My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-31)


Author’s POV:-

On hearing her words, Vansh was shocked to the core. How can a women behave like this with other women even? The question in his heart came to his lips.

Vansh: Why?

He asked and looked at her as she looked at him. 

Riddhima: How would I know? She always used to behave badly with me. I just remember that one night I was sleeping in my room, it was about in the morning when I woke up with a loud noise. I went out to check what it was, then suddenly everything blacked out in front of me. After I gained conscious, I just remember me to be at some different place. It was when I saw a man, he was so scary…

She mumbled and sticks to him. While he wraps her petite form in his arms.

Riddhima: He was scary, I still remember, when he looked at me I felt bad and then thought it to be dream but it was not, he touched me. He slapped me, he threw me on the floor that even I got hurt. See, here…

Saying so she showed him her elbow and pointed at the place she was hurt. He looked at her soft white skin. Taking her elbow, he placed a soft kiss there, she giggled on this.

Riddhima: Offo, It was long time back, now it’s fine.

She said and wrapped her arm around his neck.

Vansh: Then??

Although he didn’t wished to listen but 

Riddhima: Then I don’t know from where my dad came, he got him arrested and then took me back to home. With all that happen, Chachi told me that she had sold me to him because I was just a burden for her, I was just increasing their load. She even threw me out but when dad was there she couldn’t do anything but still she used to… Then it was Saanvi.

Vansh looked as she was crying again. He knew Saanvi, she won’t have done any simple thing.

Vansh: What she even dared to do with you?

She heard his voice and looked down in shame.

Riddhima: She….It was the day when I met Aryan. After few days of that incident, Chachi never used to talk to me. It was when she was out, Saanvi brought her boyfriend to the home to show him her house. I was knowing about this. He wasn’t bad. When he saw me, he just extended his hands for friendship towards me but Saanvi misunderstood it. I thought that she would be okay after slapping me in front of him but no, but once when I was coming back from college, s…she had send goons after me. She had just ask them to scare me, but they tried to force themselves on me but it was Aryan who saved me then. He beat them a lot.

She said and looked straight blankly as if she could imagine each and every word. Vansh looked at her wet cheeks while she was lost in her imagination world. For the first time, Vansh was elated that it was Aryan who had saved her, he didn’t mind their friendship.

Vansh: Riddhima…

He called her wiping her tears. She looked at him as he kept his fingers near his jaws and signed her to smile. She smiled at his gesture.

Vansh: I promise, I’ll never let this smile go from your face.

She heard him and then he saw as she moved to take the second cup of ice-cream. He saw as she took off the cover and licked it. Rolling her tongue all over the cover, she licked her lips too.

Vansh: Riddhima, I can afford buying more cups for you. What are you doing?

He said as he saw her licking it.

Riddhima: Vansh…try. It’s too yummy.

She said and forwarded the cover to him. He looked at her and then looked away.

Vansh: No, I’m ok.

He said and saw as she clicked her tongue, moving close to him.

Riddhima: Try…

She said and kept it on his lips. He looked at that mischievous glint in her eyes, with the smile that had once taken away his heart. Holding her wrist, he repeated her act and saw her happy.

Riddhima: How it was?

She asked excited and saw as him smile at that. He smiled and saw as now she dipped her fingers in the cup and then took it out. 

Vansh: Riddhima…spoon??

He said and saw how easily she ignored him. He smiled as he saw her sitting on his lap and having the ice-cream with her fingers. He felt it to be childish but thanked his luck for making her intoxicated, or he won’t have got privileged to see her like this. 

He saw as she was eating, thinking of his ways he dipped his finger in it. She looked at him and took away the cup angrily thinking he would take it but she saw as he kept the finger on her cheeks and then coming forward licked it, kissing her cheeks in the way. Looking back at her face, he saw her widened eyes. He winked at her and saw a blush on her face.

Keeping his head on her shoulder, he looked at her while she was busy in completing her ice-cream by licking the cup.

Vansh: Riddhima, aren’t you feeling sleepy?

He asked looking but it didn’t seemed like she was. He kept the empty cup aside on the chair and held her by her waist and wiped her cheeks and fingers.

Riddhima: Vansh…

She called him as she saw him making her lie down on the table and took her in his arms. Wrapping her completely around himself, he made her bury her head in his chest. He chuckled when he saw her struggling, but only if he is going to leave her. She looked up at him and saw his eyes closed.

Riddhima: He is too weird. Don’t we have bed, but I want to play now who will play with me?

He heard her low voice.

Vansh: Ghost will play with you if you didn’t sleep now, cause for me its Good Night.

Her eyes went wide as she heard him. Hugging him tightly, she closed her eyes. 

After a while, he looked down at her and saw her sleeping. He then picked up her in his arms. Coming to their room, he laid her on the bed and saw her holding his collar in a tight grip. Settling himself beside her, he hugged her before drifting into a deep slumber. 


On the other hand, Aadhya looked around the café to see very less people. Of course it was going to be late. She looked as Angre brought a cup of coffee for her. 

Angre: So, tell me. Why were you crying?

He said and sat beside her. She looked at him and passed him a smile.

Aadhya: I wasn’t crying see.

She said and shown him her smile but only if could get convinced.

Angre: You felt bad about Aryan’s behavior.

He asked and kept held his cup.

Aadhya: No, sir was right. It was my fault and I know it was supposed to be caught once or twice. 

She said and looked away wiping her tears.

Angre: I don’t think it was supposed to be. Don’t worry I will talk to him, he would take care of it from next time.

She heard him and kept her hand on his. He looked at her hand.

Aadhya: No don’t. It’s not a big deal.

