My Love Where Are You- RiAnsh Chapter ’15’ Vyom leaves VR Mansion

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Recap: Riddhima overdoses her medicines causing her to move into a deep slumber which comes up as a horror for RS family. The doctor also reaches.

Vansh called the doctor to check up on Riddhima, while everyone was standing at the door.

“Bhai is she fine?” Ishani asked.

“Relax Ishani. Just called the doctor for her checkup only. You shouldn’t take stress.” Vansh said to her.

“But what happened?” Vyom poked in between.

“I think she overdozed her medicine.” Angre said being concerned.

“It wasn’t her medicine. Someone changed it.” Vansh said tightening his fists in anger.

“And I just came back, after seeing the CCTV footage.” Riya entered taking slow steps. “And it says, Vyom was last one to enter the room. And Riddhima was worried after his exit. Can you explain, Mr. Raigir?”

Riya folded her hands on her chest. Vyom chuckled slightly.

“Where were you?” Angre asked Riya.

“I went to my home, got know Riddhi is back so came to meet her. Anyways I am…”

“Stop your useless talks!!” Vansh nearly screamed.

Doctor came out from the room.

“Is she fine?” Vansh asked her.

“Mr. Rai Singhania, we have already told you to shift her to a hospital, her wound will not fill so easily! She is slowly moving close to anxiety. Her head ached badly and blurred her vision. She overdozed the medicine which was not hers. What was the depression pill doing there?” Doctor didn’t stop scolding Vansh.

“Leave that. Does she need a psychiatrist?” Vansh asked her coming straight to the point.

The doctor nodded in yes. ” She is not normal Mr. Rai Singhania, and she is not accepting it as she doesn’t remember. Please keep her away from her painful past.” The doctor bidded adieu to all and left.

Vansh entered the room to find Riya sitting near Riddhima carresing her hairs.

“You are fine? You look stressed?” Riya asked her.
“Yes… actually….(she saw Vansh) Vansh! I want to talk to right now.” Riddhima tried getting up from the bed but failed miserably stumbling but Vansh caught hold of her. He picked her up tucking her in bed.

“Did Vyom say anything? Don’t take his seriously. He is a big prankster.” Vansh tried to manipulate her with a tight smile.
“Sure?” Riddhima asked.

Vansh nodded and kissed her forehead. As he was leaving, Riddhima holds his hand and nods in no with a week pout. Vansh chuckles and sits next to her. All of this was seen by Riya.

“What did the doctor say?” Riya whispered to Vansh.

“You said you don’t care.” Vansh whispered back.

“Shut up and tell!” Riya whispered angrily.

“You shut up and go away!” Vansh too whispered angrily.

“Done with your whispering game?” Riddhima giggles and asked.

“It’s been a long time Riddhu. Let’s spend some time. Just both of us? If Vansh doesn’t have problem.” Riya smirked as she knew her answer. Vansh was silent with a defeated look.

“Why would Vansh have problem? Right Vansh?” Riddhima looked at him and he nodded.

Riya’s victorious smile turned into a shocked face as she saw Vansh lifting Riddhima and taking her out of the room.

“You can have alone time right now.” Vansh said smirking while Riddhima was giggling in his arms.

Riya smiled, Vansh was expressionless, even though their face were same, her smile was different, from Riddhima’s.

“Vansh you have me to watch not her.” Riddhima said sternly. Vansh chuckled and they both left downstairs.

Everyone was smiling and shying seeing Riddhima in Vansh’s arms leaving some people.

“Too much romanticism huh?” Ishani teased Riddhima.
Riddhima tried to hide her blushes.

“So?” Riddhima said “He is my husband not my boyfriend.”Β 

Riddhima took a spoonful of cornflakes and fed it to Ishani before she could say anything.

“Eat nicely. You and baby both must be hungry.” Riddhima giggled along with everyone.

“You are so cute Riddhima.” Vyom complimented making everyone irritated.

“Not so thankyou Vyom.” Riddhima smiled and had her lunch.

“I am still sleepy.” Riddhima said posting towards Vansh.
“You should go and have rest then sweetheart.” Vansh said and she smiled.

Riddhima left for the room. As soon as she was out of the hall, Vansh holds Vyom by his collar throwing him out of the house.

“Vansh what are you doing! You said…”

“I said! Now don’t you dare even to call me your friend.” Vansh said cutting him.

Vyom was still on the ground, and the gates of VR Mansion closed.

Everyone was confused, how can he know what happened in home? Or he knew something else?

“Bhai… Can I take Angre for with me? Pleeeeaaasseee.” Ishani extended please and everyone chuckled.

“Covid Ishani, Covid. You can sit with Angre and shop online.” Aryan said and everyone giggled.

Vansh wiped his hands with the handkerchief and left towards his room.


Everyone was stunned listening to the voice. All the family members were just looking at each other.

“Sia” only a whisper let out from Vansh’s mouth as he was nearly running towards her room.

Siya was breathing heavily, while the nurse appointed for her had already called the doctor and was trying to help her in wearing the oxygen mask.
All the family members were standing there, looking at Siya from the door. Riddhima too jumped and peeked inside.

Riya took Riddhima to the other side.
“She is …” Riya was cutted by Riddhima.
“I know. Vansh’s sister.” Riddhima smiled at her.

Riya nodded to her head in yes and hugged her tightly.

“You don’t deserve these people Riddhima.” Riya whispered.

“And why do you think so?” Riddhima asked lightly.

“Now they feel sorry. But they did wrong to you.” Riya cupped her face.

“I know. I am getting to know everything slowly slowly. Today only I got to know we were forced into this marriage.” Riddhima said.

“How?” Riya asked.

“I have my daily diary. I read 2 pages daily.” Riddhima’s words make Riya smile.

“Then you will soon understand everything, and you will be able to estimate what happened with you.” Riya hugged her and both the sisters left from there.

A person was listening to them behind the curtains, it was Chanchal. Chanchal too smiled, but with an evil motive. She came and sat on the sofa, being carefree. Aryan was sitting in front smoking his cigarette.

Chanchal was sipping her juice on the sofa with Aryan sitting infront..

” Soon she know that she was force to marry him” Chanchal said.

“She knows it already” Aryan said.

“Many things happened between them that even we don’t know. Riddhima’s reaction will tell us what she read. We need that diary, I have a plan.” Chanchal smirked and the same goes to Aryan..

Riddhima was walking alone in the garden when she heard a voice make her smile. Actually a bark, she turned to see Bruno running to her and she sat on her knees to let him come. Bruno came to her and started pulling her kurti to lead her somewhere.

“Bruno stop it.. I have seen the whole Mansion already” Riddhima said trying to pull her kurti from his mouth but all in vain.
Riddhima sat on the bench near her and Bruno left her kurti and jumped on her lap.

“Now how will you tell about our time we spent together?” Riddhima asked moving her fingers in his hairs while he closed his eyes (don’t forget Bruno hai Vansh nhiπŸ˜‚)

Bruno all of a sudden got up and left from there. Riddhima sighed looking here and there, and started walking again.

“Feeling bored?” Ishani asked from behind.
“Yes.. I am” Riddhima told her.
“Can I join?” Ishani asked
“Of course Ishani!” Riddhima exclaimed and opened her hands for a hug. Ishani hugged and murmured a small ‘sorry’

“Oh.. you will play something?” Ishani asked.
“What?” Riddhima asked

“Umm… I don’t know. Let’s eat something good. Like… something full of spices…” Ishani started licked her lips thinking about it.

“Not bad…but it’s dinner time.” Riddhima said.

Precap- Vansh finds pregnancy test kit in Riddhima’s cupboard

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