My Love My Life My Everything twinj ff part 25

My love my life my everything twinj ff part 25
Episode start with rashmi going to some place and talking to man
Rashmi- shit that twinkle didn’t believe that kunj raped me …. she started to tell i trapped kunj in my plan i was scared where our plan comes out if no one believe me in nick of time mahi brings chinki there and she said yes kunj take me to his room and supported me in my lie …
Abhay – hahaha she have to di…. being my girlfriend she have to listen to me i said her if my cousin sister rashmi marries kunj then ill marry her and filled her ears against twinkle that she have affair with aman and not good to kunj and that silly girl believe everything what i told her such idiot she is hahaha…
Rashmi- if any problem happened then if they find out then?
Aman – we have to be careful my dear no need to fear when I am here aman said coming there
Abhay- hello my dear crime partner
Rashmi- hey aman you are late
Aman- sorry darling for being late then our plan worked right rashmi told him everything
Aman- what that twinkle not believing you shit man that girl loves kunj so much ok let it let her love him until i tie her knots after that if she love him or no i dont care she will be with me whole day there will be no kunj between us
Rashmi- yes and no twinkle between me and kunj
Abhay- my ATM(chinki) is calling me bye guys he went from there
Aman comes to rashmi she too look at him
Rashmi- so
Aman- so and pulled her close by her waist and kissed her widely took her to his room and the fullfilled there lust .

Next scene
Kunj standing in his balcony alone lost somewhere yuvi came there and kept his hand on his shoulder. Kunj looked at him and hugged him tightly
Kunj- i didn’t do anything yuvi??? crying
Yuvi- shh why you crying bro…i know you haven’t done anything
Kunj- and other family members believe that i did this haan how they can yuvi
Yuvi- no one believed that girl kunj we have trust on you they know you can’t do it.each and everyone in family is shocked about this sudden happenings but believe me they trust you and support you but its just that chinki statement dont know why she said lie like that
Kunj- yes why my own sister back stabbed me like this haan what i did to her i just opposed her for loving abhay because i know he is not good for her and he will spoil her life so i wanted to save her from him..but she spoiled my life with one lie ..rt uncle and leela aunty believed her lie and took my twinkle away from me why his happened with me only yuvi i thought everything is finished and now i can start my new life with my twinkle but everything destroyed…
Yuvi got angry on chinki because of her lie kunj is crying like hell and he is looking so weak he was broken and she just played with everyone emotions he dont know for what reason she did it so but its very wrong because of her lie twinj got seperated..
Kunj – ill kill that rashmi .because of that b*t*h everything happened what she thinks ill marry her believing her words no thats not going to happen.
Yuvi- whatever she did is very wrong we will punish her for this I am with you always ok take care ill just come…and he went from there
Twinkle too came to balcony and looked at kunj standing there she smiled looking at him kunj too looked at her and gave painfull smile .
Twinkle- kunj
Kunj- twinkle..twinkle called kunj
Twinkle- i miss you??
Kunj- miss you too?? twinkle i didn’t do anything i just dont know what happened there i felt dizzy and i slept and i got up that time you all were surrounding me and that b*t*h were telling rubbish
Twinkle- i know kunj i trust you no need to explain me i know my kunj never ever think about any other girl in his dream too you love only me
Kunj- love you Twinkle please don’t leave me ill die without you
Twinkle- shhh marey teri dushman
Kunj- Rt uncle and leela aunty said they will not let you come to me they don’t believe me
Twinkle- leave them they are mad people
Kunj – twinkle no dont talk like that they are your parents
Twinkle- they only show there parents power now in giving orders when i wanted them they made me away from them and now when i found my love they have problems with that too i dont care about them you are important to me . I requested them to trust you and believe you but they ignored so i ignore them huhu
Kunj- twinkle
Twinkle- i know what you tell why you are so good kunj and dont give stress to you now thinking my parents cancel the marriage what if they cancel ill marry you for sure….kunj i just want to kill this mahi she is filling maa and papa ears against you and chinki too
Kunj- what she did?
Twinkle- in your home to she gave statement like that and from before somedays also she behaved weirdly with me like saying dont come to my home dont come near my bhayya go and marry someone i dont want you to become my bhabhi . And if you or anyone scold her in home she blames me that i did it.
Kunj- how dare she is to tell like that ill see her dont worry
Twinkle- kunj we have to find proofs now prove you are innocent so we will go to rashmi place and will take her for medical test then everything will get clear
Kunj- ok Twinkle gave him flying kiss kunj acted like catching it .
Next scene
Yuvi goes to chinki room in angry mood
Chinki opened room door and got shocked to see yuvi in that state she stepped backwards being scared
Yuvi- why you did it?
Yuvi – answer me why??? He screamed
Chinki- bh…bhayya
Yuvi- no dont say me bhayya from your gandhi muh
Chinki- yuvi bhayya ???
