: M I dreaming or is she really Ragini? She’s fully changed. Her every move. Her dressing, etc. Everything changed. No one can tell that she’s the same Ragini who used to be shy, traditional. This much change? Now she’s my boss. M not able to face her. Wat she wud be thinking of me now?

His chain of thinking broke by Sahil.
Sah: hey. Wat r u thinking.? Did u see hw our boss is? She’s very beautiful Yaar.

Sanskar din’t feel gud that he’s praising her. But he can’t do anything also.

Sah: one more thing dude. Our salary increment decision and announcement will be done by her. It’s tmrw only. Today she’ll observe us. First impression best impression. M ready for her observation. U also behave like gentleman. Ok. Meet u at lunch time.

San in mind: wat? She’s going to decide my salary increment.?

He remember Sahil’s words ‘ behave like gentleman’. He remembered hw he used to tell same thing to Ragini. And nw he has to do that infront of her.

That time he saw her coming with his other boss to see company. He was explaining abt all departments. As she was passing by evry table, all stand to wish her and sit. She was near to sanskar’s table. He stood when she came near and wished with little bit stammering voice. She dint Luk at him. She ignored and went. He feels insulted.


Suj: wat? U r going to marry Kavita?

San: yes mom.

Suj: sanskar she’s not gud for u. Everyone knows that she’s just behind money. Wat u saw in her. She’s not cultured.

San: mom pls. Atleast Kavita is standard girl. She’s of my level. I don’t feel shame if I go with her outside. She knows hw to behave. She’s beautiful also. This is my final decision mom. Next week m marrying her in court.

Suj: u r seeing her outside beauty. U shud see inner beauty also which Ragini has. I will regret for leaving Ragini and marrying this girl. Me, ur dad and uttara r going to stay in our old house. We don’t want to live here. U’ll come to us one day regretting.


San: Kavita. Will you marry me?

Kav: yes sanky. I’ll Marry u.

Both hug and kisses eachother cheeks.


San: Kavita. U know today in party all were praising us. Specially u. U were luking gorgeous.

Kav: thanku dear. I knew m beautiful.

FB ends.

He saw someone hugging Ragini. She too smiled.

Rag: hey. Laksh. wat a surprise.? U had told u can’t come. Then?

Lak: to see this smile on ur face. So I thought to give u surprise. So hws ur new company has? Did u like it?

Ragini smile vanished. Laksh got to know and changed topic.

Lak: first let’s have something m really hungry.

Rag: I’ll order in my cabin. Come we will talk while eating.

Both left. Sanskar saw this from far. He cudnt listen their conversation. He shocked seeing Ragini hugging a guy. Past Ragini never dared to handshake. And now?

In cabin.

Lak: wat happened Ragini? I noticed u there.

Rag: u know laksh, the person from whom I wanted to go far. Whom I never wanted to meet. Now he’s Infront of me. Is this coincidence or fate?(sadly)

Lak: u mean sanskar? He’s here?

Rag: yes.

Lak: then no need to stay here for a second also. Let’s move.

Rag: no laksh. I think God wanted us to meet. God wanted to show this Ragini to sanskar. Sanskar never considered me as his wife. Though I loved him madly but he never cared. He never understood my worth. Now let me tell him if any girl decides to do something then nobody can stop her. Even God will help her. After few days I’ll only tell u and u change company ok.

Lak: as u wish Ragini. M always with u. Not only me. My bro too. I know that.

Rag: how can I forget urs and ur bro’s help. If u were not present then I can’t even think wat I wud be till now. I get scared by thinking only. God only sent u both for me.


Ragini was sitting in her home like lifeless body. Laksh came to meet Shekhar. He saw there Ragini. He felt bad seeing her sitting like that. He asked Shekhar. Laksh is Shekhar’s frnd’s son.
Shekhar told him everything with teary eyed.

Lak: uncle, if u don’t mind can I take Ragini with me?

She: ??

Lak: don’t take me wrong. She’s been thrown like a thing which is used and now no use of that. She’s shocked. I will fill her life with with colours.

She: wat will u do?

Lak: trust me. M like his best friend. I’ll take care of her. U know my aunty na. She’ll live there. Just a week. After a week u meet her. If u don’t see any changes then take her with u.

She: I trust u. Ok I’ll leave her to ur home.

Lak: thanku uncle.

@ laksh home

2days over. There’s no change in Ragini. A group of children entered home. They started to play inside home. She was luking at them. Laksh entered and started to play with kids. He was behaving like kids and cracked some jokes and done few funny things to gain her attention. Finally he saw little smile on her face. Laksh felt happy.

