My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-30)


Author’s POV:-

Turning around, Vansh looked at her but found the side to be empty. Shocked he looked out from his car and was shocked to see her sitting on the floor.

Shocked he moved out and kneeled down in front of her. She raised her head looking at him and blinked her eyes. Biting his lips, Vansh grew tensed about the upcoming scenarios.

Vansh: Riddhi…

He was about to say when her words interrupted him.

Riddhima: Oh no…

She said and hit her head. Those who were standing at the parking lot in their own world now has full attention on her. Signing he asked them to leave as everyone left he again kept his attention on her.

Vansh: What happened?

He asked and held her hand.

Riddhima: Earlier this Vansh was not taking me back to India.

He looked as she pointed at his right side, rolling her h

Riddhima: Now this will not take me.

Looking at her he saw her finger pointed at him.

Riddhima: And then this…No…No…How will I stay here for three few weeks?

She said, making him confused.

Vansh: What are you even saying? Three few weeks?

She heard him and again hit her head.

Riddhima: Offo, you are soooo dumb. See, first this Vansh said few weeks. Then this will say few weeks and then this will say. Now calculate it, three few weeks.

Riddhima said and pointed in the air each time she called him. He looked at her amused.

Riddhima: Improve your math, Vansh.

She said sadly and looked down.

 Vansh: You can teach me.

He said with a smirk on his face. 

Riddhima: No…I won’t.

She said shaking her head and looked at him with a frown.

Vansh: Why?

She heard him and got up.

Riddhima: I don’t know.

She said and saw as he rubbed his forehead.

Vansh: Ok…Get in. We have to leave.

He said and held her shoulder which she jerked away.

Riddhima: I don’t want to go back.

She said and moved away from him. He looked amused when she opened the car’s door but instead of getting in, she climbed up on it’s roof. Sitting there, she looked at the sky with a smile. Standing on top of it, she looked down at Vansh. 

Riddhima: Vanshhh…

He got shocked when she shouted on top of her voice. But not to underestimate, she was drunk and this has to go for long.

Vansh: What are you doing? I’m here only.

He said and looked around to see if anyone is there, but as no one was there he again looked up at her.

Riddhima: Come…

She said and sitting back, gave him her hand. He looked as she offered her hand to him as if he has to climb the mountains. Still holding her hand, he chuckled seeing how much strength she is exerting.

Climbing up, he saw a satisfied smile on her face. And saw as she again got up.

Vansh: Riddhima, you’ll hurt yourself. Sit back or let’s go home.

He said and held her hand while sitting only cause if he got up, then both will have to spend few more nights in the hospital.

Riddhima: How boring you are!

He heard her and saw as she sat back.

Vansh: I’m not…Anyway, let’s go back and then you need rest.

She saw as he jumped down. Holding her by her waist, he pulled her down. 

Riddhima: Vansh….I’m flying.

She said swaying her hands in the air while being in his arms. She looked as he made her sit on her seat. Locking her movements with the seat belt, he got back to sit on his seat. She pouted and tried to open the belt by stretching it. He held her hand and glared at her.

Riddhima: I’m not scared of you.

She said glaring him back. Taking a deep breath, he started driving. She looked at him.

Riddhima: You didn’t told me? Why are you so boring?

He heard her but then ignored her question. Looking in front, he felt her looking at him with her those brownish intoxicated eyes.

Riddhima: How come Aryan is your brother?

He heard her and then eyed her from the corner of her lips.

Vansh: Why? What’s wrong in him?

He asked and looked at her face.

Riddhima: Nothing is wrong in him, but everything is wrong in you. 

She said pouting and saw him looking at her. Turning back, she looked at front. He looked at her lost in her own world of thoughts. Driving as fast as he could, so that she couldn’t do anything else. 

Riddhima: Vansh…

He heard her shout and stopped the car at an instant.

Vansh: What?

He said and looked at her.

Riddhima: Ice-cream. Please?

He heard her and looked out at the ice-cream shop. With the temperature to be 13 °C, and around 12 in the night, she was willing to have an ice-cream.

Vansh: Let’s go home, there are many.

He said and again was about to start driving when she held his hand.

Riddhima: No…Right now!!

She said and looked at him angrily.

Vansh: I said at home.

He said looking into her eyes. 

Riddhima: Right now!!

She said not leaving the steering. Continuing with their shouts, they heard a knock on their car’s window. Opening it, they looked out to see two officers standing there.

Officer: Is everything alright?

One of them asked and looked at Riddhima.

Vansh: He it’s. She is my wife!

He exclaimed coming in between of their view.

Officer: We’ve to ask her.

The same officer said and Vansh glaring at him, turned back to look at Riddhima.

Riddhima: No, he is not. Arrest him

She said with a smirk, remembering him not buying an ice-cream for her.

Vansh: What? You’re not in your senses.

