My first love -Twinj ff Episode 8

Hloo guys. Sorry for the late….. Enjoy the story…..

At night twinkle got a nightmare on that party incident. She screamed in the middle of sleep and was sweating. Kunj got up and saw her in that condition. Twinkle hugged kunj and sobbing .

Kunj : just relax it was only ur dream….

He made her to drink water and both slept. Next morning sunrays were peeping into the room and disturbed kunj sleep. He tried to got up but can’t. He was feeling weight on his chest. Then he saw twinkle peacefully sleeping by keeping her head on his chest. His heart was jumping. He kept sraring at het angelic face. When she moved in sleep, he came in senses. He carefully got up and placed a pillow under her head and moved to washroom to take bath. Within two days they completed their work and returned to Mumbai. Yuvi went to amritsar to look after their business as his father’s health was not good. One day kunj’s bebe came to office to give his lunch. When she entered his cabin, twinkle recognized her and came to her.

Twinkle : periponna bebe…

Bebe : khush reh…. Tu jaanthi ho mujhe….

Twinkle : aap pehchana nai…. Olele bebe….

Bebe : tu twinki hai na…

Twinkle : yes… That punjabi pataka….

Bebe : kitne badi ho gayi tum aur pretty bhi…. Tu yaha kya kar raha hai…

Twinkle : woh bebe I am kunj PA

Bebe: kya…. Woh mujhe kuch nahi bhathaya…. Usse chod leela kaisi hai…

Both started chit chatting. Bebe came to know that she was staying in a flat. Bebe asked her to just pack her luggage and shift to sarna mansion.

Twinkle : par bebe….

Bebe : keh diya na…

Just then kunj entered his cabin.

Kunj: bebe aap yaha….

She ignored him and dragged twinkle with her and went out.

Kunj : what happened to her? Jaroor uss siyappa queen ne kuch siyappa kiya hoga….

Twinkle and bebe came to twinkle’s apartment and packed her luggage. Both went to sarna mansion. Both usha and manohar were suprised to see twinkle. First they didn’t recognized her . When bebe told them they are beyond happy and angry on kunj. Usha took her to room which was opposite to kunj room. When kunj came from office nobody talked with him. He felt strange. When he came to dinner he saw twinkle there. He was shocked. All are pampering her alot. Usha made all her favorite dishes and bebe was feeding her. All ignored kunj. Finally he asked all why they are behaving like that. When they told the reason he apologized them. Now a days if kunj scold her in office, then she will add masala and complain to manohar, and kunj come home he will get scolding from manohar, usha and bebe. He was feeling jealous of twinkle. All his family was only looking after her.

Kunj: this twinkle since childhood was been pampered by my family. Kabhi kabhi lagtha hai ki woh iski beti hai aur mai koi stranger hu…


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    Well, it’s a great story dear.. I read all the episodes just now and loved it..
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    Jealous Kunj was really good..
    Well done..
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