She said and smiled at him.

Angre: It’s already too late. Come I’ll drop you.

He said and looked at her.

Aadhya: No sir, it’s ok. I can manage.

Angre heard her and saw her holding her bag.

Angre: You can call me Angre only.

She nodded passing him a smile. Grabbing her bags, she went out of the cafeteria. Angre looked at his hands which she had held and a soft smile came on his lips. 

Aryan looked out from his cabin at her coming out of the café. Getting up, he went to the parking lot with stairs while she took the lift. Coming to the parking area, he looked at her coming out of the lift. 

Moving to his car, he got in and followed her. Driving at a slow speed, he looked at her moving ahead of him. As he looked around, he saw her waving her hand to stop any taxi but before anything could. He came in front of her.

Aryan: Get in the car.

She shocked looked at him and then saw taxi standing in front of her.

Aadhya: No thanks, I’ll go.

She said and was about to move she heard his loud voice.

Aryan: I said get in the car, Aadhya.

She looked in front and again was about to refuse, but then thinking that could risk her job she got in.

Aryan: Address?

She heard him ask and looked as he was driving.

Aadhya: You know…

She said and saw as he turned his face to her.

Aryan: I don’t remember useless things.

She heard him and saw as he turned to look in front.

Aadhya: Still you are driving in the right direction. I…I mean Andheri West.

He heard her and felt irritated.

Aryan: Then where should I drop you in a middle of a jungle? Cause the way you are telling indicates that only.

She heard him and closed her eyes realizing her mistake.


Reaching her house, she turned on the lights and looked at her messed up small room. It was the life she came too after being from a rich family. She still feels sad for taking such a massive decision at such time. She looks at a small frame, which had a small baby and a couple. 

Aadhya: Happy birthday Maa…

She said and hugged the frame. Laying down on the bed, she closed her eyes.

Aadhya: I still remember Maa, why I left everything? And now I feel sad but still I won’t regret, it was the right decision that I had took. My career was always my first priority and I won’t think of comparing it with anything, never. I still remember when dadu was about to get me engaged to someone so that I couldn’t study any further but you helped me, you helped me to run away. I love you Maa, I love you so much.

Saying so placed a kiss on the frame.

Aadhya: Life is so difficult, it was when I came to Mumbai. I didn’t had anything except for some money and my degree. I even worked as a nanny to gain some money so that I can get a place to stay atleast then I came here. This small one room, mom you know it might not be that big as my previous one but it’s definitely the best place where I can enjoy my freedom. Even I got this house with my own salary.

She said and smiled. Leaning to the bed, she hugged the frame tightly.

Aadhya: Even if I had any feelings for Aryan, I would suppress it. I won’t let it come in between my job and career. I won’t.

She said in a determined tone and closed her eyes as tears came out.


Next Morning, Riddhima stretched her arms as soon as sunrays fell on her eyes but just for a second as it was blocked. Turning to her left, she stretched her hand and roamed it around the bed to find no one. 

Opening her eyes, as she looks straight. A sudden vibration ran through her head and gradually her head started spinning. Not getting what it was she closed her ears and then held her head trying to either stop any of them. Even looking around was difficult, taking a deep breath she looked around the room and then her eyes fell on Vansh who standing just beside her and looking at her with full attention. 

Shocked, she sat straight and in that rush she was about to fell down when he held her hand and pulled her to him. Keeping her hand on his shoulder, she looked into his eyes and just when everything about last night flashed in her mind. He saw her trembling lips and tears accumulating in her eyes.

Riddhima: I’m sorry…

She was about to say when he kept his fingers on her lips. She looked as he held her by her waist.

Vansh: How’s your headache?

He asked looking into her eyes.

Riddhima: It’s hurting…

She mumbled in a low voice only audible to him. He nodded and then forwarding his hand picked up a glass. She looked at a glass of lemon juice.

Vansh: Have it…

She heard him and then looking at him gulped it down. The only thing in her mind was, was he not furious at her for behaving like that last night? Handing him the glass, she continued.

Riddhima: Vansh, I know I shouldn’t have behaved like that.

He heard her and holding her hand pulled her around.

Vansh: Lie down again, Riddhima.

He said and saw as she laid down. Holding her head gently, he opened her hairs and kept it on his lap. She looked at him as he went on massaging her forehead. Rubbing his fingers all over his forehead, she could feel her body relaxing. A small smile came on her lips which he saw.

Caressing her head, he looked as she got up suddenly and held his hand.

Riddhima: Are you not angry at me?

She asked and saw as he rolled his eyes.

Vansh: Why would I be?

She heard him and then looked all around the room.

Riddhima: For my last night behavior. I’m sorry for talking like that in front of officers, then here ice-cream one. Even I had said many things unnecessarily. I’m sorry.

She said and looked down when he looked at her. Moving to her he cupped her face and before tears could come out, he placed a kiss on her eyes.

Vansh: Knowing about your past, I don’t think is unnecessary talk. Everything about you is necessary. Had I did anything wrong with you?

She heard him and shook her head.

Vansh: Then why you have to be intoxicated for behaving the way you are? I love that Riddhima, who was always cheerful but you never even open up to me. I love that Riddhima, like she is while talking to Aryan. It’s ok but as I promised you I won’t ever let that smile go from your face.

He said and opened his eyes and saw her looking at him.

Vansh: Get ready, I’ll bring the breakfast.

He said and got down from the bed. She looked as he left the room. Keeping her hands on her cheeks, she remembered of his last night kiss and their moments and a smile came on her lips.

Vansh peeped in the room and saw her smile, which brought a small smile on his face too. Now he knew what to do. Make her trust him.

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