Vansh turned and looked at the officers.

Officers: That means he is lying. Did he do anything?

They asked and saw her looking at Vansh.

Vansh: See officers, she is not in her senses. I’ve the proofs too of our marriage.

They heard him and then looked at each other. 

Officers: What did you do with her that she is not her senses?

They asked and looked at him raising her eyebrows. Riddhima looked at him and then held his collar pulling him a bit close to her.

Riddhima: Buy me an ice-cream and I’ll tell them you are my husband. Deal?

He pulled his collar from her hands and glared at her.

Vansh: I don’t need your help to prove you are mine.

She heard him and ignoring their conversation looked out in anger. Eyeing them from the corner of her eyes, she looked him showing their marriage photo and explaining. She saw as he closed the window’s door and looked at her. Driving, he didn’t even spared a glance on her.  

She looked at him as the car stopped in front of the villa. Untying the seat belt, he lifted her up. Encircling her arms around his neck, she looked at him not looking at her. Thinking him to be angry on her, she felt hurt.

She saw as he settled her down on the table. Looking, she saw him getting inside the kitchen. 


Aryan looked at his file and then out of the window at Aadhya, who was talking with Angre, smiling. Looking back in the file, he threw it on the table after a while. Getting up, he held the chair tightly. 

Poking his fingers in it, he started to think of Saanvi’s words that she said few days back to him. How could he do anything like that? and if he didn’t then he won’t be able to…? His thoughts stopped when he heard a knock on his door.

Aryan: Come in…

He said and looked as Aadhya entered inside.

Aadhya: Sir, you have meeting in half an hour.

He heard her and nodded. And saw as she kept the file on the table with the presentation.

Aryan: You can leave…

He said and saw as she turned to go. Opening the door she was about to leave when her heels got entangled with the doormat and she was about to fall when a hand on her waist stopped her from.

Looking she thought it to be Aryan but it was Angre. She was about to get up from his arms when Aryan’s voice boomed across the room.

Aryan: What the hell? Why do you keep falling all day? I’ve been seeing you since day one. Are you going to work like this for our company?

He shouted looking at her being in Angre’s arms.

Angre: Aryan, is this the way to talk to someone?

He heard Angre’s words.

Aryan: I’m talking to my secretary, Angre. Now are you willing to get up?

He said and saw her getting up from his arms. She looked down at her feet. 

Aryan: Now, leave and get the conference room ready.

He said and saw as she was about to say something.

Aadhya: But sir…

She was about to say when he stopped her.

Aryan: Aadhya, no more arguments. Leave.

She nodded and left the room. Angre looked at Aadhya as she left the cabin. 

Angre: What’s wrong with you Aryan? She wasn’t at fault even, it was me who pulled the doormat from other side.

He said and looked as Aryan stood expressionless there.

Angre: Is everything alright? Why are you behaving like this with everyone?

He asked concerned and looked at him.

Aryan: Nothing is wrong. I…I don’t know why but I just hate her.

He said and turned to face the window. Angre’s eyes grew wide hearing him, what he thought and what he heard was completely different. Looking out he saw Aadhya working in her cabinet while wiping her tears with her palms.


Aadhya picked up the file from her table and wiped her tears.

Aadhya’s POV starts:-

It was all my fault. Why I always have to fall here and there? Boss was right, and I was only mad who started to feel something for any him. How can I forget that I’m here to work? How can I forget that he is having a girlfriend, Saanvi? How can I forget the difference between boss and secretary? Where I’m and where is he? I’m just here to work and nothing more. No relation, no friendship…nothing.

Being in thoughts, I felt a pat on my shoulder. Wiping my cheeks and eyelash. I turned to look, it was Angre sir.

Aadhya’s POV ends-:

Angre: Aadhya? Are you okay?

She asked him and nodded, getting up.

Aadhya: Yes sir, BTW anything important?

He heard her and then looked around.

Angre: Um…No. Anyway, let’s have a break after the meeting.

She heard him and nodded with a smile, thinking she needed it. Angre smiled back at her and just when they head a huge bang of door closing.

On seeing, they saw Aryan moving towards the conference room. Angre looked at him and then left towards his work.


Riddhima looked as Vansh came back with two cups of Ice-cream. Moving to her, he kept the cups on the table and removing the cover from it, took the spoon from the stand. 

Feeling a pull on herself, she looked as Vansh pulled her closer to himself.  Forwarding the spoon, he looked into her eyes. Having it, she saw as he handed it to her.

Vansh: Have it…

He said and she kept it aside.

Riddhima: Are you angry with me?

He heard her low innocent voice as she was looking at him. He didn’t looked at her and moved behind, eyeing her to eat. She looked at him and then started eating. 

