My Obsessed Husband #Riansh (Chapter-22)



Author’s POV:-

Riddhima turned her face around to look at face smirking face, embarrassing she was about to get up when he made his hold tighter on her waist.

Riddhima: See, you can’t touch me without my permission.

She said trying to remove his hold but was it possible for her? A big no.

Vansh: Really?

She didn’t looked at him when he turned her around making her clutch his shoulder and look into his eyes.

Riddhima: What?

She asked him and saw him trying to control his laugh.

Vansh: Riddhima, stop it now.

Vansh said and saw her wide eyes which she did back to normal within a flick of seconds.

Riddhima: What I did now?

Vansh heard her saying as if she don’t know anything.

Vansh: You know what I’m talking about now will you start from the starting or should I?

Vansh said with a smirk.

Riddhima: I don’t know what you are talking about. Say clearly.

Riddhima asked while looking somewhere else.

Vansh: I saw you were conscious when doctor was treating you.

Her eyes again widened she looked at him in shock then again looked at her.

Riddhima: So what do you mean? And first of all leave me.

Instead of leaving he tightened his grip on her.

Vansh: Now stop it and say.

He said a bit trying to show himself frustrated which he was not at all.

Riddhima: I’m not scared of you. Leave me.

She said and he loosed the grip and she easily removed it. She looked at him and got up to be pulled back again.

Vansh: You said to leave and I left. Now say and I know very well that you don’t have any memory loss.

She looked away not wanting to meet his gaze.

Riddhima: Fine… you know that’s good now leave me. I’ll tell

She said and he left her.

Riddhima: Two days before when I came back here I dialed to ……..

Flashback starts:-

Riddhima grabbed the phone and dialed to Aryan, who as being awake picked it up in the first ring.

Aryan: Wow Bhabhi first time someone must have remembered their Devar on their honeymoon.

Aryan said chuckling while Riddhima looked at him.

Riddhima: Why are you awake till now?

She asked him while looking at the wall-clock which was striking 1.

Aryan: Just because of your husband I’m dying over here, since morning I’m working.

Aryan said taking a deep breath.

Riddhima: You and since morning, whom are you lying?

Riddhima told him knowing he can’t work that much.

Aryan: Leave me, you tell why you are awake till now?

Before Riddhima could reply, Aryan interrupted.

Aryan: I know why, I know my bhai is a bit less romantic and after this meeting.

Aryan said trying to control his laugh.

Riddhima: Huh? Is he busy in some meeting? That’s why he didn’t came since then.

Riddhima said and Aryan smirked knowing whom and how to provoke.

Aryan: Didn’t he told you? He personally applied for this meeting although it was scheduled to be after your honeymoon but he preponed it.

On hearing Riddhima’s shocked voice, Aryan kept his phone on mute and burst out laughing. Then trying his best to control it he unmuted himself and heard her voice.

Riddhima: Aryan, are you there?

Riddhima asked him.

Aryan: Yaa… You were saying something.

Aryan asked and looked at himself in the mirror keeping his phone on speaker.

Riddhima: Is he ignoring me?

Aryan smiled on hearing her cute and innocent voice.

Aryan: I think, YES.

He said and here Riddhima’s anger rose.

Riddhima: If your bhai was willing to be with his clients then why the hell he married after playing those hide and seek game. First VR Mansion then Shimla then at Resort. You know what your bhai needs a best psychiatrist because he is psychically ok he has everything but mentally he don’t have brain. Get him treated.

Riddhima shouted and there he again burst into laughter after finally provoking her more.

Aryan: Do something Bh-ab-bh-i.

He told her and she nodded. On hearing Vansh’s footsteps hanging out the call she covered herself with duvet.

Flashback ends-:

Riddhima looked at Vansh who was looking at her shocked, although she didn’t told him how much in real she told about him to Aryan.

Vansh: Further, I mean how you got the idea?

He asked keeping his two fingers over his mouth.

Riddhima: Next day, when I was all alone in the room I was completely bored. I didn’t planned anything till then but after I fell from stairs and doctor was treating me. I got conscious then only and I heard her saying and I got this idea and due to sleeping pills I again became unconscious. And rest you know.

Riddhima squeezed her eyes shut as she saw him getting up, he came and stood in front of her bending to her level he kissed her on her cheek making her shock to the core.


Aryan looked at the pretty face in front of his eyes, deep black eyes holding the power to attract anyone, cute small nose and red lips. She looked at him raising her eyebrows.

Aadhya: Sir, will you please get up?

She asked breaking his gaze, he immediately got up. Looking around he tried to change the environment around them.

Aryan: Woah sorry.

He said and looked at her face.

Aadhya: Its ok sir.

Aadhya said giving him a cute smile.

Aryan: By the way from where you bought this?

Aryan asked and she looked around as she wasn’t holding anything expensive.

Aadhya: Bought what sir?

She asked while looking at his face.

Aryan: This cuteness.

He said and a small blush spread on her cheeks. She gave him a smile and with the file she was about to leave when Angre came in. They looked at him.

