My husband is a millionaire- Riansh story (Chapter 2)


Turns out that riddhima didn’t make an excuse she surely need to visit official urgently the next day, according to the call she received by head of her department telling her to present in the office as the management gonna announce something really important….
Next day when she visited the office of innovative tech something was definitely off is it somehow related to the announcement that Ms kratika,head of her department mentioned ?…. brushing her thoughts she decided to enter the building not wanting to be late when she is already informed of an important meeting…

As Soon as riddhima enter the building she saw an unusual hustle bustle going on
“Did you have any idea what this is about?”
“Nope but something seriously important “
“I m kind of nervous”
“Is their any chance of reshuffle between the staff?”
Listened riddhima her colleagues discussing and could not help wonder herself about the reason of such an urgent meeting
Attention everyone
Spoke the head of public relations department Rashmi arora seeking everyone’s attention
“We have been informed about the sudden company empowerment,yes you hear it right our company have been taken over we had not informed any thing else so we are not sure about any reshuffling in any department or terminations yet
We will let u know once get informed
“What do you think riddhima if they throw us out and get new employees what would we do?”
Asked riddhima’s friend siya
Honestly riddhima had never thought about such a situation Because as far as she know the company was doing good and moreover her work was always appreciated not only by her head of department but also others
But now she had to think moreover about the worst possibilities and worst of them was loosing her job… it’s not like that riddhima could not afford any other Job but she had been for 3 years on this company and was quite comfortable… finding a new job for an introvert person like her was complicated than it sounds
She was not always like this she was the person who loves to explore but they changed her
Siya’s voice interrupted her thoughts
Siya- Earth is calling you babes where have you been lost huh
Riddhima- just thinking about the changes what else

It’s been a while that riddhima reached her home and preparing for dinner thinking about the upcoming possibilities
Sejal- just chillax yaar …u r such a great employee don’t worry tujhe fire krne m unhi ka nuksaan h ( don’t worry firing u will cause them trouble only)
Riddhima- still yaar u urself know how much time I consume in getting comfortable in an environment moreover, innovative tech stands a role in my life
My little life is perfect,a perfect job, good wages, weekdays off and constant promotions and salaries
Sejal-arey leave it all just think about your date yesterday,was he romantic?
May be he call you and ask you for dinner again…m getting these vibes something good gonna happen with you
Riddhima- sejal….
Riddhima’s words were interrupted by a phone call
” Unknown”
Riddhima’s frown but thinking it to be some random call or something like that picked it up
Riddhima- hello! Riddhima mehra speaking
Vihaan- good morning Ms mehra it’s vihaan singhania on the line
This sudden disclosure left riddhima stunned
Riddhima- vihaan…
Vihaan- how about we meet again , Same time, Same place
Riddhima- now….?
Vihaan- ok then,I will be there shortly
Riddhima (sighing) – did your parents ever mention you having a mole on your tongue
Sejal- no,why
Riddhima- nothing, just leave it

It was the same restaurant where they met earlier but this time riddhima was more nervous than before even the fact that this was no more a blind date didn’t do any better….
Riddhima was trying to calm her racing heart when vihaan arrived… riddhima didn’t understand why the person who caused this nervousness calmed her heart in an instant
The dinner was Same like the previous day but the environment was dead serious…
Riddhima felt like if she spoke a work she will fall into a hollow pit with no end …. that’s the reason she could not focus on the dinner and ate very little

This time she was more willing to leave and before she can ask vihaan spoke interrupting her
” When do you think we should get married?”

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