My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 37..anshi weds varun..

biggest sorry for the delay friends💞

Recap😍:-Aki and shivi walk that Time Shivani slips and aki holds her he looks into her eyes and lost in that and speak like old aki..

Aki:- I love this eyes and fall for you .. I know I’ll lucky if you accept me else I’m unlucky..

Shivi in tears ..

Nishi looks that in shock… someone drag her to other sites..

Episode ends with nishi’s shock face….


Karan close Nishi’s mouth..

He takes her to the store room..

In balcony…

Aakash:-(looking into Shivani’s Eyes) I love you I love you so much Shivangi..

Shivani in full shock and the time Akash Falls unconscious in Shivani’s arm..

Shivani comes to the sense and try to wake up Akash.


In store room..

Karan:- I know its hot to see our loving person love another one..

I think you are ready to accept my deal.

Nishi remember the moment she with Akash..

And she remember how Aakash Bonds with Shivani…

Nishi:-(smirks) what is the plan?

…….in balcony..

Akash in confused..

Ak:- what happened here?

(Hold her face) why your crying?

Shi:-(normal tone) nothing ! You suddenly faints…

Aki:- I didn’t remember anything!

Shi:- it’s ok come..

They leave from there…

Shivangi looks at them in behind..

Shi:- it’s just a begining shivani…


………in hall ..

Everyone are leaving after the function..

Akash and shivi comes to the car park..

Aki:- (silent)

Ra:-see you later..

Aki:- bye RG …

Nishi and shivi looks at him..

They leave with varun in car..

In car…

Radhika remember akash instructions that reveals the engagement to varun..

Ra:- shivi .. anshi Di and Karan Bhai are good Jodi…

Varun stops the car..


Ni:-yes Bhai they loved each other..

(She remembers Karan words that confused Varun as anshi love him..)

Va:-who is that Karan..

Shi:- their family friends 💞 now anshi engagement fixed with him…

Varun gets upset..

Nishi and radhika notice that…

After drops them Varun goes fast to anshi office….

… anshi office….

Anshi:-(in cabin Varun enters angrily)


Varun holds her tightly with wall…

Anshi:- what are you doing please leave me it’s hurting..

Varun looks at her eyes helpless and anshi also in tears …

….oh..jaaana… Plays…💞💞💞

After 5mins…..

Anshi’s phone rings and Varun release her and looks at her phone with shock…

……….in bedi mansion…

Kk and akash in shakti’s room..

Kk:-really 😍

Aka:- yes… Radhu tells me how upset Varun after hearing about engagement I’m sure something magic will happen surely…

Arjun and Anamika enters the room in tension..

Ar:- where is chachu kk?

Aki:- what happened babhi!

Kk:- chachu goes to attend some important calls …

Aki:-what he never in any where..

Kk:- I think he’ll got any urgent work!

What happened..

Arjun:- Varun drags anshi from office and beats the stuff for helping anshi..

Aki:- wowwww😋(kk kicks him)

😭😭 why????😢

Anamika:- don’t know.. we should inform everyone come…

Everyone in shock after hearing this…

Rajan:- what is this Arjun why your friend done this..

Ar:- papa…

Madhavi:- stop .. please go and find my daughter…

Karan in tension..

Ka:-( if he finds me or plans something…) Aunty I’ll find him…

“That’s not needed”

Everyone turns and shocked to see

Varun and anshi comes as a couple..

Anshi in full of shock and as a status and Varun in as a helpless 🤗..

Akash holds kk hand and sign not react..

Rajan comes there and slaps Varun hardly…..

Episode ends with rajan angry face😠….

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