My first love -Twinj ff Episode 3

Hii friends .A big thanks for all who are supporting me and responding on the posts. Sorry for giving short updates as my tiny brain can’t think more in a single day. So I am posting short updates. Now enough of my bakwas, lets peep in to the story…..

Twinkle was standing outside his cabin and was praying her babaji? to save her. She gathered courage, slowly opened the door and entered into the cabin. She was entering as a lamb ?going into lion’s? den. Kunj was sitting backfacing her. She coughed to gain his attention. He turned towards her.

Twinkle : good morning sir…

Kunj : miss. Taneja this is my office, not any playground that you are running. Get that in ur tiny brain which was not used even once.

Twinkle :(mumbled) sadu kahinka…

Kunj : did u said something! !

Twinkle :Nothing sir (she was about to leave)

Kunj : wait… What about ur punishment….

Twinkle : punishment ???

Kunj : from tmrw upto 3 weeks u will be my PA…

Twinkle was shocked and kunj smirked at her expression.

Kunj: tmrw sharp 8 come to Office and arrange all my meetings and schedule…

She nodded like an obedient student and came out from his cabin. Yuvi came to her.

Yuvi : what happened twinki

Twinkle : this was all happened because of u donkey..

Yuvi: ab maine kya kiya…

Twinkle : he gave me punishment

Yuvi : kaisa punishment…

Twinkle : for 3 weeks I will be his PA… Babaji ab mai kya karu… Us sadu sarna ko 3 hafthe jhelna padega…

Yuvi : (saw kunj was standing just behind her with crossed arms) aisa mat bolo twinkle he is our boss….

Twinkle : us ki side lene ki sochna bhi math.. Varna mujhse bura koi nahi hoga…

Kunj : kya karenge tu…

Twinkle :  I will make posters of his (Kunj) childhood pics which I have and paste them in whole office with caption at the bottom

“Our cute little boss – gift from his zabran fan yuvi” then it will be as one arrow for two birds… (Sorry I can’t know the exact idiom…. Even when I got angry on my friends… I will post their weird pics with weird quotes in my status… It will give me happiness…)

Yuvi was signaling her to look backwards but our madam is not in a mood to stop her express mouth. Atlast he held her by shoulders and turn her towards Kunj. She was shocked to see Kunj and he raised his eyebrow.

Kunj: u r saying something miss.taneja…

Twinkle : (stammering ) um… ah….no….nothing sir…

Both twivi ran from there. He smiled that she still kept my childhood pics safely.

Next day, twinkle woke up late, so she skipped her bf, went to office and arranged all his meetings. Due to busy schedule she even skipped her  lunch. It was night time but she eat Nothing whole day… Both are in kunj cabin discussing about some project. Suddenly she fainted. Kunj was shocked to see her unconscious. Screen freezes on his shocked face.


  1. AryanBhattacharya

    Cute episode di. Mostly I loved the line “our cute little boss – gift from his zabra fan yuvi”… It’s so funny di ???…. Good night and sweet dreams.

    1. ChandanaSSV

      Tq aryan…. And sorry for the late reply….

    2. AryanBhattacharya

      Wellcome and it’s OK di

  2. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Slowly slowly closeness begins.
    Kunjs care interesting ??

  3. Sana785

    Awesome..loved it…

  4. Amazing ..
    Kunj care sounds interesting.
    Plz post next part soon

  5. Awww so cute
    Plz post soonest

  6. SSK

    That was so cute, Twinkle calling kunj “our cute little boss”and kunj hearing it. Loved the whole episode and now want to read more. Plz post soon 🙂

    1. ChandanaSSV

      Thanks di and Tc….

  7. Lovely episode sorry for late comment plsssss do post soon love you take care

  8. Awesome amazing
    And twinkle is cute

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