Angre: Aadhya I know Aryan was late as it’s normal for him but why you were late for half an hour?

Angre asked and looked at Aryan and Aadhya’s face.

Aryan: Angre, I was stuck in the traffic.

He said looking at him.

Angre: Yeah dreams I know. Aadhya reason?

He asked her and she must have burst out.

Aadhya: Yes sir, there was some jerk and was driving the car as if the road belonged to him. His car must have intentionally went over the puddle and my whole dress and you know why I’m late.

She said and Aryan squeezed his eyes knowing that was his artwork. Angre looked at him and nodded at her. She left the room after Angre did.

After 1 hour:-

Aryan looked up at Aadhya who was standing there with the file. Just then his door flicked open, he turned around and saw Saanvi standing there. He smirked knowing how to make her embarrass. He got up and moved to her.

Aryan: Wow, memory loss? I guess yes. No… No I guess self-respect loss.

Aryan said and looked at her face. He knew she came there for a reason. He looked at Aadhya and not wanting to drag her in their personal matter asked her to leave.

She was about to leave when Saanvi looked at her.

Saanvi: Oh girlfriend or something else?

She grabbed her hand and pulled her in front her and the middle of her and Aryan.

Saanvi: Tell who are you to him? I wasn’t knowing Aryan you have such a bad taste. She can’t be officially your girlfriend so what should I think?

She said and then Saanvi felt a sting on her left cheek and the power of her hand connecting with her soft cheek was a bit deafening. The pain might be just too much. With red shot eyes, Saanvi looked at Aadhya.

Saanvi: How dare you to slap? You b*t*h….

She about to slap when Aadhya held her hand in the air. Aryan was confused to either laugh at Saanvi or be proud of Aadhya.

Aadhya: I don’t even want to know what a cheap mind like yours think about me because cheap people like you don’t have brain they just have disgust present there. Dare you to even badmouth me. I won’t even think to repeat the thing I did right now.

Aadhya said and looked at Saanvi’s shocked face.

Saanvi: You both are going to pay for this. Especially you whatever.

She said and left the room not before hearing Aadhya’s voice.

Aadhya: Same to you, By the way I don’t want to listen my name from your mouth.

Aadhya said and turned to look at shocked Aryan. She closed her eyes releasing what she did now.

Aadhya: Sorry sir I slapped your girlfriend.

Aadhya said making him more shocked.

Aryan: Is it some daily soap that whichever girl will come in my cabin should be my girlfriend only? Hell she and my girlfriend, better I should commit suicide.

Aryan said and she gave him a smile and left his cabin. Aryan sat on his chair drifting into his own thoughts.

Aryan: Why she came here even on knowing that bhai and bhabhi are on honeymoon? Something is fishy.

He said to himself and looked at the pen in his hand.


Riddhima looked at Vansh shocked as soon as she felt his lips on her right cheeks.

Vansh: I didn’t preponed the meeting Angre told me on the last moment. Even I didn’t ignored you was just a bit busy.

Riddhima didn’t heard him as she was still shocked. He snapped at her making her come out of her thoughts.

Riddhima: Huh….What?

She asked him and he knew what she was thinking. Even he knew what now he need to do.

Vansh: Come.

He said and pulled her to the closet. Entering in she saw their clothes were lined up. She looked at him.

He left her hand and moved a bit forward and after few seconds came back with a magenta red off shoulder gown reaching the floor. She looked at him then at the dress.

Riddhima: What should I do with it?

Riddhima asked looking at him, Vansh forwarded the dress to her.

Vansh: Get ready first in some casual, then in this. I’m taking you out.

Her confused yet cute face made a smile crept on his face. He kept the dress on the hanger and left from there. Riddhima looked at the dress.

Riddhima: Nice taste.

Riddhima smiled and then got ready.


Coming out of the closet, Riddhima looked at herself in the mirror. Covered in the navy blue top and black jeans with an oversized sweater, looking simple yet cute and beautiful. She moved out of the room.

Descending down the stair, Riddhima looked at the empty hall and then her eyes fell on Vansh who was standing at a side while scrolling through his phone. She came and stood in front of him.

He didn’t looked up. She raised her eyebrows at herself and was about to go when he pulled her and hugged her from back, keeping his chin on her shoulder.

Vansh: Where were you going?

She craned her neck and looked at his face while he was looking at her.

Riddhima: Nowhere I thought you were busy.

Riddhima said and looked in his eyes.

Vansh: I’m always free for you.

Vansh said and turned her around. He held her hand and pulled her with him.

Coming out of the villa, Riddhima looked around the place, mountains covered with snow, pine trees totally covered with snow, scene was enchanting and attracting.

She saw him opening car’s door for her. Getting inside he looked at her and drove to the destined place.

As soon as they reached, Riddhima looked at the mall in front of her eyes. She then looked at him confused.

Vansh: I want to buy few dresses for you.