A week passed. Now Ragini was little changed. She started to laugh and to mingle with all like earlier. Laksh aunty was helping her in her each step. Shekhar came to see her. He saw her happy and decides to leave her there till she get stronger by mind. He thanked laksh and his aunt before going.

One day Ragini was playing in garden with kids. A car comes and gets down, moves towards home. Ragini shouts seeing him. That person shocked seeing her shouting like this. Laksh and aunty came outside and took Ragini inside. Till she was scared seeing him. That person was still standing there.
After an hr they came to know reason behind her behaviour. They explained to that person also who is laksh’s cousin bro. Laksh and his bro discussed something and decides to make Ragini strong.
Then as days passed Ragini became mentally strong.

FB ends

Rag: coz of u both m standing here today. I don’t know how to thank you both.

Lak: if again u start the speech of thanks,then I’ll not talk to u.

Rag: ok Baba. Sry. But now I’ve to tell him. Next week reyansh is coming. Have to start preparing his things for him or else he’ll eat my head.

Lak: don’t wry. I’ll help u in that.

……………… ..

Next day all gathered to hear Ragini’s opinion abt company and their increment.

Ragini praises all workers and told that this company is gud compared to others.

Rag: now its time of promotion and increments.

Except sanskar she increased all workers salary. No one noticed this as all were happy. Sanskar felt insulted. And left from there.

Rag in mind: u deserve this sanskar.

Everyone was reporting their works one by one Infront of Ragini in her cabin. Next was sanskar’s turn.

San: may I come in ma’am?

Rag nodes. He reported everything and feeling shame as she Luks at him. He comes out.

Sanskar reached home.

San: Kavita. Pls make coffee for me. M tired.

Kav: m also tired. Just now I came from kitty party. U know they all praises me. I felt happy.

San: ( irritated) it was just a kitty party not any job. I came from office, tired of work. Can’t u make atleast a cup of coffee.

Kav: m also tired sanskar. Don’t order me. M not ur maid. Saying this she went out of room.

Sanskar remembered how Ragini used to give him coffee as he returns from office without asking, but he only ignored her.

Evng kavita’s frnds come to meet her. They were enjoying their talks. Sanskar was sitting far doing some win lappy.

During their talks one of her friend addressed sanskar as second hand husband. Kavita laughs at that. Sanskar felt bad and went to his room.
At nite

San: kavita. Wat he was calling me? And u were laughing listening that?

Kav: come on. He just joked. And Wats wrong in that. It’s true. U r second hand only na.

San: shouts, don’t cross ur limits. M ur husband.

Kav: don’t shout, m ur wife. So wat u r my husband. U r not allowed to shout on me.

Few days passed. They were fighting daily. One day Kavita says

Kav: it’s enough sanskar. I can’t take this relationship further. Free me.

San: wat u mean?

Kav: I want divorce.

Sanskar shocked.but he was unable to do anything. After few days they got separate.

Sujata heard abt this and comes to meet sanskar.

Suj: this was ur selection? U wanted modern girl rite? See the result is Infront of u. Being modern is not bad. But culture shud b there. U left Ragini for this girl? U lost gem sanskar.

She went. Sanskar sat on chair. He remembers all things like film.

San cried: mom was rite. I lost gem. I became blind in fake world so much that I dint figure out my real world. How much Ragini loved me and I just gave her pain. I did so much just for this Kavita.? How I became that much blind? Ragini was a perfect wife. But I cudnt become perfect husband. M sry Ragini. Now I understood ur value.

It was more than one week. Sanskar was going somewhere. He saw Ragini sitting in park with laksh. He went and stood far seeing them. He heard a voice.

He looked there. 4 yr kid came running to Ragini.

Rag: samarth slowly dear. Wat if u fall?

Sam: if I fall ull cry.

Rag: smiling u becoming naughty day by day.

Lak: he went on me. I too do like this things.

Sam: no. M mamma’s son.

Rag: ok ok now it’s late .come we will go home.

While going she saw sanskar standing but she ignored and went. Sanskar dint know that she saw him.

San: Ragini has son? She got married to laksh? But how can she? No no. She can. When I can marry, why she can’t. My only hope of getting u back also lost.


Next day in office. Sanskar goes to Ragini cabin.

San: Ragini

Rag: how dare u come in without permission?

San: Ragini pls. Listen to me only once. Pls.

Rag: say.

San: I want to ask u sry for whatever I did with u. I really became blind that time. Now m regretting for that. Pls forgive me.