Yuvi- shut up dont take my name …you know what i hate you i hate you chinki how dare you to say like that to kunj haan because of you his marriage broken. Twinkle parents believed your words and took twinkle away from him and he is sad and crying now are you happy now???
Chinki- i hate that twinkle because of her viren bhayya kunj bhayya scold me so much she made them to hate and now to you also she isn’t good . She is characterless she dont love kunj bhaya so its good she will be away from him.yuvi slapped her hard she started to cry
Chinki- just shut your mouth dont you feel shamed calling her this all she didn’t do anything they scold you for your mistakes if you come home late or get fail marks they scold you and you blame twinkle for it. Yiu were telling she is your best friend right now what happened suddenly oh ahe find about you and abhay dating each other and told you dobt continue it so you are angry on her haan??. Kunj also opposed you so you did this right you planned against him and joined hands with them and trapped kunj in your plan chi chinki…
You know what my mom have only one kid that is me and when kunj got you we were very happy that we got baby sister in that small age also he was taking toys to you from his pocket money and taking care of you. And i was sad that time why i dont have any sister or brother that time he gave you in my hand saying she is our little sister we will take her care and she is your sister too do you remember that days how we played with you how we took care of you when you cried na that time we gave our toys to you so that you can stop crying and smile again and that time your so called boyfriend didnt came to console you we were collecting our all pocket money all year and getting best gift for you in raksha bandana whatever yiu demanded we gave you and in return what we got pain..?? today i feel like having no sister is good than having sister like you chi i hate you chinki for this and he went from there angrily chinki crying remembering everything
Next scene at TM
Twinkle came downstairs
Mahi- where you going haan ?
Twinkle didn’t said anything gave her angry glare in return
Mahi- wait ill tell maa…maa twinkle going somewhere
Leela- twinkle where you going now?
Twinkle- to hell
Leela- twinkle…
Twinkle- huh please leave me alone for sometime i dont want to talk with you people
Mahi- you are going to meet 5hat rapist haan
Twinkle- just shut up loudly ???
Leela- she said right only kunj is rapist
Twinkle- shut up kunj is not rapist he didn’t do anything and ill prove it and she went from there mahi informed rashmi about it
Twinkle goesto sarna mansion
Chinki- why you came here?
Twinkle- not to meet you please be away from me….kunj …kunj
Kunj- twinkle he ran to her they both hugged each other
Usha- twinkle puttar did your parents allowed you to come here?
Twinkle- mummy ji she hugged usha…they are so bad mummy ji tells bad words about you people i hate them they are saying no for marriage
Usha- you trust kunj?
Twinkle- haan haan mummy ji i trust him he can’t do this. Dont say me that you people believed that rashmi’d drama
Usha- no puttar i dont beleave her but chinki
Kunj- maa i didn’t do anything dobt know why chinki told like this i didnt even know how and when rashmi comes here to my room believe me please ??? you are my strength maa if you only dont believe me ill die
Usha- kunj dont talk about death who told you ill not trust you puttar i know my kunj putar never do any wrong things now please dont cry your father is just tensed but he trust you puttar we know yo cant do this we have faith in you ….she hugged him saying dont talk about death again
Ananya- twinkle kunj yuvi now lets dob waste time we will catch rashmi and take ger to doctor her lie will come out
Yuvi- she is right kunj come lets go
Four of them left
Kunj took her address from office and left to her place
Kunj – its her home he said parking car in side
Twinkle opened gate she took out knife she having
Ananya- twinkle wha is that leave it
Twinkle- no ill kill that b*t*h today because of her we suffered so much
Ananya- no twinkle throw it yuvi tell her
Yuvi- yes Twinkle see that knife is so small see here i got big one we will kill her from this ok
Ananya- yuvi you too kunj atleast you tell them
Kunj showed gun Ananya slapped her forehead
Ananya- guys we came here to take her to medical test . We didn’t came here to kill her ok be calm first we will catch her ok all node in yes and hide there weapons and goes to catch rashmi door was locked
Twinkle- locked?
Kunj- she must be scared now
Yuvi – ill break door wait guys some man comes there and tell she vacant the home before somedays and left from there
Ananya- what we will do now?
Kunj- ill ask some people in office no use they said they dont know anything they gave money to some people and told them to guard rashmi home if she comes there she will ve cought they called her and traced her mobile that to didn’t worked. Leela called twinkle and started to scold her like anything
Twinkle cut the call
Twinkle- kunj my parents will not leave mei think come we will marry now only
Kunj- twinkle no with there permission only ill tie you knots . And see this rashmi got scared and ran away
Twinkle- i feel something bad will happen kunj she will xome back with another plan now and takes you away from me???
Kunj- nerthing happened like that ok dont cry and dont talk rudely with your parents ok now go to home ill meet you afterwards Ananya left with twinkle to her home only saying leela that she will take her care.