She nodded not wanting to stretch the matter. Getting out she moved with him. Entering inside, she looked around and saw none was there knowing he must have did something she didn’t say anything.

For an hour, Instead of her doing shopping he was the one who brought almost everything for her. She was shocked by his actions.

Riddhima: I heard girls are the one who is more excited for shopping here he is the one.

She said, obviously to herself. Vansh turned around.

Vansh: Let’s go.

She nodded and looked at the dresses in the trolley cart, which was just filled by her dresses.

He held her hand from other and brought her to the cash counter, where he saw a girl standing there. Giving her his credit he waited for her to complete her work.

He looked at Riddhima and saw her tired.

Vansh: You do this work I’m coming in 5 minutes.

He told the girl and held Riddhima’s hand and pulled her out of the mall. He led her back to the car and opening the door he asked her to sit.

Vansh: You sit here and don’t come out, I’m coming.

She nodded and he closed the door. Giving her a glance he moved back to the mall. Riddhima was tired so she closed her eyes and kept her head on the window pane, relaxing.

After 2-3 minutes, she heard a voice. Thinking it to be Vansh, she didn’t opened her eyes but when again she heard the same voice. She looked at the driver seat to find it empty. She looked around the car and didn’t found anyone.

Riddhima: No one is here then that voice.

Opening the car’s door with the lock she came out and stood in front of the car, looking around and searching for Vansh.

Voice: Ri-dd-h-i-ma…….

She heard a low whisper near her ear, she thought it to be of Vansh and was about to turn around when he snaked his arm around her waist over her sweater. She was shocked as Vansh never touched her without her permission, she removed her hand before he could touch her.

But he held her hand, feeling the touch not to be of Vansh she kicked him through her elbow. She turned around and didn’t found anyone. Looking around she was shocked as there was no one around.

She felt someone patting her shoulder, she turned around scared and saw Vansh. Without thinking anything she hugged him tightly. Throwing the bags on the floor he hugged her back.

Being scared, she only found that care, peace and love in his arms which she used to crave daily. His warmth was just calming her. Sniffing she hugged him more. He tried to break the hug, when she didn’t let him.

Riddhima: Please don’t leave me, please.

Riddhima said and he got scared but her words gave him peace.

Vansh: I’m not going on where, relax.

He kept his chin on the head and she on his chest, closely hearing his heartbeat. Feeling of being cared by someone, loved by someone and being someone wasn’t just calming her but giving her the feeling of her arousing love for him, only for him.

She knew she had now started falling for him, feeling of loving someone was the one she was having now. She slowly came out of the hug and with teary eyes looked at him.

Her tears pierced through his heart, he gave her a forehead kiss and picking up the bags, he threw them at the backseat. He lifted her while she encircled her arms around her neck looking into his eyes.

With her in his arms, he sat on the driver’s seat. His action might have shocked her but she really wanted to stay close to him, this close. Keeping her head on his shoulder she closed her eyes. He started driving slowly not wanting to scare her more. He was impatient to know what actually happened there.


As soon as they reached there, he saw her eyes closed wet cheeks. He didn’t woke her up and just like that lifted her up. She opened her eyes due to sudden movement and saw themselves entering in the villa.

As they reached she saw only darkness all around, he ignored it but she didn’t. He moved to their room and opened the door with his elbow and entered in.

Opening the lights, he sat on the bed with her on his lap. He hugged her tightly. He slowly made her lie down and taking her in his embrace he kept his head on the crook of her neck and gave her a forehead kiss to calm her mind. She kept her hand on his.

Vansh: What happened, what you saw there that you were this much scared?

Vansh asked her looking into her eyes, she looked back and saw that care which she always wanted to see in someone’s eyes for her and she finally found it in him.

Riddhima: I…I was tired so I closed my eyes and then I heard some voice come out. I thought you came but when I heard the voice again, I came out and saw no one was there and then someone whispered my name and hugged me from back. I thought you were there but I know your touch so I pushed him but when I turned around no one was there. Vansh believe me I didn’t do anyt……

He heard it calmly and slowly flipped her making her come over his chest. He hugged her tightly.

Vansh: I believe you, don’t worry. Now rest I’m here only. Promise.

She kept her head on his chest and hugging him closed her eyes.


Vansh opened his eyes and saw Riddhima sleeping peacefully over his chest. He made her lie down carefully not willing to wake her up. He looked at her wet cheeks and wiped it.

Getting down he gave her a kiss on her cheek and left to a corner. Taking out his phone, he dialed the first number. After two-four rings, that person picked up the call

Vansh: I want the CCTV outside the mall, within half an hour or I swear you won’t be able to see the next phase of the day. Mail me.

He said his voice holding that power to scare the hell out him. Without listening to other side, he disconnected the call. Turning around he saw Riddhima sleeping peacefully. A small smile crept on his face. He left towards the closet to change leaving Riddhima sleeping alone.


Someone looks at the picture in his hands, a small smirk lingering on his lips. He kissed the picture and then pinning it to the board took out dart and continuously started hitting it in anger.


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