Looking at the half-eaten cup, she felt her vision getting blur. She felt as tears accumulated in her eyes. Keeping it there, she got down and moved to go. When he held her from her waist pulling her closer to him, making her back hit his front.

Vansh: Have it and then go. You were ready to refuse me as your husband for this, right? Now have it.

He said pulling her in front of the table again. She tried to turn back but his hands on her waist didn’t let her.

Riddhima: Vansh…leave me.

He heard her but ignoring her words again picked up the cup, bringing it again close to her mouth without looking at her face. Tears escaped as she tried to come out of his grip.

Riddhima: Vansh….Leave me.

She shouted pulling his hands away from her. As he moved back, she turned to leave when he held her hand and pulled her to him.

Vansh: I…I’m sorry.

He said stammering on his words, as he saw her crying. Holding his hands, she tried to remove his hold from her hand. But instead, he again picking her up made her sit on the table interlocking his hand around her figure.

She looked away at the blank wall when he realized she was still not in her senses. He came in front of her view by holding his ears.

Riddhima: I won’t forgive you so easily, you were shouting on me.

She said and looked other side, when he cupping her face made her look at him. 

Vansh: Ok fine, I was just angry from you.

He said and she looked at him angrily. Lifting herself, she looked into his eyes glaring at him.

Riddhima: Why?

She asked in a harsh tone which he found to be cute.

Vansh: Um, if I’ll ask you something will I get?

He asked and saw her nodding. 

Vansh: Promise me, whether you are angry from me or not. You are not going to refuse yourself to be mine.

She smiled and forwarded her little finger to him, on which he frowned.

Riddhima: How boring!

He heard her say again and saw as she herself entangled his fingers with her and mumbled a ‘promise’ in her voice. Smiling she hugged him tightly making him shocked to the core.

She hugged him. SHE hugged him with her own wish, but her being intoxicated was the only thing that was causing a full stop to his thoughts. Engulfing her around his arms, he placed a kiss on her forehead. Coming out of the hug, she looked at him and saw as he again picked up the cups.

He saw her smiling. But her hugging him made him drift back to the day when she hugged him for the first time, their reception. May be that was due to the fear, but her condition didn’t made him forget that night. Reason? How much he tried to talk to her, she never opened herself to him? She never shared her past with him. Why?

But then this was the chance, to ask from her. To know her past from her, to share her pain with himself, to know her — his wife, completely. It was a chance for him. But what if she don’t want and he is taking advantage of her situation. But how come is that so, he is her husband?

But even how much he manipulated to share her past with him, without even letting her know. She wasn’t ready to share, but if she let it go and decided to move on with him? But was there someone in her life before him? Was she close to someone rather than him? Is she still love him? 

The only mere thought of her being in relationship to someone made him clutch the spoon. Riddhima looked at him lost in something as his speed on making her have the ice-cream increased. She felt him forcing her to eat it, while she eyes stayed fixed on hers. She got scared being under his this gaze.

Riddhima: Vansh…

She called his name in a low voice. Moving closer to him, she kept her hand on his shoulder and called him again. Her eyes went on his red hand with which he was holding that spoon, which was now no more to be used.

Riddhima: Vansh….my spoon.

She said and snatched the spoon from him, breaking his thoughts. He looked at her while she was busy in trying to bring the spoon in it’s normal position. Snatching it from her, he threw it on the floor. 

Riddhima: Now, how will I eat?

She asked looking at the spoon. 

Vansh: We won’t and I want to talk to you.

She heard his serious voice and nodded bringing her ears close to him. He looked and then got on the table sitting in front of her.

Vansh: Woah, why don’t you tell me about yourself?

He asked a simple question, not getting from where to start.

Riddhima: I’m a girl. I was in college till last month. Aryan is my best friend. I love ice-cream. I lov….

She said and was interrupted by him.

Vansh: Riddhima…Not in that way. About your sister and Chachi?

He said in a low voice moving close to her.

Riddhima: Chachi…?

He nodded on her words and looked as after few seconds, she burst into laughter.

Vansh: What…?

He asked and saw as she signed him to come closer to her.

Riddhima: Aryan used to call her, GBC.

She whispered between her laugh. He grew confuse, what he had asked her and what is she telling him.

Vansh: What is that?

He asked trying to end the matter.

Riddhima: I don’t know. Chachi, she is good but not as human beings are.

She said and her eyes welled up. He looked as now she was finally coming to the point, but what if she goes through the same pain again. Holding her hand, he placed a kiss on its back.

Vansh: What does it mean?

He asked and saw as her hands were shaking. Holding it in a firm grip, he pulled her to his lap. She encircled her hands around his torso burying her head into his chest.

Vansh: What did she do, Riddhima?

He asked hearing her sobs.

Riddhima: She had sold me to someone.

He heard her and closed his eyes.

Vansh: Why?


Precap: Riddhima’s Past; Aadhya’s emotional moment.

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