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This is the small OS on whom will Ishani choose for her life NV or Sid
It starts from Sid exposing Mama mami after they get arrested
Ishani – am sorry Sid I misunderstood you
Sid – it’s alright Ishani
NV – ab Ms siddi you got your love back I expect tum dono saath hona chahiye
And he just unites Sid & Isha & leaves by hiding his pain and leaves by taking bebe along with him
He went straight to Ishani’s room taking her Doctor coat starts to cry bebe came to his room seeing her lovely grandson crying like this she came near him & kept her hands on him he grabbed her hands and started to cry
Bebe – Ratan beta ese ro math muje bohot bura lagrah hai ( Ratan dear don’t cry I couldn’t see you like this )
NV – bebe I love Ishani a lot
Bebe – ah puttar muje pata hai par tumne usse roka kyu nahi hai ( ah dear I know but why didn’t you stop her )
NV – because I want her happiness
Bebe see her Ratan crying like this for the first time with shock but she loves Ishani equally so she was consoled her Ratan like this their night passed with

Next day he didn’t go to Sanjivani next two days was very tough for him he couldn’t get out of Ishani’s thought & memories after two days he could see Ishani she was talking to Bebe she takes Bebe’s blessings & informed her she is going to London with Sid since DR. Anjali  his sister was there  is there they are going to marry there Bebe was about to tell something but NV stoped her NV congratulated Ishani
Ishani invites NV and Bebe to drop her till airport
Bebe could not accompany her since she can’t see her Ratan crying again
NV accompanied her till airport since he wants to see his love before sending her with her love
Sid & Rahil was already waiting there
Rahil congratulated Ishani & Sid, they were about to leave
NV felt pain in the heart to see Ishani with Sid but he smiled outside for Ishani’s sake
Sid – Thanks NV thanks for everything you have did for me
NV – It’s my pleasure Sid take care of Ishani
Ishani smiled
Sid – Of course
Ishani & Sid leaves

Bebe was waiting for her Ratan , again her home become empty without her Ishani she was crying alone in the room
door bell ring
She opened and shocked to see she could not express her emotion happiness in one word she could see her Ratan & Ishani by joining their hands & a fulfilled happiness in their smile
Bebe – Ishani puttar tu gayi nahi meri bachi wapas aagayi !!!( Ishani dear you didn’t leave ?? My dear came back !!)
Ishani – Kese jaungi bebe jab mere duniya ap dono aapko yaha chod kar kese jaungi mei ( how could I Bebe when my World is you both how would I leave you both )

