My Love Is Harmful For You #Riansh ff Chapter — 7

–: Chapter : 6 :–

The episode starts with Riddhima reading the letter. After reading the letter she kept it in her pocket and comes in the drawing room.

Riddhima: Mom, Dad.!! Everyone please come here right now!!

Neelima and Arjun (her dad) comes down running. Even her brother Kabir and her uncle and aunties also comes down.

Neelima : What happened beta?? (worried).

Arjun : Any problem?

Riddhima : Someone is still left.

Then we see Vansh also comes down.

Riddhima : I want to announce a very important thing and that is.

She walks near Vansh and is seeing directly in his eyes.

Riddhima : I will marry Vansh tomorrow.

Everyone present over there was shocked. How can she take the most important decision of her life like that? Elder are present for it.

Vansh’s pov starts:-

I was thinking about Riddhima only in my room when I heard her calling everyone. I comes down as she call everyone and now I am also one of them now. As I came down I saw Riddhima was standing in the middle of the drawing room with her same attitude and fierceness. As I came down the meeting starts. With her same audacity she starts and what she says makes me numb totally. I have heard the most shocking news now. She wants to marry me. Me?? But why? What happened to her suddenly that she wants to marry me. What is cooking up in her mind? No no whatever may be her decision but I can’t marry her. I can’t risk her life like *******.

Pov ends.

Neelima’s pov starts:-

My daughter is always dominating from small age. Even we didn’t have problem with her behavior because we know there is always a proper reason behind it and it will be for everyone’s good only. But what she said just now?? She wants to marry Vansh that too tomorrow. Ok if she wants to marry him then fine, we can first check how is he, what he does. We have to check he is fine for our girl or not. But by tomorrow?? No this is not possible. I can’t let her marry with an unknown person. I have to make her understand.

Pov ends. 

Neelima : Riddhu try to understand marriage is not a game, you can’t marry anyone like this. First we should know him more.

Riddhima : I just said I will marry him, now it’s your duty to make preparations for it. And this is my final decision. I am not going to change it. 

Uncle : But do you know him? For how many days you know him? Even he is also an orphan. It may happen he just want to marry you for money. I think he is only making you understand all this.

Aunty : Yes even I am also thinking it. But tomorrow only marriage? I should not say it but I can’t control also are you pregnant of his child? 

These words are enough for Riddhima. She forgot the relation she have with her.

Riddhima : Mind your language ok? All are not like you (pointing). We all know you married uncle because you got pregnant. But that doesn’t mean everyone will be like you right? And please don’t make me open my mouth otherwise more secrets which were hidden from all the family members will come out from my mouth today only. (angry).

Riddhima’s aunty knows very well about what secret she is saying. She leaves from there crying. Even her uncle also leaves behind her wife and consoling her.

Kabir : You should not talk with her like this. She is elder than us.

Riddhima : When a person says something wrong then I don’t care about age. And she pointed finger on my character? How dare she? (shouting).

Arjun : Calm down my child. Leave her, we all know her tone of language. But what about your marriage with Vansh?? Are you sure enough?

Riddhima : This is my final decision. You all start doing the preparations for it.

Riddhima leaves from there. Others are standing there with shock.

Neelima : My little daughter has become so big that she starts to take her own decision without consulting with us. (sad).

Arjun consoles her.

Arjun : Don’t cry Neelima. She is big now, she is very matured and now can take her decision by herself. Don’t worry she will never do any mistake in searching a gem. (seeing towards Vansh).

He turns towards Vansh and goes near him. He hugs him.

Arjun : You will be my son – in – law now. I know Riddhima find something good in you so take such a decision. But take care of my princess, she gets angry on small things but good of heart. Take care of her. (emotional).

Vansh : Hmm.

All of the leaves from there and Vansh went to Riddhima’s room. He saw Riddhima was selecting her bridal lehenga.

Vansh : What is this Riddhima? Suddenly marriage? What is the meaning of it?

Riddhima : We are getting married and that’s final. Get ready for it. Choose your dress which you are gonna wear tomorrow.

Vansh : I can’t marry you.

Riddhima : You have to.

Vansh : No I can’t.

Riddhima : But why?

Vansh : I just can’t marry you and that’s it.

Saying this he turns to leave but Riddhima pulls her pushes him on her bed. Vansh fell down on the bed. Then she put her one leg on the bed and puts her one hand on the leg and asks her.

Riddhima : I am asking for last time why? (coldly).

Vansh : Let me sit.

Vansh tries to get up but Riddhima pushes him again. Not finding any other way Vansh puts his head on the bed seeing towards the ceiling starts narrating.

Vansh : You know very well I am an orphan. I lost my mom dad when I was very small. I used to live with my small brother Vihaan, my mom and dad. We were not so rich. But we spend our life with much joy and happiness. But one day dark clouds occupied our happy family. My uncle was a monk. He used to live with other monks. One day he came back home. We were very happy but it was shortlived as he came back to take my younger brother with him. Yes he wanted my brother Vihaan to become a monk like him. We were against the decision but he took him.

We lost all hope of getting him bacl again but after few days we get a shocking news that while going back they met with an accident. My uncle died there immediately even my brother also. That was the first bad news. Slowly slowly we were coming out of the loss when an another storms came. My mother had an heart attack one day. It happened when I was 8 years old. We admitted her into a hospital. She was getting cure but one day the news came from the hospital that she died of another heart attack. We break down totally after her demise. My father left his work and used drunk to forget all the grief.

I was somehow studying because I want to get a job and stand beside him but an another storm. He died in an accident. He was drunk and a car came and hits him. That day I lost my everything. I was all alone. Everyone left me one after another. No one was there beside me. Some people took me to an orphanage and I grew up over there. That day I make my mind that I will not let anymore child to go through the same pain. It was my promise to my dead mom and dad.

After I completed my studies, I set up a NGO. While staying in the orphanage I got a friend and he is Angre. He is also an orphan. We turned to best friend with time. He was by my side everyday. With his help only I came in this situation.  We used to stay together when someday I met with…..

Cutting him in middle Riddhima speaks.

Riddhima : But what is the reason for not marrying me?

Vansh : (drops of tears comes out from his eyes and fell on the bedsheets) They all die in same day and the day is my birthday!!

Riddhima : What?

Vansh : Yes they all died in my birthday. I hate my birthday for this reason. Every birthday I am scared whom I will lose again. If I marry you it may happen you all also get di… no no.

Saying this he stands up.

Vansh : I can’t afford to lose you because I…

Riddhima : Loves me? (teary eyes). 


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