Rag: smiles with pain. Time is same for all sanskar ji. Sry sry sanskar ji is for old Ragini. She already died when she divorced. U hurt me a lot sanskar. I can’t forget whatever u did with me. Wats the use of regretting. U wanted modern girl na. U know sanskar. U can change a simple girl into Modern but u can’t change modern girl into simple. (Tears were rolling from her eyes) if once u cud have told I wud have changed myself completely for u. I loved u so much sanskar but u never considered me as ur wife. U treated me like a thing. How can u be like that? U don’t have any feelings? Atleast u can’t value others feelings? See today wat u got. This is wat u deserve. Before marriage my dad was my only hope. After marriage u were my only hope sanskar but.. (she wiped her tears)
Now pls go from here.

San: will u answer my only question?


San: samarth is.. ( he stopped)

Rag: I m not like u. I’ll tell u truth. Samarth is ur and mine son.

San: got happy.

Rag: don’t b happy. U lost his dad’s position. M going to marry next week. Atleast do something gud in life.

San shocked. But went from there.

Rag remembered hw laksh’s bro proposed her and after thinking so much she agreed not only coz of her. It’s also for samarth. She remembers laksh words.

Lak: Ragini, u r also a human. U also have rites to live happily. My bro is very gud. He loves u from heart and samarth also. He’ll keep u happy. I know it’s tough to forget past. But u r not old Ragini to cry. Think abt it.

She also saw love in his eyes for her and samarth. Next week she agreed for marriage.


Marriage preparation going on. All workers also invited. Sanskar too went till hall. But cudnt see Ragini being anyone else’s. He returned.

Marriage happened.


2 yrs leap.

Ragini was in mall with her hubby and samarth doing shopping. She met sanskar. He got happy seeing her. Ragini dint see any guilt in his eyes.

San: m happy that we met. Ragini today I’ll get free from my guilt if u smile.


San: I mean. I did one good thing, I know it’s not big but atleast u can forgive me and make me free from my guilt.

Rag: wat thing?

San: before 1 yr I was driving on road and saw a girl. Everyone was making fun of her as she was from village. I took her with me. I got details of her. Her marriage happened in her childhood. She lost husband just after 4 yrs of her marriage. Her in laws brought her to city to take use of her beauty and make money. But I reached there and she got saved. Now I made her like u. I married her.

Rag smiles: m happy for u. I forgive u sanskar. Atleast u came to know the value of people and their feelings.

San: thanku Ragini. And u’ll b happy seeing her. I know that I can’t get my old Ragini back but atleast I can have her shadow with me.

Rag dint understood.

San: wait. He calls his wife.

Rag was amazed and surprised seeing her. His wife also surprised.

San: Ragini meet Diya(ppk) my wife. Diya. She’s Ragini.

Both hugged.

Rag: won’t u meet my husband?

San: sry Ragini. But I can’t b able to see that person who took my gem from me. I’ll feel jealous. But m happy that u r happy with him. If God want we’ll meet again. Bye.

Before going he took samarth in his arms. His eyes became moist. Ragini’s eyes also become moist. He kissed his both cheeks and gave him gift.

Sam: thanku uncle.

Both ragsan hurt. Sanskar felt sad that his blood calling him uncle. But he left from there with Diya.

Sam: mamma. Uncle is like dad na. So good.

Rag: come now. Ur dad and laksh uncle must b waiting near car.

Both went to park.

Lak: u came late Ragu.

Rag: sry I met a friend.

Lak: ask sry to ur hubby.

Ragini hugged his hubby. And kisses his cheeks.

Rag: sry veer (veer malhotra from savitri Devi Coll and hospital)

Veer: it’s ok Jaan. Shall we go now. Come champ. Wat u r having.

Sam: I met one uncle. He was good. He gave me this gift.

Veer: wow. It’s gud then. I too have one gift for u and mamma. ( Winks at Ragini, she blushed)

Sam: wat dad?

Veer: let’s go home I’ll give.

Sam: ok.

Laksh was driving car. Samarth sitting in front seat. Ragveer sitting back holding eachother hands. Ragini was having smile on her face. Now she’s happy from her heart. Her family is complete with Sam, lak and veer. She thanked God for giving them in her life. She kept her head on veer shoulder. They leave for home.

They lived happily ever after.

…… The end.…….

Finally done with this os. Sissy’s In this of I United ragsan then it’ll b not gud moral for society. And I didn’t wanted to separate them. And I didn’t wanted to give sad ending.

So. How u felt. Pls pls do like if u really liked. Pls pls tell ur views in comments. I want to know whether u liked this or not. Coz this was like a different kind of os I had written.

Ignore spelling mistakes as I typed fast and dint check again.

Waiting for your views. Fingers crossed.

Love u all.

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