Ananya- so this all happened that day its good you trusted kunj and supporting him to prove his innocence
Twinkle- haan because i know kunj can never ever do this we are in relationship from 3 years in this time he didn’t crossed his limits and he will not look at any other girl in that look I am sure about it..she remembered flashback
Twinj went out with there friends somewhere some other city for trip
Whole day they went out to see places and enjoyed lot
Yuvi- yar lets go to pub
Kunj- haan
Twinkle- I am tired
Yuvi- who called you twinkle its not kids you go and sleep in room
Twinkle- you monkey I am nod kid ok

Bunty – yar we all boys will go
Maya – haan we girls stay in hotel ok
Twinkle took kunj to side
Kunj- what happened siyappa queen
Twinkle- kunj dont drink and dance there with other girls ok
Yuvi- haan kunj will drink horlicks there
Twinkle- yuvi Iam talking with my boyfriend not to you ok wait let your girlfriend come ill complaint her about you
Yuvi- oh ok take her number and call ok
Twinkle- huh kunj
Kunj- yuvi ?? fhup yar dont tease her and siyappa queen ill drink only one glass ok and ill not dance with girl
Yuvi- haan he will dance with me like this see he pulled kunj to him and places his hand around his waist and pulled him close to him see twinkle ill pull him by waist and kunj you place your hand on me wherever you want ok and then we both will look into each other eyes then then
Twinkle- noooo you are dangerous than other girls always behind my kunj go and dance with your mobile with your girlfriend messages
Yuvi- good idea
Twinkle- kunj…
Kunj- promise ill not touch other girls ok we will drink little and enjoy with friends then come back ok
Twinkle- come soon ok
Kunj- haan
Yuvi- yes at 2am we will come back and you bring aarathi to take us inside
Kunj- chup chalo twinkle bye
Yuvi-wait twinki i ordered complan for you. Drink it until we come back you keep drinking it it will help youbto increase your height then its helpful to you otherwise you have to wear bigbig sandals to walk with kunj whole life
Twinkle- chal bey nikhal kunj dont drink so much
In pub yuvi kunj drank so much and danced with each other like mad in that state yuvi thinking kunj is only his girlfriend and romancing and kunj escaping from him
They come back to hotel fully drunk…
Yuvi kissing his mobile and telling his girlfriend to come out from it he and kunj came to there room yuvi dancing holding mobile imagining it as his girlfriend who not showing her face to him. And kuvi passed out …twinkle came to see kunj who was lying half on bed and half on floot yuvi too she slapped her forehead she pushed yuvi he went on bed she takes his mobile
Yuvi- oyye…oyee leave her t…twinkllll
Twinkle- who?
Yuvi- why you holding my girlfriend man give her back to me he said took his mobile and placed it under his blanket Twinkle now struggling with kunj
Kunj- i…i lllovvv uuuu
Twinkle- hmmm kunj passed out in drunk state
Twinkle- look at his shirt so dirty ill change it she started to open his shirt button kunj held her hand in middle
Twinkle- kunj let me chance it
Kunj- (thinking it is not twinkle)stay away dont touch me i have girlfriend ok ill not cheat her get it go away from me i love twinkle other girl dont touch me..twinkle…lllove and he slept
Twinkle got happy thinking even if he not in his senses he will not cheat her
End of fb
Ananya- yuvi so cute ???
Twinkle- what?
Ananya- i mean yes kunj is good he will not touch any other girl than you.
Twinkle- hmm now what we will do? Rashmi where she went medical test should happen soon
Ananya- dont worry we will find her this mahi know everything i think
Twinkle- yes i too feel same
Ananya- how can she stoop so low
Twinkle- she is cheap can do anything leave we will keep eye on everyone
Ananya- and twinkle i feel like that aman also with them
Twinkle- no no he is not that bad may be he only proposed me i think he will not stoop this low
Ananya- hmm (pov i think he is also involved lets see what will be there next move)
Kunj comes to TM
Leela- how dare you to come here get out
Twinkle- maa
Rt – get out kunj ill not give you my daughter got it
Kunj- listen me one time dont do this with us twinkle and i love each other and i didn’t do anything
Twinkle- haan papa kunj haven’t done anything
Mahi – yes only slept with that poor girl
Twinkle- you just shut up???