Bebe – pehle andar aao aap dono par yeh sab hua kese( first come inside bothof you how could it happen )
Ishani – bebe aap bilkul teek kerahi hai ye Mr. Siddi se moo nikalvana bohot mushkil hai ( Bebe you were right getting truth from Mr Siddi is very hard )
NV – and even you tum bhi mujse kam nahi hai Ishani ( you too not less than me Ishani)
Bebe – par kya hua ( but what happened )
Ishani- mei batati hu ( I’ll tell you )
1 FB
When Ishani & Sid were leaving NV didn’t open his mouth after they left he was totally broken but he didn’t show he was sitting in a chair
NV to himself but he said little louder ” Ishani left you NV she is not going to come back to your life she had moved on ”
suddenly a touch in his shoulder taken him out of Ishani’s thought , he see Ishani in front of him
NV – Is..hani you didn’t go
Ishani – how can I go Mr Siddi when my husband & family is here
NV looked her with confusion but Sid Rahil was smiling clear without any small confusion
NV – means.. marriage London
Ishani – fake
Sid – but one is truth that I’m leaving to London Apne Di ko dekhne jaraha hu aur wahan settle honey la faisla bhi leyliya mene ( I’m going to see my sister , & I’m planning to get settled down )
NV – what I couldn’t understand
Ishani – aapko kya lagta aap bada mahan hu ese apney pyar ko sacrifice karke jaungi aur hamme pata nahi chalta ha ( what do you think you are behave like a big hearted person & you will sacrifice your love & nobody can know it ah )
NV becomes shocked & silent
Rahil – aapko pata hai aap jaaney key baath kya hua tha uss din ( you know after you left actually what happened )
1 A FB
Ishani – Sid I want to talk to you urgently
Sid – ah Ishani bolo
Ishani – Sid wo actually …
Sid – come on Dr Ishani say it
Ishani – Sid I love NV
Sid & Rahil – what ??
Ishani – yes Sid I love him a lot , I know you will be hurt , this is the truth yeah you can ask me “how can you love him since I am your love ” my answer is yes you was my love but these years after you left me he married me yes I was in the trauma I couldn’t think about anything beyond you and your rejection but NV he & his selfless love , his ways of dealing me & his way to bring back me to Dr.Ishani has affected me even though I came to know you was not at mistake I couldn’t accept you now since I already started to accept him as my life partner and started the journey with him, he also loves me a lot  I’m sorry two reasons 1. For misunderstanding you 2. For leaving you now I am also a human being even I have feelings so please Rahil don’t try to convince me
Rahil –  no Ishani not at all I can understand even you are my friend I can’t force you to love Sid I was just having little care towards to Sid that’s it. I’m supporting you in this decision
Sid – I don’t know what to say but I’m sure you both will be perfect now , I understood in these days your love for him you have completely changed to NV’s Ishani staying as NV’s Ishani is right for you Dr. Ishani Singh
Ishani smiled & nodded ” but the problem is he is not accepting the truth that he loves me to make him understand I have an idea will you both help on that because I don’t have another people other than you guys ”
1A FB ends
Rahil – so to make you to understand we played this drama Mr.NV my Friend Ishani loves you so much
Ishani go down on her knees – Mr Siddi will you accept me as your partner in your life
NV – ( with happy tears ) yes Mrs Siddi
Ishani – I love you Ratan ji
NV – I Love you Mrs Siddi
The hug eachother
Rahil & Sid claps & says “mhmm ..”
Rahil – Ishani go to your home you have your Room do all your romance there
Ishani blushes & say ” Shut up Rahil ”
Rahil – arey boolgayi Sid when is your flight
Sid –  2 o clock morning
NV – you can stay here Sid with us why are you moving Sanjivani hai your friends bhi hai aapka Papa ka dream ( your friends are here & your dad’s dream )
Sid – it’s alright NV ji mere di bhi wahan akele hai muje bhi uska saath hona chahiye aur mene wahan University mei masters karne keliye apply bhi kiya hai wese bhi mere papa dream thou aap poori karaha hai Sanjivani Ko humse se zyada aap achi tarah sambhal rahe hai  ( It’s alright NV ji my sister is also alone there I have be with her & I even applied masters there so I have to go there well as you are fulfilling my father’s dream &you are even taking care even more good as I do ) thanks for everything you done for me as only wish of me is aap dono hamesha kush rahi hai ( you both live happily forever )
NVIshani smiles to it
FB ends
Ishani – so it was just dramey sorry bebe ( by holding her ears )
Bebe – I made a decision ( by standing up )
NV & Ishani look at her with shock
Bebe – I want get both of you to marry again with all d rituals ( by smiling )
NV & Ishani smiles to it
NV & Ishani get married with the Rituals  they both had a grand wedding

Sanjivani remains like before Shashank soul smiled & blessed NV & Ishani from heaven

I just loved NVIshani  sorry SidIsha fans and this is my point of view
Astamasiddika ♥️

  1. Love it. Thanks a lot for settling navisha fans including me.

    1. Astmasiddika

      Thanks dear thanks for your compliment , I’m glad that you liked this OS

  2. Astmasiddika

    Thanks dear thanks for your compliment , I’m glad that you liked this OS

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