My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 33..flashback continue.


(Shivangi’s flashback continue ….)???

In park shivangi and vyom exercise …???

Vyom in silent mood…?

Shi:-(shouting) ?? wowwww… what a miracle …

Vyom:- what happened? ..

Shivangi:- My vyom is so silent today ?… hey dear.. what happened? (smile)

Vyom go from there silently and sit in a bench? ..

Shivangi comes towards him and turns his face..

Tears comes from vyom eyes??..

Shivani looks on..

Shi:-hey what happened yar..(wipes his tears) ? you’re so happy in morning but now what happened …

Vyom:-shivangi… i.. i…

(He hugs her tightly) I love you somuch??…

Shi:- I know baba but what happened now?.. we are made for eachothers in three years na?..(pats his cheek)

Vyom:-that is the problem now?!!


Vyom :- I don’t know how this fun guy.. prankster and care free akash bedi fall in love with this bold boxing champion shivangi..

Shivangi smiles??..

(So guys akash is the vyom that name is his nick name …anshi,shivangi and madhavi also call like that.)

Aki:-when you came from foreign i come to pickup you what i don’t know you that time ?.. I see you first time there and fall in love with your eyes ?…

Next I feel you as my world ..??

My family also like you somuch …??

You know when you cone that time kk Leave from india and goes to music champion ship that time you are the one who finished my sadness?? …

Mom call me as vyom..

That name is special for me..

Bhabi call like that i love her care..

When you call me like that i feel like heaven as my self?

After somany incidents..

now we are lovers..

you know our meeting chatting and dattings na…?

What now???

Shi:-(confushed) now what happened?

Aki:-?? now a days i got scary nightmares..

When you say that about your world boxing championship ..i feel like leaving you forever ??..

Shi:-(confused) why vyom.. it’s just a comption..?

Aki:- I know what mind is not accepting that…

I think this is a correct time to reveal our love story to my parents and dadi…

Shi:-(shocked) ??what? ?

Aki:-(looks helpless)because we should get engaged before you leaving championship and i also come with you?…

Shi:-(full shock)?? what the hell is this???

You know na.. I’m orphan ..

anamika di’S family is my orphanage home’s financial supporter ..

i got scorlaship to study foreign in small age but come here afer somany years she help me study to forigine whe she in india because we meet in childhood when she come to share choclate for her birthday and we feeled some special bond between us ..

Anamika di is not only my financial support but also she treat me like her own sister … that’s why she adopted me as her sister when she in 18 and comes foreign often to meet me .. i later know about Arjun and di love story but i meet your family when comes here and everyone are treat me like they did with didi… now i have my family ?and my life?.. but not my fashion? after that only I’ll give space to my marrige ..

Because i want to prove my self to society and make proud to my didi..

Shakti chachu know our love..

Kk not see me yet but know our love..

You say that when kk comes then he will help us.. and you know i want to fulfill my ambition before marriage

Akash:- (sad) i know … shakti chachu now our love he approved but shivangi .. chachu tell me to say everything to parents ….

Shi:-enough (take deep breath) i want some time not for me for you to understand …

Akash phone rings …


Kk:-aki .. please help me..

Aki:- what happened?

Kk:-I’ll tell you later.. please goes to my old academy Library and call me there…


(Goes fastly)

Shi:- hey where are you going ..

(Aki ignore her)

Shi:-please don’t spare me but please allow me to drive ok. Please it’s not safe to drive in anger..

Aki looks at her with anger(when she plead) then nods…

Precap:- accident ???? flashback ends.. new love story ???…

(A/N:-SORRY SORRY AND BIGGEST SORRY ALL SWEET HEARTS … I SHIFTS OUR HOME SO SUPER BUSY SO PLEASE FORGIVE ME ??? it’s toooooo short i know I’ll continue tomorrow with long part …sorry again ?,Thanks a lot for the waiting ?)

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