Rt – she is right we saw everything that day and his sister only told truth
Kunj- its lie uncle see one month to that incident where is that girl haan she escaped thinking we will truth out of her just to seperated me and twinkle she did this all plan uncle believe me
Usha manohar viren jeevika to come there
Jeevika- papa kunj can’t do this he only loves our twinkle
Viren- haan that girl told lie and escaped
Manohar- yes RT
Usha- leela teri beti aur mera beta pyar karthe hey ek dusre sey please dont seperate them i cant see them like this
Jeevika- we will get them married tomorrow Ananya parents also coming lets do there marriage on same day
Rashmi come there clapping
Rashmi- wah wah shadi haan
Kunj- you!!??? where were you this days haan and why you came here
Twinkle- how dare you come to my home haan get out
Rashmi- what you all telling I am cheater haan
Yuvi – then shat you ran away
Rashmi- huh kunj yuvi kidnapped me so that i cant come here??? rt uncle you are like my father no please leave kunj for me your daughter can marry anyone but i cant??? because he raped me
Rt – you all go out from here get out before i kick you all out from here..
They all went from there Twinkle too behind them
Leela- twinkle stop rt ji stop her
Rt – twinkle ?? come leela we will go there and get her here this kunj did some magic on her always kunj kunj..huh they to went sarna mansion
Kunj hold rashmi hand tightly and slap her
Kunj- ?? why you doing this haan what you want money haan ill give you just tell truth to everyone
Twinkle- ill give you all my jewellery please dont come between me and kunj
Rashmi- ??? hey bhagwan
Ananya- stop your drama ok
Yuvi- ill call doctor he will do her test badi aayi rape rape victim haan
Docor told him its one month we can find out anything (dont know about it just for story sorry if any mistake )
Leela- twinkle come to me
Twinkle- nooo
Rashmi- dhekiye hum maa ban ney waley hey iam 2 weeks pregnant with kunj’s child
Rt – what!!! Now you say manohara chi what kind of cheap family is it twinkle got the truth now right now come with us
Twinkle- its lie kunj tell its lie ???
Kunj- dont lie rashmi???
Rashmi- showed reports all were shocked
Twinkle- jhoot hey ye
Rashmi- twinkle now ill marry kunj and yiu please get out from here go from here dont come near kunj
Kunj- oye dont you dare to tell anything to her got it.
Rt drag twinkle outside
Kunj- twinkle….twinkle he ran behind them
Rashmi- kunj…kunj after they go she smirked ……. hey you go and keep my luggage inside
Ananya- no need of it to servent
Rashmi- hey
Ananya- oye dont you dare to talk with me like that dont you feel ashamed haan
Rashmi- no shamelessly she told.. arey Ananya your friends twinkle gon from here now she cant come here as bahu and you have to be nice to me because ill ve yiur jeetani
Ananya- hahaha good joke yar she went to look at twinkle
Rt locked twinkle in her room snd pushed kunj outside TM telling him not to come again
Twinkle- open door
Leela- no
Ananya- aunty please
Rt – no Ananya puttar she is out of control let be her there only
Twinkle – what old style haan locking in room
Ananya- shh uncle ill be with her na leave her .
Mahi- no she is there side
Rt – ok but she cant go outside home ill tell guards
Rashmi in room keeping her luggage
Rashmi calls aman
Rashmi- I am here according to your plan
Aman – ok now my plan ill work it out
Kunj came there rashmi cut the call kunj pressed her neck she started to breath heavily yuvi came there and made kunj to leave her kunj slapped her she made its video and told them she will show it to police if they do something to her
AMAN in taneja mansion with proposal for twinkle
Rt – i liked you beta
Leela- mahi Ananya get Twinkle here
Ananya went there Twinkle sitting there wearing her night suit only
Mahi – get ready a boy came here to see you
Twinkle- go and tell ill not see him
Ananya – twinkle its aman yar with marriage proposal
Twinkle- what???
Twinkle went downstairs like that only
Leela- twinkle….what is this
Rt – let it be see twinkle i liked aman lot so fixing your marriage with him
Twinkle- if you like him you only marry him I am not interested
Leela- twinkle ???
Aman- twinkle i love you
Twinkle- besharam kahi key nikhalo yaha sey
Aman – see twinkle i have proof to say kunj cheated you he show some photo of rashmi and kunj to twinkle she got shocked looking at it she went to sarna mansion scold kunj so much and throwed photo on his face kunj got shocked twinkle told him harsh words rashmi enjoying it at last kunj to said her we are over ill marry rashmi . Twinkle came back to TM
Twinkle- I am ready to marry aman
Aman got happy kunj and rashmi , yuvi Ananya otherside twinkle aman marriage preparation started all were shocked
Twinkle in her room at night
She heard some foot steps
Twinkle- who is it haan …
Dhab dhab
Twinkle opened balcony door there many stand
Twinkle- who is it?
Man turned he is kunj
Twinkle- you ??? how dare you to come here go from here
Kunj- ill go from here after killing you
Twinkle- is it joke huh you kill me?
Kunj- yes see here he showed her gun twinkle got shocked
Kunj pointed gun to her
Kunj- you daid you will not marry me haan you said I am cheater right now ill kill you be ready he triggered it
Twinkle- ahhha
To be continued….
Precap- mey kyu bathavu
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